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Benefits of Singing All of My Life - Kevin Sousa


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Yes, I have enjoyed the endless benefits of singing all of my life. It all started when listening to music at home, as a child. Mom and Dad would play the radio and old records.

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Benefits of Singing All of My Life - Kevin Sousa

  1. 1. Benefits of Singing All of My Life – Kevin Sousa of- singing December 10, 2012Benefits of SingingYes, I have enjoyed the endless benef it s of singing all of my life.It all started when listening to music at home, as a child. Mom and Dad would play the radio and oldrecords.Click Here to Watch my Video on YouTube!I will always remember, at the age of seven (7), in 1965, Mom and Dad took us to see “The Soundof Music” and bought the album. Mom would sing along and my brothers and sisters and Iabsolutely loved that. I would have to say that colored the beginning of my desire to sing.Our Uncle David took us to see “Mary Poppins” What wonderful memories!Dad played mostly marching band music. He enjoyed that. In fact, he would whistle that samemusic, when there was no music playing, while he was busy doing other things around the house.As an adult, I find myself whistling entire pieces of marching band music, including portions ofspecific instruments. Thanks Dad!When I started kindergarten and throughout elementary school, I would LOVE it when Mr. Fourniercame to class to teach us music and songs. There was something about singing that attractedme as a child. It penetrated my emotions and made me feel wonderful. Yes, happiness andpositive emotions are clearly two of the many benef it s of singing.Mr. Fournier taught us all 50 states in a song!As a child I LOVED watching cartoons and comedy. It fueled my passion to perform. For somereason, I found myself doing cartoon impressions and sound effects. Okay, I’ll admit it. I loved theattention, so I made it a point to entertain my fellow students and friends, every chance I couldget.One day, I heard one of the boys in our neighborhood, Keith, playing a harmonica. I loved it. Hetold me that his dad played very well and taught him how to play. I asked mom to get me a
  2. 2. harmonica and sure enough, Santa gave me one for Christmas. I immediately and proudly showedKeith and asked him to teach me how to play. That was a lot of fun.Benefits of SingingIn Junior High School, my music teacher, Mr. Peters fascinated me. When I was in 7th grade, heasked the class, ‘ “Who would like to sing a solo for Open House Parents Night?” ‘ I raised myhand and he asked me to come to the head of the class. He had me audition with “He’s Got TheWhole World in His Hands!”I was very nervous, but I just KNEW that I could sing. I aced it and sang in public for the first time inmy life at Open House in school at age eleven (11). I held back my voice a little because I wasembarrassed that my voice had not started changing, yet.When I was in 9th grade, which used to be the last year of Junior High School, Dad took me to theHigh School Musical, which happened to be “Funny Girl” that year. That show ignited a dreamdeeply in my heart.I looked up at Dad and said, “I would LOVE to perform in shows like this!” He looked at me andwith a smile and with a twinkle in his eye he said, ‘ “You really want to do it?” ‘ I said, “yes!” He said,‘ “Then, GO FOR IT!”That was all I needed to hear. When I entered High School, as a sophomore, I auditioned for“Fiddler on t he Roof ” in The Drama Club and played Mendel, the Rabbi’s son. I also auditionedfor chorus and was welcomed by Mrs. Heimberg.As an adult, 33 years later, I played the lead, Tevye, in “Fiddler on t he Roof !” That was a goodfeeling and just another one of the benefits of singing all of my life!One day in high school, while practicing with a few fellow chorus students, a pinnacle momentoccured. I decided, for the first time in my life, to SING MY HEART OUT with “O Holy Night !” Mrs.Heimberg came running into the choral room and asked me to sing that very song as a solo for theWinter Concert.I sang in front of 2,500 people and also for the school as an “Auditorium Period,” at the ripe youngage of fifteen (15). I was overwhelmed with standing ovations at both concerts.As a junior, I played Felix Unger in “The Odd Couple” and Cornelius in “Hello Dolly!” As a senior, Iplayed the lead, Curly McLain in the musical “Oklahoma!”Over the years, I have performed in various choruses, theater productions and solo performancesthroughout New England. I decided not to pursue a professional career. Instead, I chose sales.Eventually, after a couple of decades, the internet was born and my career evolved into thewonderful world of Internet Marketing. As a performer, I love teaching, training and motivating thevery special people I have been blessed to connect with online. But I will always LOVE to sing andperform.Being a performer is in the root of my soul and I will continue to enjoy the benef it s of singing allof my life.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If you liked this content, please ‘like and share.’
  3. 3. Skype: www.kevinsousa.wsClick Here t o Work Wit h Me Personally.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~About The Author: Kevin SousaFor more t han 30 years, I have list ened t o t housands of audio recordings andpersonally counseled wit h some of t he most highly successf ul people in t heworld. I’ve at t ended hundreds of seminars and read count less books onmot ivat ion, skill wit h people, at t it ude and t he psychology of success. The veryspecial people who became my ment ors and best f riends, gave me not hing buthelp, pat ience, underst anding and love as I mat ured in personal growt h. For t hat I amf orever grat ef ul. Now I pay it f orward. Decide what you want . Believe you can have it .Believe you deserve it . Believe it ’s possible f or you. Then close your eyes every day f orseveral minut es t o visualize already having what you want and t he f eelings of alreadyhaving it . Come out of t hat and f ocus on what you’re grat ef ul f or already and really enjoy it .Then go int o t he day and release it t o t he universe. Trust t hat t he universe will f igure outhow t o manif est it . Then be aware of t he people, circumst ances and event s t hat surroundyou, t o help you achieve your goals and dreams. Act on f ait h, f eel t he f eelings and begrat ef ul as t hough you have already achieved your purpose. Commit To Your Dreams! ~Kevin Sousa