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Six-Pack Store Beer List


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Six-Pack Store Beer List

  1. 1. The Cellar Restaurant Blacksburg’s Original Underground Tavern Domestic Bottles Imported BottlesAbita Purple Haze 3.50 Amstel Light 3.25Anchor Steam 3.25 Ayinger Brau Wiesse 4.95Bell’s Two Hearted Ale 3.50 Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock 4.95Bell’s Amber Ale 3.50 Bass Ale 3.75Blue Mountain Full Nelson Pale Ale 3.50 Beck’s 3.50Breckenridge Vanilla Porter 3.50 Bittburger Can 2.50Brooklyn Brown Ale & Pennant 3.50 Boddington’s 3.75Brooklyn Seasonals 3.50 Chimay White & Blue 7.00Budweiser 2.75 Corona 3.00Bud Light 2.75 Corsondonk Belgian Brown Ale 5.50Caldera Can (limited availability) 4.50 Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer 3.75Coors Light 2.75 Dos Equis Amber 3.50Devils Backbone Vienna Lager 3.50 Estrella Damm Gluten Free 3.50Dogfish Head 60 & Seasonals 4.00 Fullers ESB 3.75Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA 4.25 Fullers London Pride 3.75Dogfish Head Raison D’Etre 4.25 Guinness Draught Can 3.00Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale 4.00 Heineken 3.25Flying Dog Amber, IPA, Porter 3.00 Hoegaarden 3.75Founders Breakfast Stout 4.25 Kaliber (non-alcoholic) 3.75Highland Gaelic Ale 3.50 Labatt Blue 3.00Lagunitas Little Sumpin Ale 3.50 Murphy’s Irish Stout 3.75Lagunitas Seasonals 3.50 Negra Modelo 3.75Left Hand Milk Stout 3.50 Paulaner Hefeweizen 3.50Legend Lager & Brown Ale 3.00 Pilsner Urquell 3.95Mickey’s Big Mouth 1.50 Pinkus Munster Ale(Organic) 4.95Miller Lite 2.75 Pinkus Pils(Organic) 4.95Michelob Ultra 2.75 Pinkus Hefeweizen(Organic) 4.95New Planet Gluten Free Pale Ale 3.75 Red Stripe 3.50North Coast Old Rasputin Stout 4.25 Rochefort 6 7.50Pabst Blue Ribbon 1.50 Rochefort 8 8.00Rogue Dead Guy Ale 3.75 St. Bernardus Abbey Pater 6 6.50Sam Adams Boston Lager 3.25 St. Bernardus Tripel Ale 6.50Shiner Bock 3.25 St Bernardus Prior 8 6.50Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 3.25 St Peter’s Organic Ale 6.50Stone’s Pale Ale & IPA 3.75 St Peter’s Cream Stout 6.50Troegs Perpetual IPA 3.50 Sam Smith Imperial Stout 4.75Uinta Hopnotch IPA 3.50 Sam Smith Nutbrown Ale 4.75Uinta Duhbe Black IPA 4.00 Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout 4.75 Sam Smith Taddy Porter 4.75Woodchuck Amber Cider 3.75 Spaten Premium Lager 3.75 Spaten Optimator 3.75 Strongbow Dry Cider 3.75 Unibroue Ephemere 4.00 Unibroue La fin du Monde 4.25 Unibroue Maudite 4.25 Val-Dieu Abbey Blond & Tripel 6.50 Warsteiner 3.75 Westmalle Tripel 7.00 Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen 5.95 Weihenstephaner Dunkel 5.95 LUCK OF THE DRAW Young’s Double Chocolate 4.50 BEERS $2.00/12 oz $3.00/large and selected specialty bottle beers…everyday while supplies last! Visit our 6-Pak Store for carry-out bottles of wine and a huge selection of bottle beers