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Winter at the_edge


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Proposal for an all day winter concert & event to benefit Cleveland Public Schools.

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Winter at the_edge

  1. 1. Winter @ the #Edge A Winter Event & Concert Series
  2. 2. Winter @ the #Edge… Currently during the colder months of the year (Late November thru the end of February) the lakefront area known as Edgewater Park is not used for anything. The cold temperatures and winds have even driven away most runners, dog walkers pedestrians and tourists.
  3. 3. Pretty…but how about pretty AWESOME So what’s the suggestion…? Why not use it for something cool? Something that will leverage the beauty of the lake front and the naturally cold temperatures to create a totally unique experience?!
  4. 4. The Plan Create a one day festival that incorporates a wide range of different festivities; this could potentially include • Live Music • Food (competitions/contests) • Ice Sculpting (contests, demos, exhibits) • Obstacle course (similar to tough mudder) • Tournament snowball battles
  5. 5. Live Music • Include a series of different local, national, international acts • The number of tickets will be set at a cap based on ability to secure event and insure it • Work with local radio affiliates to help promote or even ideally offer live broadcast from
  6. 6. Food • Food trucks, vendors from area restaurants • Competitions/cook offs ie. ‘Barrel Drum Cookoff’
  7. 7. Ice Sculptures • Demonstrations • Competitions • Exhibits Taking into consideration, cost and event liability to determine which is most feasible
  8. 8. Obstacle Course • In a similar fashion to toughmudder or Spartan races this would consist of a series of different objects to navigate around and through. It could also include a tubing or sled riding portion into the race • Cost and liability insurance issues would need to be considered in having such an event, could be included as part of an overall admission • Also worth considering is a “polar bear plunge”…this is already an annual event at the lake but could be included as part of a day time portion of the festivities
  9. 9. Snowball Fight Tournament • In the mold of a paintball tournament teams will be formed and play in a winner-take-all format • Prizes will be offered to various levels of winners • Could involve actual snowballs or dodge balls (cost & liability to determine)
  10. 10. How to make this happen • $$$ • Where does that money come from – – – – Event Sponsors Fee Admissions Vendor Event Licenses Competition Fees • Determine Event Schematics and Calculate Cost Analysis Forecast • Establish deadlines for reaching feasibility metrics and prepare contingency plans
  11. 11. Fundraising Breakdown Winter @ the Edge – Overview Date: Saturday, January 10th 2015 (tentative) Event Proceeds: 100% of the ticket purchase price will benefit Cleveland City Schools Costs: Insurance, Security, Special Event Attractions, Shuttle Transportation, Securing the park, Event Promotion Expense Recooperation: A feature Event Sponsor (est. $50k) along with Four levels of event sponsorship Platinum - $5000+ Gold - $2500 - 4999 Silver - $1000 - 2499 Bronze - $500 – 999 Food Truck Fee: TBD (est. $100) Cook-Off Competition Entry Fee: TBD (est. $50) Winter Mudder Entry Fee: TBD (est. $15) Non-Food Vendor Stands: TBD (est. $50) WAE t-shirts: TBD (est. $20)
  12. 12. Overview