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Ubiquitous information capture


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Ubiquitous Information Capture:

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Ubiquitous information capture

  1. 1. A “cloudy” future for document capture<br /><br />Capturing Opportunity:An innovative information capture solution platform utilizing best-of-breed technology<br />Kevin Neal<br />
  2. 2. ‘Capturing Opportunity’<br />Explosive IT Trends / Monetizing usage<br />Mobile = Leverage assets, convenience<br />Cloud = Scalable and cost-effective<br />Enterprise 2.0 = Instantaneous / groundswell<br />Capture = Competitive advantage and compliance<br />Industry demands<br />Ease of use<br />Transparent technology<br />Putting it all together<br />Win–win-win (user, si, isv)<br />Mashup with ubiquitous information capture<br />
  3. 3. (adj.) ‘existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered : widespread’<br />“Ubiquitous”<br />Source:<br />
  4. 4. Best-of-Breed Information Capture - MOBILE<br />Mobile and handheld device adoption is growing at an astonishing pace<br /><ul><li> Leverage your existing IT assets to the maximum
  5. 5. Give users a comfortable scanning experience. Use devices they are familiar
  6. 6. Large, high-resolution screens are conducive to viewing details of images</li></ul>Google Andriod<br />Apple iPad<br />Microsoft Windows<br />Phone<br />RIM Blackberry<br />* Source:<br />
  7. 7. Best-of-Breed Information Capture - CLOUD<br />Connect & process<br />On-Premise Connectivity<br />Cloud Processing<br />Similar to the smart phone market, ‘cloud’ is realizing astronomical growth.<br />“The demand for cloud computing is exploding as organizations seek to expand the impact of IT to deliver new and innovative services while realizing significant economies of scale. According to IDC, $17 billion was spent on cloud-related technologies, hardware and software in 2009. IDC expects that spending will grow to $45 billion by 2013.”(1) <br /><ul><li> Scalability and business process change agility
  8. 8. Compliance and regulation
  9. 9. Availability and performance
  10. 10. Decreased application development times and quicker deployment
  11. 11. Demonstrate return on investment and significant business advantage</li></ul>Source: 1) IDC<br />
  12. 12. Best-of-Breed Information Capture Solution – INFORMATION CAPTURE FROM PAPER<br />Business Scanner Usage<br />Images and Metadata<br /><ul><li> Electronic images are important
  13. 13. Metadata associated with images is</li></ul> more important<br /><ul><li> Business scanning is on the rise
  14. 14. Reason: Files are much easier to locate, </li></ul> process, manage, and organize.<br /><ul><li> Results
  15. 15. 52.4 % Increasing
  16. 16. 43.0 % Staying the same
  17. 17. 4.6 % Decreasing </li></ul>Source:<br />Source: InfoTrends Business Imaging Scanner End-User Survey: 2010<br />
  18. 18. Mashup (web application hybrid)“In Web development, a mashup is a Web page or application that uses and combines data, presentation or functionality from two or more sources to create new services. The term implies easy, fast integration, frequently using open APIs and data sources to produce enriched results that were not necessarily the original reason for producing the raw source data.<br />combines data<br />easy, fast integration,<br />enriched results<br />Source:<br />
  19. 19. Ubiquitous Information Capture<br />SCAN<br />From touch screen<br />From mobile<br />From thin client<br />Connect & process<br />On-Premise Connectivity<br />Cloud Processing<br />deliver<br />Application <br />To workstation<br />To mobile<br />
  20. 20. Best-of-Breed Information Capture Solution – MASHUP with ubiquitous information capture<br />Ubiquitous information capture via Mashup user interface<br />Any browser,<br />Any time,<br />Any device<br />Contribute data to CRM:<br />3 easy ways<br />#1 – E-form<br />Single-Sign On<br />to applications:<br />CRM<br />ERP<br />ECM<br />EMR<br />E 2.0<br />Custom apps<br />…etc.<br /><ul><li> Electronic data entry
  21. 21. Users “live” in apps</li></ul>#2 – Camera<br /><ul><li> Ad-hoc, one item
  22. 22. Random documents</li></ul>#3 – Scanner<br /><ul><li> Convenience
  23. 23. Batch process</li></ul>SalesForceCRM example<br />