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Day 7 -The Most Powerful Network Marketing Success Tips: Beliefs Are Transformational


Published on What are some of the most powerful network marketing success tips I can share? The power of your own personal beliefs and how they are impacted at events.

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Day 7 -The Most Powerful Network Marketing Success Tips: Beliefs Are Transformational

  1. 1. The Most Powerful Network Marketing Success Tips:Beliefs Are TransformationalMY CHALLENGE - DAY 7
  2. 2. We’ve finished the first week!Today I’m super pumped, excited, and energized from theevent in Chicago. If you’ve read the past posts, you knowwe had a great time. I had a chance to master mine withsome of the best leaders in the industry and my personalmentor, Jerry Chen. I really understood and got a graspon some of the biggest fundamentals that shape theindustry.
  3. 3. Today I just wanted to share a couple tidbits about things Ilearned at this event and show you how you can have amental breakthrough in your life and business.
  4. 4. I really want to stress about the importance of events, andwhy they are so critical. I’ve been to over 24 differentconventions and every time, I learn something new. Inthis particular case, it was something that was sotransformational.
  5. 5. You want to think about events as being transformationalbecause of their impact and effect on you. It’s a way tohave a mental breakthrough. Events aren’t somethingthat you can just talk about or describe. It’s somethingthat is visceral feeling. It’s so profound and powerful thatit shakes you to your very core.
  6. 6. At this particular event we did a lot of things based onNLP (neuro-linguistic programing). One of the things thatI really learned from this was uncovering my own self.What is it that I truly want to accomplish? What is mypurpose in life? This allows me to give more informationand value to the people who are reading this and things Ido in life. My goal at the end of the day is to provide asmuch value as I possibly can.
  7. 7. We’re all part of one ecosystem, culture, and communityat the end of the day. I honestly believe that the more wecan help each other and reciprocate knowledge, the betterwe can all become.
  8. 8. From Jerry Chen, I learned some tricks to build my brandand get traffic. At the core of it, it’s all about personaldevelopment. You want to think about it in terms of howyou transform your mental attitude and mental patterns;how you persuade and come across to other people.
  9. 9. Having a chance to go from multiple different events overmy entire career, I can honestly say that each event hasbeen more impactful than the last. There is always somebig take away. In this case, I learned how to breakthrough and have mental shifts. What it comes down to isdo you believe in yourself, and in your calling? What isyour deeper purpose in life? What is it that you want tobe able to accomplish? Ask yourself.
  10. 10. If you’re able to make $30,000, what would that do foryou? Keep asking yourself on a deeper level, what is theroot of it? I found the deepest root in everything I want toaccomplish, stems from being able to make a large impactand having a significant life. This means transformingpeople; not just monetarily, but transforming a largeaudience and have some impact in their lives. That waythey can transform who they are.
  11. 11. Again, stemming from that belief and fundamental idea,we’re all human. We want to feel like we’re part of acommunity. There is something about human interactionand connections that is so fundamental. I can make avideo today and talk to other people out there, but it’s notthe same as if I were to have coffee with you. It’s the factthat I fly thousands of miles out of my way to spendpersonal time and money to connect and engage withother like-minded individuals. That’s why events are soprofound and inspirational.
  12. 12. I honestly believe that a great way to build your businessis from event to event. Most companies or organizationsdo something where they track progress over 90 days.It’s a period of time where you can create a goal, beaccountable to that goal, and see what kind of results youcan accomplish.
  13. 13. I have a personal challenge for you guys. Whatever eventyou’re going to next, attend it and track your record ofsuccesses over the following 90 days. You will see how ithas made a direct impact on yourself, and the people youassociate with.
  14. 14. I have taken on a challenge myself where I want to lose20 pounds. I always try to exercise as much as I can. Byeating healthy and exercising daily, if I stick to the plan Ican make sure I accomplish that goal.
  15. 15. It’s the same thing with your business.In one instance we had a kid that was 12 years old whomade over $12,000 in their first 3-4 months. It shifts yourmind set of what is possible. It makes you dream bigger.When you think on a higher and deeper level, moreprofound ideas will come into play.
  16. 16. So hopefully this post was valuable to you.Take care!