Webinar - building a real-time lead management engine


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In-depth review of how companies can build a real-time b2b lead management process that improves the inbound flow and conversion of b2b leads. Describes the various technologies and supporting processes required to implement real-time website monitoring, lead scoring and b2b lead management.

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Webinar - building a real-time lead management engine

  1. 1. Building a real-time lead management engine<br />Presented by: <br />Kevin Miller – EVP Marketing/Sales – SalesFUSION<br />Session Audio Starts at 2PM EST<br />
  2. 2. About SalesFUSION<br /><ul><li>SaaS Marketing Automation Solution
  3. 3. Support B2B and retail customers
  4. 4. Platform for driving all lead/demand generation
  5. 5. HQ – Atlanta GA – Offices in PA/CA
  6. 6. Focus on integrating marketing/sales
  7. 7. Embedded demand generation for CRM
  8. 8. Customers/partners operating in 11 countries</li></li></ul><li>Speaker<br />Kevin Miller – EVP Marketing & Sales – SalesFUSION<br /><ul><li> 17 Years database/direct marketing & CRM
  9. 9. Retail & B2B
  10. 10. Principle at SalesFUSION</li></li></ul><li>What we’ll cover today<br /><ul><li>What does real-time lead management mean?
  11. 11. Understanding how people evaluate your solutions
  12. 12. Hijacking the digital conversation
  13. 13. Typical lead flow in b2b
  14. 14. Setting up telesales/inside sales in a call center-style mode
  15. 15. Components for building the lead machine
  16. 16. Connecting marketing, lead gen and sales
  17. 17. Tracking lead flow in CRM </li></li></ul><li>The Numbers<br />What does real-time lead management mean?<br /><ul><li>Assumes a company is engaged in marketing
  18. 18. Assumes a company has an inside and/or field sales force
  19. 19. Connects marketing and automated lead gen activities with human beings
  20. 20. Speeds the time to respond to leads to hour by minute by second
  21. 21. Call center/customer service-style alerting system for inbound leads
  22. 22. Processes that force marketing and sales to work together as a team
  23. 23. Uses emerging marketing automation AND email AND crm AND social to increase lead conversion</li></li></ul><li>Where are leads originating from?<br />Base: 249 B2B marketers at companies with 50 or more employees<br />(multiple responses accepted, does not include “other”)<br />
  24. 24. What does a basic lead to sales process look like?<br />Landing Pages/Lead Capture<br />High Score Leads<br />Mktg<br />DB<br />www.website.com<br />CRM<br />Low Score Leads<br />Universal processes<br /><ul><li> Marketing drives leads to website
  25. 25. Website attempts to capture leads with forms
  26. 26. Lead information is analyzed
  27. 27. Routing to CRM based on Lead Score
  28. 28. Nurturing of unqualified leads</li></ul>Loop-back opportunity data/lead data for ROI analysis<br />Mktg<br />DB<br />
  29. 29. How do we turn this into an engine of repeatable success?<br />Would you rather use this?<br />Or This<br />
  30. 30. Begin with the website <br />Lead Capture<br /><ul><li>Decide that the website is the center of your marketing universe
  31. 31. Create an online resource center with valuable assets
  32. 32. Create varying levels of access to assets
  33. 33. Create lead capture pages/forms/surveys
  34. 34. Drive traffic to your site using
  35. 35. SEO
  36. 36. Social
  37. 37. Email
  38. 38. Ads
  39. 39. Newsletters
  40. 40. Webinars and events
  41. 41. Sales emails</li></li></ul><li>Create a real-time website monitoring station<br />What is it?<br />Web visitor tracking is a newer type of web analytics that captures, alerts and routes website leads based on rules.<br />
  42. 42. Understand and act on the inbound lead traffic <br />Human<br />Automated<br />Email alert – Based on Rules<br />Alert telesales to view/open in CRM<br />Automated Routing to drip/trigger based nurture marketing campaigns<br />
  43. 43. Create a lead-centric culture<br />Establish a dialog between marketing/sales<br /><ul><li>Regular meetings – rotate between pipeline-centric meetings to lead/demand generation-centric meetings
  44. 44. Understand sales-team issues with leads – volume, where they come from
  45. 45. Brainstorm sessions about lead profiles, verticals, targets, messaging and hot buttons
  46. 46. Sales is the best source for “Why a lead buys” information</li></ul>Create simple process maps <br /><ul><li>Define on paper who does what, when and why
  47. 47. Assign people by name to stages in a process map</li></ul>Considerations<br /><ul><li>Sales may be resistant to change or dis-interested in leads
  48. 48. Old-School sales cultures must be changed
  49. 49. CRM system tuning will be required
  50. 50. Marketing technology MUST integrate seamlessly to CRM
  51. 51. Reporting must be in place to track the process and hold constituents accountable</li></li></ul><li>2011 Lead to Sales Process <br />Create a lead-centric culture<br />Inbound Leads Process for Inside Sales<br />Telesales Duties<br />CRM<br /><ul><li>Log calls
  52. 52. Append data
  53. 53. Create Opportunities
  54. 54. Pre-qualify
  55. 55. Identify other contacts
  56. 56. Send task to sales</li></ul>Telesales Duties<br />web Forensics<br /><ul><li>Daily Monitor
  57. 57. Respond – 2-4 hours to known visitors
  58. 58. Enroll known visitors into 3-step drip
  59. 59. Accounts – research using LinkedIn and Jigsaw– add 2 marketing contacts to Fusion – enroll in 3-step drip</li></ul>Home Page<br />Activity Log<br />CRM<br />Lead Capture<br />Page<br />Simple process maps will help focus the marketing and sales teams on execution of the plan<br />Opportunity<br />Field Sales Duties<br />Sign Up for Demo<br />Email Alert to reps based on Geo<br />Rep – verifies company HQ location<br />Rep – updates CRM – creates oppt<br />Ensure contacts/account are linked and de-duped<br />Append address, phone, vertical and lead source<br />
  60. 60. The role of marketing automation in the HUMAN scenario <br /><ul><li>Provides a mechanism for real-time lead monitoring
  61. 61. Reduces lead response time
  62. 62. Allows for enrollment in pre-defined trigger campaigns
  63. 63. Increases touches in first 30-days following initial inquiry
  64. 64. Allows for research and appending of data through sources such as Jigsaw
  65. 65. Alerting via email ensures leads are touched quickly</li></li></ul><li>Access to critical information<br /><ul><li>Give telesales the tools to access info and take action
  66. 66. This view allows for telesales to view activity and enroll leads in campaigns</li></li></ul><li>The role of marketing automation in the AUTOMATED scenario <br /><ul><li>Lead Scoring/Routing enables automated nurturing of leads
  67. 67. Trigger-based email campaigns – prebuilt and tied to scores
  68. 68. Lead scoring must be tuned, tested and agreed upon with sales
  69. 69. Objective is to treat every suspect the same initially
  70. 70. Eliminate lead leakage
  71. 71. Target content based on behavior and demographics</li></li></ul><li>What’s under the hood?<br />Drip Nurture marketing<br />Web visitor tracking<br />CRM<br />Trigger-based email<br />Lead Scoring<br />Social media <br />
  72. 72. How important is this to your upper funnel success?<br />According to Aberdeen, who tracks the performance of “Best Practice” organizations utilizing marketing automation tied to telesales….<br /><ul><li>Inside sales achieves quote 11% more when marketing automation is deployed
  73. 73. Lead conversions (to opportunities) increased by 7%
  74. 74. Inside sales make an additional 7-9 connects per day
  75. 75. Overall sales team quota achievement is higher by nearly 3%
  76. 76. Company revenue is higher by over 3%</li></ul>Why?<br /><ul><li>For the same Reason Henry Ford was able to produce more cars for less
  77. 77. Efficiency gains through automation
  78. 78. Connects are more meaningful when data is made easily accessible
  79. 79. Fewer (if any) leads fall through the cracks</li></li></ul><li>Turn the engine into this<br />
  80. 80. 4 Reports that you can’t live without<br /><ul><li>Tracking lead to revenue
  81. 81. Track lead status
  82. 82. Track lead conversions
  83. 83. Track hot-leads</li></li></ul><li>Pencil Sharpener<br />It doesn’t need to be this difficult!<br />Notes on lead scoring<br />
  84. 84. Defining Lead Scoring<br />Lead Scoring<br />Ranking, grouping, assignment of arbitrary value to leads that share similar demographic and behavioral profiles. Assignment of value = typically 3-4 categories (ABCD, Gold-Silver-Bronze…etc)<br />Lead Routing<br />Assignment of leads to sales or marketing programs based on Lead Scores<br />Lead Profiling<br />Continuous and automated evaluation of lead behavior over time triggers a responsive action (campaign, follow up call…etc)<br />
  85. 85. Demographics & behavioral data<br /><ul><li> Demographic data alone is not enough to build a lead scoring model
  86. 86. Behavioral data, combined with demographic is most powerful
  87. 87. 2 Types of behavioral data
  88. 88. Implicit online behavior – pages viewed, time on site in 1 session, total sessions over period of time….etc
  89. 89. Explicit behavior – register for webinar, download document, fill out form
  90. 90. Implicit behavioral data – similar to RF Models used in retail
  91. 91. Recency/Frequency
  92. 92. Data cannot be “fudged”
  93. 93. Most larger online retailers use this type of data</li></ul>Lead Analyzer – Web behavior profiler <br />
  94. 94. Questions?<br /><ul><li>See a demonstration of SalesFUSION
  95. 95. sales@salesfusion.com
  96. 96. Learn more www.salesfusion.com</li>