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Spring 10 New Release Features


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Spring 10 New Release Features

  1. 1. Spring ‘10 Release Readiness
  2. 2. Safe Harbor Safe harbor statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This presentation may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If any such uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, the results of, inc. could differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. All statements other than statements of historical fact could be deemed forward-looking, including any projections of subscriber growth, earnings, revenues, or other financial items and any statements regarding strategies or plans of management for future operations, statements of belief, any statements concerning new, planned, or upgraded services or technology developments and customer contracts or use of our services. The risks and uncertainties referred to above include – but are not limited to – risks associated with developing and delivering new functionality for our service, our new business model, our past operating losses, possible fluctuations in our operating results and rate of growth, interruptions or delays in our Web hosting, breach of our security measures, the immature market in which we operate, our relatively limited operating history, our ability to expand, retain, and motivate our employees and manage our growth, new releases of our service and successful customer deployment, our limited history reselling products, and utilization and selling to larger enterprise customers. Further information on potential factors that could affect the financial results of, inc. is included in our annual report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended January 31, 2009 and our other filings. These documents are available on the SEC Filings section of the Investor Information section of our Web site. Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other press releases or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services should make the purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available., inc. assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements.
  3. 3. Spring ‘10 Feature Overview
  4. 4. Spring ‘10 Feature Overview
  5. 5. Spring ‘10 Feature Overview
  6. 6. Email & Productivity Real-Time Approvals Real-Time Content & Workflow Library Genius Forecasting & Analytics Partners Leads & Opportunities AppExchange Accounts & Contacts
  7. 7. Salesforce Automation (EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW With real-time Quote Sync in Spring ‘10, you will be able to quickly and easily create a quote from an opportunity with all your deal information, create a pdf of the quote, create multiple quote versions, email the quote from to your customer, and easily sync any changes to your primary quote back to the opportunity to ensure your forecasting and reporting is up-to-date. SAMPLE USE CASE As a sales rep, I want to be able to easily create and send a quote from an opportunity to close my deal quickly and easily. Using Quotes I can create and email a quote PDF directly from Salesforce.
  8. 8. Salesforce Quote Sync Create a Quote from an Opportunity Primary contact information and Select new account address information are quote from the automatically copied over to the opportunity new quote All of the opportunity products will be copied over to the new quote on save
  9. 9. Salesforce Quote Sync Quote Detail Page View quote totals information including discount, tax, shipping and handling Add a discount to your line items Quickly add more products to your quote
  10. 10. Salesforce Quote Sync Create a Quote PDF Create a PDF version of the quote Save the quote PDF document to your quote
  11. 11. Salesforce Quote Sync Send the Quote Contact from the quote is automatically added. Simply type in your subject and message and click send! PDF automatically attached to email
  12. 12. Salesforce Quote Sync Sync a Quote With the Opportunity Click the new sync button from the quote detail page to sync your quote with the opportunity
  13. 13. Salesforce Quote Sync Select Initial Sync Direction Get a confirmation message explaining how sync works.
  14. 14. Salesforce Quote Sync Changes to the Quote Update the Opportunity Sync is now enabled. Click the button again to stop the sync. Add new products to the quote, change sales price, quantity, or discount. All these changes will also update the parent opportunity
  15. 15. Calendar & Activity Enhancements (All Editions) OVERVIEW With Spring ’10, you can now take control of event invitations by adding a custom logo for your company with Branded Event Invitations. Once you have uploaded your logo, the system will use the logo in all event invitations and the invitee response page on the web. In addition, when this feature is enabled the event invitations that are delivered to your customers will reflect an updated, appealing design . SAMPLE USE CASE As a Sales Rep, I want the correspondence that I deliver to my customers to be appealing and professional. Working with my System Administrator, Ican now upload a custom logo to be used in meeting invitations that are delivered directly from Salesforce.
  16. 16. Calendar & Activity Enhancements Logo Upload in Setup Upload a Custom Logo for the Organization
  17. 17. Calendar & Activity Enhancements Branded Event Invitations Custom Logo for Invitations Custom Logo on Invitee Response Page
  18. 18. Email Enhancements (GE, PE, EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW With Spring ’10, you can now send yourself email with the content of email templates before you make it active using Email Preview. Also new with Spring ’10, we are introducing Global Email Templates which will empower the Administrator to setup one template which can be used for the recipients language. Finally, the ability to set the email default Task type as "Email” one of the highest voted IdeaExchange requests. Email Default Settings allows all emails send out of the Salesforce will automatically be logged as “Email” ! SAMPLE USE CASE A system administrator wants to create an email templates using Global Email Templates which will translate the content based on translation workbench.
  19. 19. Email Enhancements Email Preview & Global Email Templates Send test email and verify merge fields New Language Tag which can use merge fields
  20. 20. Salesforce Mobile Lite Enhancements (All Editions) OVERVIEW With the Spring ‘10 release, every Salesforce customer can enjoy free basic access to Salesforce from a mobile device regardless of your license type. Now Mobile Lite lets you create, edit and delete records from any standard object. Need to update the phone number of your best customer while on the go? Mobile Lite lets you do it. Want to create a new Opportunity record? You can do that, too. In fact, Mobile Lite users now have full access to all of the supported object types, including Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Leads, Cases, Solutions, Assets, Tasks, Events, and everyone's favorite, Dashboards. Do more than ever while on the go! SAMPLE USE CASE A Sales Rep just got out from a meeting with a customer. The opportunity is progressing really well. He needs to changes the status of the opportunity and create a related activity, in which he writes the notes of the meeting. With Mobile Lite he can do that right after the meeting from his mobile phone
  21. 21. Salesforce Mobile Lite Mobile Lite is now available for all Salesforce editions including Contact Manager and Group Edition! Update and create records on the road!
  22. 22. Salesforce Mobile for iPhone (All Editions) OVERVIEW With the Spring ’10 release, we’ve introduced Filter and Search. Finding the specific piece of data you need is now a breeze. No more hunting and hoping to find that Opportunity or Lead you entered 3 months ago. Every tab and every list view includes a new Filter and Search bar. Just start typing and the list of records is reduced to those that match. Select “Search” to search to look across the device for the record. One more tap extends the search to the remote server to retrieve matching records not on the device. In addition, with Search for Related Items you can find all of your related records with one tap. Like the new filter and search functionality, there is a new one-button means of getting all related records. SAMPLE USE CASE A rep arrives on site for a field repair based on an open case. Once onsite, the customer tells the rep the problem is similar to one solved a few months previously. The rep navigates to the Cases related list for the Account, and taps “Search server for more…” The past case appears in the list, and the rep is able to review the details and solve the new problem quickly.
  23. 23. Salesforce Mobile for iPhone Filter and Search The Filter and Search bar is at the top of most list views. Just start typing to filter the To search list. remotely, tap on “Continue search on server…”. Tapping “Search” extends the search across all such records on the device.
  24. 24. Salesforce Mobile for iPhone Search for Related Items All local related records will appear in the list. Search results appear. Viewing a result will Tapping “Search server for “mark” the record and more” initiates a remote keep it on the device for search for additional related offline access. records.
  25. 25. Salesforce Mobile for Blackberry(All Editions) OVERVIEW With the Spring ’10 release and Link to Records you can tap Salesforce linksfrom your BlackBerry email, and the mobile application will automatically launch, search for and show the record in the native application. Take advantage of high-speed mobile connectivity! With the new WiFi support, you are no longer tethered to a cellular data connection. With the latest release, you can download, activate, and use the Salesforce mobile application with nothing more than a WiFi connection. SAMPLE USE CASE Often, Salesforce users send links to records to coworkers via email. If the recipient is on the road, he or she can click on the link from the email client and that will launch the Salesforce Mobile client and open the right record or dashboard.
  26. 26. Salesforce Mobile for Blackberry Links to records Receive email with a link. Tapping on the link will open the record on the client.
  27. 27. Customer Portal Ideas Chat Partners Email to Search Case Call Center Social
  28. 28. CTI 2.0(PE, EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW Now in Spring’ 10, CTI 2.0 allows you to perform new actions with CTI with clicks, not code. With CTI 2.0 we have added the ability to configure Custom Screen Pops including Visualforce pages and new object edit pages, and added the ability to perform these screen pops in a new browser tab or window instead of in an existing window. SAMPLE USE CASE A self-storage space provider wants their agents to pop to a custom page showing a map of storage locations in the area of the caller instead of to the caller’s contact record.
  29. 29. CTI 2.0 Custom Screen Pops Visualforce screen pop
  30. 30. Entitlements & Service Contracts(PE, EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW New with Spring ‘10, you now have the ability to track the level of service your company is providing for customers with Entitlements & Service Contracts. Ensure that customers entitled to support receive the correct level of support and identify opportunities to sell or up-sell support offerings. SAMPLE USE CASE An agent receives a call from a customer. The agent performs a lookup of the contact, to verify that they are entitled to phone support. From the phone support entitlement, the agent creates a case for the customer.
  31. 31. Entitlements & Service Contracts Setup
  32. 32. Entitlements & Service Contracts Enforce your Service Level Agreements
  33. 33. Entitlements & Service Contracts Success, Warning, & Violation Workflow Actions
  34. 34. Entitlements & Service Contracts Entitlement Based Support Entitlement Related List to create Cases from Account, Contact, Asset or Contract Line Item detail pages
  35. 35. Entitlements & Service Contracts From the Contact on the Case Fields Defaulted from Entitlement Asset
  36. 36. Entitlements & Service Contracts Case Milestones The timeline displays Case Milestones by target date (SLA) Case Milestones are created based on the Entitlement on the Case
  37. 37. Entitlements & Service Contracts Service Contracts
  38. 38. Entitlements & Service Contracts Asset & Entitlement Filtered Lookups on Case
  39. 39. Answers (EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW Many of our customers have asked us for a ‘Forums’ or a “discussion board’ product that they can use inside the Customer Portal or inside the application itself. Now in Spring ‘10, Answers is our answer to a specialized discussion board for enterprises. People don’t go to company websites to socialize. They go there to get a question answered, and hopefully to help others. Answers hones in on that business value, and is designed to lower call center costs by deflecting potential calls to the Answers product. SAMPLE USE CASE A customer has a question about a company’s products. He does a simple Google search and finds the answers on the company’s Answers forum.
  40. 40. Answers Data Categories Categorization using Data Categories
  41. 41. Answers Questions List All Questions asked in this Best Practices Category
  42. 42. Answers Question Asker & Replies Rich text questions and replies Question Asker Replies can pick the sortable by best Answer time and vote from all replies total Community can vote on replies
  43. 43. Answers My Questions & Replies Your Questions Your Replies
  44. 44. Salesforce Knowledge (EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW New with Spring ‘10, you now have the ability to expose Salesforce Knowledge in the Partner Portal. You can also now define Field Level Security in article types and change the data category visibility settings per Portal roles. Some advanced Knowledge analytics can also be build through the ability to configure Knowledge Custom Report Types. API access to Knowledge search features is included in Spring ’10. Developers can build custom search features for the Knowledge app with Data Category filtering and all Knowledge search features like Custom Synonyms and Stemming. In addition, we’ve added Describe API to retrieve information about data category groups, Metadata API to allow re-parenting, delete or renaming data categories through a single-file XML transaction, and SOQL with Data Categories to enable precise queries.
  45. 45. Salesforce Knowledge Partner Portal Integration
  46. 46. Salesforce Knowledge Field Level Security Hidden for partners Hide the field for some roles Visible for internal users
  47. 47. Salesforce Knowledge Portal Roles Data Category Settings Category visibility settings can be changed at the portal role level
  48. 48. Salesforce Knowledge Custom report types New Knowledge related objects for creating report types
  49. 49. Salesforce Knowleddge Knowledge SOQL API Search all Knowledge Articles SELECT Id, Title, Summary FROM KnowledgeArticleVersion WHERE PublishStatus=’Online’ WITH DATA CATEGORY Product__c AT Phones WITH DATA CATEGORY clause allows filtering on categories SELECT Id, Title, Summary, OfferDescription__c FROM Offer__kav WHERE PublishStatus=’Online’ WITH DATA CATEGORY Product__c AT Phones Search any Article Types SELECT Title, Summary, OfferDescription__c FROM Offer__kav id=’ka0x000000004Q3O’ Retrieve specific Knowledge Article values
  50. 50. Salesforce Knowledge Knowledge SOSL API FIND {search.string} RETURNING KnowledgeArticleVersion WITH DATA CATEGORY Geography__c AT AMER Search all Knowledge Articles New WITH DATA CATEGORY Search any clause allows filtering on Article Types categories Use the Data Category API to specify categories to search FIND {search.string} RETURNING FAQ__kav WITH DATA CATEGORY Product__c AT PHONES
  51. 51. Real-Time Workflow & Programmable User Real-Time Approvals Interface Websites Real-Time Mobile Deployment Programmable Cloud Logic Real-Time Content Library Granular Security & Real-Time Sharing Analytics Unlimited Real-Time Customization AppExchange
  52. 52. New User Interface Theme (All Editions) OVERVIEW The Spring ’10 release includes a preview of a fresh new look for Salesforce applications. This new theme provides brighter, more streamlined user interface elements, reduces page “noise”, and will complement new features in future releases. Over the course of the next few months, we’ll be expanding this new look to even more areas!
  53. 53. New User Interface Theme Simpler & more fun colour palette and shapes.
  54. 54. New User Interface Theme Reduced page noise from eliminating extraneous lines and simplifying background colors.
  55. 55. New User Interface Theme Clearer visual separation of primary data vs. related data.
  56. 56. New User Interface Theme Cleaner UI Widgets & Elements
  57. 57. Analytics Enhancements (See Feature Detail for Availability) OVERVIEW New in Spring’10, you now have the ability to make the table components in dashboards even more useful with Four Column Dashboard Tables. With the ability to display a total of fourcolumns, extra information can be now be included in your dasbhoards, such as Close Date for an opportunities list, or Open Date and Number of days outstanding. SAMPLE USE CASE The Marketing manager wants to see the list of currently running campaigns with the campaign name, end date, number of days to run, and number of responders
  58. 58. Analytics Enhancements Choose report as today Four Column Dashboard Tables (GE, PE, EE, UE, DE) Choose to control layout Choose which columns and sorting 4 Columns displayed
  59. 59. Workflow Enhancements (EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW Now available with Spring ‘10 release, Personalized Email Alerts allow you to override the from address of any email alert with the address of the Default workflow user. SAMPLE USE CASE All automated emails related to sales should be sent as the sales operations system administrator. Using Personalized Email Alerts the system administrator can send opportunity close date reminder to the VP as the sales operations admnistrator.
  60. 60. Workflow Enhancements Personalized Email Alerts Default Override from Workflow User address
  61. 61. API Enhancements (PE*, EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW Now with Spring ‘10, you no longer have to extract all your data from to run analytical queries using an external tool. With Aggregate Functions, SOQL is being enhanced with a full set of aggregate “GROUP BY” query expressions, including SUM, MIN, MAX, AVG, HAVING clauses and full support for grouping by day, month, year, etc. Aggregate Functions allows you to run queries similar to reports so you can use the API to retrieve aggregate results. SAMPLE USE CASE A Sales Manager, using an API client application, wants to view the aggregate opportunity amount groupbed by country and region with subtotals for each country.
  62. 62. Application Distribution Enhancements Packaged Custom UI Action override installed by package Subscribers can override package’s setting. Package’s setting will continue to be upgraded under the covers. (Managed packages only) Edit an override to revert to default UI
  63. 63. Application Distribution Enhancements Packaged Custom UI Filter by package Override Master Values or packaged translations Same, easy to use inline editing interface
  64. 64. Cloud Deploy (Beta) (EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW Sandboxes are critical for large and mid-size customers to develop and test configuration changes without impacting end users on production. Cloud Deploy (Beta) empowers a non-technical admin or business analyst to copy supported types of changes between sandbox and production organizations, or between sandboxes. New in Spring ‘10, you have the ability to Clone an Outbound Change set, Delete a non-upload Outbound Change set , and Deploy Change Sets across platform versions during releases! SAMPLE USE CASE After a Change Set is uploaded to production, an admin logs in, inspects the Change Set, and clicks “Deploy” to apply the changes.
  65. 65. Cloud Deploy Outbound Change Sets Include only those components you want to send Find missing dependencies you overlooked
  66. 66. Additional Release Resources  Spring '10 Release – "Ideas Coming In Spring '10" on the IdeaExchange • Vote for and/or promote features on IdeaExchange: – Release notes and Release Preview coming soon!  Previous Releases – Winter ’10: – Summer ’09: – Winter ‘09:
  67. 67. Spring ’10 Feature Enablement
  68. 68. Spring ’10 Feature Enablement
  69. 69. Spring ’10 Feature Enablement
  70. 70. Spring ’10 Feature Enablement
  71. 71. Spring ’10 Feature Enablement
  72. 72. Spring ’10 Feature Enablement