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Protecting Your Images on the Web and Tracking Down Infringement - Artlink


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The internet affords us an unprecedented opportunity to have our art, designs, images, and photography seen, but unfortunately, stolen as well. In this presentation we discuss tools and methods for attempting to protect your images. We also highlight methods and tools for discovering infringement, and make suggestions on what to do when infringement is discovered.

By Kevin Mullett

Published in: Technology
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Protecting Your Images on the Web and Tracking Down Infringement - Artlink

  1. ProtectingYour Images on theWebandTracking Down Infringementby Kevin Mullett
  2. ProtectingYour Images on theWebandTracking Down“kevin mullett”
  3. If you choose to make an imagevisible, you have negated the absoluteability to make it unable to be copied.@kmullett // #StopTheif
  4. // sometimesit’sfunny…@kmullett // #StopTheifControlling images is a bit of a misnomerSnapchat is supposed to allow limited viewing basedon a user set time.Snapgrab is SnapchatKriptonite.
  5. No, disabling right click, viewsource, and print screen tricks arenot going to save your images.@kmullett // #StopTheif
  6. // howmighttheystill grabit?If you are displaying it, thereis almost always a way to grabit. If by no other means thananother camera.@kmullett // #StopTheif
  7. // think youbeatthem?They can just copy the screen…@kmullett // #StopTheif$…or take a picture of it.
  8. // typesof copyright(andimplications!)@kmullett // #StopTheif» public domain» creative commons» fair use» exceptions» stockroyalty-freerights managedI’m not a lawyer, but my Spidey sense is tingling!
  9. // copyright: whocanyoutrust?@kmullett // #StopTheifMr. X didn’tcreate theimage, so hecannot setrights.
  10. // whoreallyownsthisimage?@kmullett // #StopTheifA TinEyesearchquicklyshowsthere is anissue.
  11. // checkingthevalidityof copyrightclaim@kmullett // #StopTheifIt’s on me tocheck!
  12. // ExchangeableImageFileFormat- EXIF@kmullett // #StopTheifOriginally created by(Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association)The current specification, EXIF 2.2, was released April 2002.Notable data includes:» Copyright» Author» Lat/Long (gps)» Time/Date» Camera make
  13. // metadata viewingmethods& tools@kmullett // #StopTheifWhat’s behind the digital curtain?
  14. // whatcanwefindout?@kmullett // #StopTheifPretty much anything and everything…
  15. // EXIF canbeviewedbymanyofflinetools@kmullett // #StopTheifHow it shows up is dependent onthe platform and software.
  16. // EXIF viewer for android@kmullett // #StopTheifYou must have the image on your device.
  17. // settingEXIFfor your camera…@kmullett // #StopTheifSettings are camera dependentand may require a pc.
  18. // xmpfrominsideof Photoshop@kmullett // #StopTheifImport based on job types
  19. // Inter. PressTelecommunicationsCouncil@kmullett // #StopTheif
  20. // for medical professionals@kmullett // #StopTheif
  21. // other waystoaddmetadata@kmullett // #StopTheifAdd authors
  22. // badnews, toolsfor scrubbingmetadata@kmullett // #StopTheifRenaming or copying will notget rid of the meta data, but this will.
  23. // thereareevenmobileEXIFerasers@kmullett // #StopTheifTools like this make it so peoplecan remove metadata.
  24. Obviously, you don’t lose yourcopyright when someone or someservice strips the EXIF metadata out,but it does make it difficult to identify.@kmullett // #StopTheif
  25. With licensing, sub-licensing, andagreeing to TOS, you grant rights toothers, but do not lose your copyright,but I’m not a lawyer.@kmullett // #StopTheif
  26. // practical reasonsfor metadata stripping@kmullett // #StopTheifEach software package mayhandle metadata preservationautomatically or provide options.
  27. // whereyousharemattersWho respects your EXIF metadata andwho does not? File names are oftenchanged as well.@kmullett // #StopTheifRespectNo respect
  28. // uniquewaystoshareAdd data on top of your photos@kmullett // #StopTheif
  29. // watermarkingtechniques@kmullett // #StopTheifWhat might go wrong here?
  30. // toomuch?@kmullett // #StopTheifWell that should fix their wagon, but…
  31. // watermarkingimagesinPicasa@kmullett // #StopTheifGoogle Picasa can automatically addwatermarks when you upload.Well, this isn’t likely to help.
  32. // cloud/webimagerytoolsPhotoshop is not required…@kmullett // #StopTheif
  33. // automaticallywatermarkinwordpressA paid Wordpress plug-in@kmullett // #StopTheif» Set text» Use an image» Watermark new &previously uploadedimages» re-samples forquality
  34. // youcanwatermarkonthegoFor Android and iOS (many to choose from)@kmullett // #StopTheif
  35. // imagery– andevenmoreWe are not even considering things likeGoogle Chrome extensions and Adobe AIR.@kmullett // #StopTheif
  36. // imagematchingsearchtools@kmullett // #StopTheifCopies, look alikes, derivatives…WARNING!For searching anime, manga,game images, etc. NSFW!If you saved itA full path to the image
  37. // imagematchingsearchtools@kmullett // #StopTheifMust be an image, not a URLLimited resultsOptions
  38. // GoogleImagesSearchbyimage@kmullett // #StopTheifDrag, upload, or point to theurl of an image to search forsimilar images, larger sizes,and other sites that display it.
  39. // wherecanI getthatimage?@kmullett // #StopTheifWhich stock agency didthis come from?
  40. // testitononeof your favoriteblogs@kmullett // #StopTheifClick the extension or rightclick and select…
  41. // namingyour imagesUse intelligent namingconventions to catch lazy thieves.» xxxx-km.jpg» xxxx-13z15z05.jpg» xxxx_by_thx1138.jpg@kmullett // #StopTheif
  42. // preparefor postingBe prepared. Be efficient.» Titles» Description» Keywords and tags» Links to supporting info» Names of subject» Location/GEO» Equipment@kmullett // #StopTheif
  43. // usingGoogleoperators@kmullett // #StopTheif» allintitle:» allintext:» allinurl: trees» red filetype:jpg» trees» "by kevin mullett"
  44. #SMX TorontoSet alerts for: your name, usernames, subjectnames, product/service names, brand name, andpossibly misspellings.@kmullett // #StopTheif// usealertstowatchfor uses& mentions
  45. // onceyouknowwherethey’vebeenused@kmullett // #StopTheif» “who infringed?”» What else is on this server?» Gone, but not really?Now let’s go looking for WHO is using them.
  46. // discovered, documented, tracked, removed@kmullett // #StopTheif
  47. // you’vedecideditreallyisa problemthoughts on taking action» stop, wait, consider your action carefully» when is it time to pick up the phone to make contact» copyright the work» contact an attorney» contact the hosting provider/ISP (abuse@)» contact the social network it appears on (report/flag)» get professional ORM/SERM/SEO/SM help@kmullett // #StopTheif
  48. // DMCA– Digital MillenniumCopyrightActplay google’s game for removal?» google accounts — Me on the Web(if your name/brand is used, but only if on a porn site. why?)» google help — Have you found webspam?» google help — Removing Content From Google» google help — DMCA – Google AdSense» bing — Notice of Infringement@kmullett // #StopTheif
  49. // Doug’strick, brilliantinit’ssimplicity» buy a stock photo to place on the page (my mega list of agencies)» report them to the stock agency for infringement@kmullett // #StopTheif
  50. If you really want to manage thepotential for misuse of your images,you must be proactive, not justreactive.@kmullett // #StopTheif
  51. // theimageusecovenantThou shalt not simply do a Googlesearch, to find ones images, norright clicketh on an image onelikes and call it a day.In Search of Stock PhotographyMy 49 Stock Photography Sites Mega List@kmullett // #StopTheif
  52. Ask me about what I do at Cirrus ABS and the SMBFW.mesearch “Kevin Mullett” Shoemaker – untitled pic of me