Maximizing B2B Email Performance 2014


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Maximizing B2B Email Performance 2014 by Kevin Miller CMO at Salesfusion

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Maximizing B2B Email Performance 2014

  1. 1. Tips for optimizing your B2B email campaigns
  2. 2. Who we are • • • • • Pioneer in lead to revenue management - the only MA platform built on a CRM database The best marketing automation platform in the industry for integrating marketing to sales 750+ Clients in 22 countries Known for unique approach to client services & training All-in-one approach to marketing platform
  3. 3. What we’ll cover today • • • • • The state of B2B email marketing 4 most commonly used email campaigns Email design considerations Building for mobile Ensuring high deliverability
  4. 4. Trends © 2013 SalesFUSION
  5. 5. State of B2B email marketing Overall spending and growth increases • Social has not killed email • Email usage continues to grow despite budget dilution from other channels • Newer types of email marketing (drip/trigger/nurture) have increased where/when email can be used
  6. 6. The fundamentals of B2B email marketing Relevancy Ensure you are delivering relevant content Personalization It's no longer good enough to greet a recipient by name. Use purchase history, website activity and customer relationship management (CRM) data to learn about your audience and create the exact content they want to see Optimization Testing has moved beyond simple A/B to optimized outcomes and optimized content flows Mobile Optimization Responsive design is quickly becoming the norm to ensure your emails read read and digested on mobile devices
  7. 7. 4 Most commonly used B2B campaigns Bulk/Blast Single, linear blast email targeting lists & segments Drip Date-based, linear, multi-thread email targeting lists, segments and responders Trigger Relative date, personalized, linear email targeting dynamic segments and individuals who have taken an action Nurture Non-linear, relative date, multi-thread combing both marketing actions and sales actions targeting lists, segments, individuals and responders
  8. 8. How are B2B marketers optimizing? • • • Content Optimization Mobile Optimization Delivery Optimization
  9. 9. Content Optimization Simple ways to optimize email content to improve CTR Trigger-based emails from web forms • • • Multiple choice questions • • • Product Industry Role Nurture campaigns based on web activity • • Identify interest based on activity (specific web content) Time email communications based on last web visit
  10. 10. Content Optimization Simple ways to optimize email content to improve CTR Content Quality • • Content funnel • • • Educational Use Case Product
  11. 11. Mobile Optimization Over 50% of your audience is opening up your email on a mobile device: More email is read Mobile than on a desktop email client. Stats say 51% of email is now opened on a mobile device Litmus – ”Email Analytics” (Jan 2014) Mobile email opens have grown with 21% in 2013, from 43% in Jan to 51% in December. Litmus –”Email Analytics” (Jan 2014) Mobile received the largest percentage of unique clicks (40%), webmail was a strong second with 35% – Experian “Quarterly Email Benchmark Study” (Q2 2013) 78% Of US Email Users Will Also Access Their Emails Via Mobile By 2017 – Forrester Research “Email Marketing Forecast 2012 – 2017″ (2012) © 2014 Salesfusion
  12. 12. What is Responsive Design Optimize your Email Marketing Responsive email identifies a device’s screen or display size using the @media query and serves the appropriate layout determined by the designer. As opposed to Scalable design, Responsive design allows room for a designer to modify, hide, stack, add or expand/collapse content to optimize usability for narrow screens. Responsive design offers the most flexibility and control. Some email clients strip out CSS style sheets and don’t support @media queries. However optimization will be supported if synced with the phone’s native email application. Responsive design uses flexible grid and fixed-width layout in the HTML template, and should be tested problematic clients. © 2014 Salesfusion
  13. 13. Tips for Responsive Design Optimize your Email Marketing © 2014 Salesfusion
  14. 14. Tips for Responsive Design Optimize your Email Marketing 1. Design for mobile first 4. Optimize for touch Begin with the mobile experience and work up to desktop. This approach is much easier than to try to fit a desktop experience into a mobile phone. Position CTAs in a way that aligns with how people hold and use touch-enabled devices. Simplify for mobile and decide what needs to stay on the screen. 2. Stack your content 5. Make it legible Rather than scale down images, transform horizontal assortments into vertical at the 480px breakpoint. Optimize your content on mobile by choosing easily readable fonts, increase line spacing, and font size. 3. Design for the masses 6. If it doesn't sell – expel! Design your email template around Android and iOS users. Don’t compromise your design to perfect the experience on a less popular device. Consider hiding extra text and menus that push down your most important content. © 2014 Salesfusion
  15. 15. Delivery Optimization Ensuring your email gets to the inbox & gets opened Trigger-based emails from web forms • • • Multiple choice questions • • • Product Industry Role Nurture campaigns based on web activity • • Identify interest based on activity (specific web content) Time email communications based on last web visit
  16. 16. Delivery Optimization Subject Lines • • • • Single biggest driver of open rates Keep simple, honest and compelling 45-65 characters max Avoid obvious issues – Free, Offer, Expire – or adjectives that are over the top (Massive, huge) • Avoid Characters in subject lines *&%$@! • Use A/B Testing and optimize on open rates
  17. 17. Delivery Optimization Call to Action • • • • Big buttons – simple CTA messages Limit CTA to one – no extraneous links in email Big buttons tend to show best in mobile A/B Testing on CTR – test on color/placement/verbiage
  18. 18. Delivery Optimization Spam and device optimization • Test emails against myriad of clients & devices • Ensure optimal viewing • Test against spam filters for deliverability
  19. 19. Delivery Optimization – tips & tricks Subject Swaps • Send multiple variations of the same email with varied subject lines at different time intervals • Vary subject lines between formal/casual • Progressively send to non responders over the course of 1-2 weeks • On average this practice doubles open rates • Does not increase unsubscribe rates
  20. 20. Delivery Optimization – tips & tricks Subject line variations • Informal “Hey ++FirstName++, I wanted to share a cool infographic with you • Formal “New industry report available for download” • Categorical “*Live Webinar+ – Join us tomorrow for an industry best practice session” • Time-based “Some reading materials for the weekend” – sent Friday late PM “Hi ++FirstName++, I wanted to send this to you before the week gets too busy” – early AM Monday
  21. 21. Delivery Optimization – tips & tricks Time variations (used in subject swaps) for North America • Industry accepted norms Tues – Thursday between 11AM and 2PM US EST • Weekenders Saturday early (before noon); Sunday Evening or Morning • Early Birds Monday early AM • Last Chance Friday between 3-6PM US EST
  22. 22. Delivery Optimization – tips & tricks 1 – 2 Punch • Trigger a complimentary product asset within 1-2 days following standard email open • Trigger an analyst report within 1 hours of asset download • Trigger link to a complimentary blog post relative to the email asset • Triggers of this nature average open rates of 40-50%
  23. 23. Delivery Optimization – tips & tricks Humor versus Serious • Humor in email marketing can dramatically improve open rates • Making fun of yourself a little can lead to a lot of good will • Use in both subject lines and content “yeah yeah….I know your busy and you didn’t open my last email, but seriously, this is really important” “alligator attack” or “alien abduction”
  24. 24. Delivery Optimization – tips & tricks Give a little to get a lot • If you don’t need to gather info in a form, don’t require it • Mix content and offer some with no CTA (video is optimal)
  25. 25. Final Thoughts • • • • • Be relevant – deliver the right content to the right people Always lead with educational content Always ask if you can send more Create opt-ins on everything (forms, blogs, emails…etc.) Build long-term trust in your house file
  26. 26. Q&A • • • • Learn more at See a live demo Follow our blog for tips/best practices Thanks for joining us today!