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Michael ernst ruge


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Michael ernst ruge

  1. 1. Michael Ernst Ruge complied quotes for success
  2. 2. Michael Ernst Ruge is a terrific and a marvelous author. His first book Quote- A- Quote to your Success was published in 2005 and was widely acclaimed all over the world. This book guides and provides the readers with invaluable and precious advice on achieving success in life.
  3. 3. It includes a wide collection of quotations on various topics such as health, wealth, and happiness. These quotations are so convincing that they boost the reader’s morale and helps in uplifting his will power and determination to achieve success. The book emphasizes on having complete faith on oneself.
  4. 4. Michael Ernst Ruge lays stress to imitate successful people by acquiring the mentality of well-acclaimed and famous people. He also opines that the precious key to success is to learn from others and follow their footsteps in order to achieve victory. The readers can gain a lot of confidence and enthusiasm by reading the book and can get inspired after reading this best-seller.
  5. 5. Michael Ernst Ruge advises people to be positive and surrender themselves to the universe in order to get precise and exact answers for their questions. The universe leads people who believe in themselves to a right path. According to Michael Ernst Ruge, in order to gain health, wealth, and happiness, one should redefine his or her attitude.
  6. 6. Quote- A- Quote to your Success is a perfect and excellent book for those who want to fast track their career and want to learn how to meditate and attain happiness and peace of mind. To know more about Michael Ernst Ruge’s book, visit .
  7. 7. About Michael Ernst Ruge Michael Ernst Ruge is a successful entrepreneur, famous writer, and energetic community leader. His strong, interpersonal leadership style has positively influenced the bottom line of many companies.
  8. 8. Michael Ernst Ruge founded several enterprises. He facilitates the development and growth of junior corporations worldwide through his vision, support, and mentor management. Michael is an avid traveler who jaunts around the world to benefit various charity causes.