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Turn your website priofitable with the "Online Profitability Blueprint". Ask to see the Free Video

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  • Remember this presentation is best used on prospects that already have a website that is doing nothing for them. For example, a “brochure” style website. Or a website that was build by a relative, friend or neighbor because they “had” to have one.

    Qualify your prospect by asking them Pain questions like:

    How much new business does your website bring in every month?
    How do you use your website to build customer relationships?
    What have you done to generate more traffic to your website?
    How do you use the website to convert prospects into paying customers?
    When interested people come to your website how do you follow up with them?

    These types of questions will lead them down a road of realizing how useless their website really is. Then go to the next slide to show them the benefits they will get when they do the things necessary to turn their website from an expense into a profit center!
  • Imagine how much better your business and life will be when your website actually produces profits for your business instead of sitting there as an expense on your Profit and Loss statements. How do you think your life and business would change for the better?
    Here are some of the benefits that you can expect by implementing the strategies in this blueprint.
    Increase in sales
    Attract more new customers
    Lower and in some cases completely eliminate your advertising costs
    Obtain more repeat business from your current and past customers
    Increase your conversion rates
    Plus much more!
    Before you can take advantage of these benefits you must first understand the “Online Marketing Diamond”. Once you do then you’ll begin to see how easy it is to transform your website into a profit center.
  • For almost every single business, especially the small business, the website has been used as a “necessary” evil. Someone somewhere told you that you had to have a website to compete.
    Most likely, however, they didn’t tell you how to do it properly. In a way that actually helps you generate profit for your business. Therefore, your website has been an expense and not used as a tool to help generate more business for your company.
    There is a lot of confusion and conflicting information out there today that makes it difficult to know what to do much less how to do it. We want to break this down for you in a very simply way. That’s why we created the Online Marketing Diamond (OMD). While there are hundreds maybe thousands of variables that can go into an online marketing campaign it doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t have to get caught up in all the fluff and hype that is clogging the Internet today.
    We’ve developed a proven, four-point plan that any business can use to start generating income from their website within 48 hours.

    On the next few slides you will simply cover the 4-keys to success.
  • First, we need to understand exactly what the eye test is. When you visit a website what are your immediate thoughts? How does it make you feel? Where are your eyes drawn too? Is it easy flowing or does your brain feel stressed because you don’t know where to go first? All of these questions fit into the eye test.
    Things to consider are:
    Color: is the color or your website comfortable? For example, if you have a black background with white text that puts a lot of strain on the eyes and almost forces visitors to hit the ‘back’ button.
    Flow: does your site have a natural flow or does it look like a News site where there are hundreds of things going on at once? Remember, for the small business it is critical to understand that the flow of your website should be smooth and not jagged like a News or Magazine type site.
    Focus: Where are your eyes drawn when you visit your website? If you can’t immediately focus on one thing then you need to reevaluate your site layout.
  • First, let’s look at your USP. Does your site clearly illustrate your USP? What is a USP? It’s your Unique Selling Proposition.
    Your USP is a simple statement that clearly identifies why you are not only unique but it also demonstrates why you are the OBVIOUS choice to do business with over any and all of your competitors. Your USP makes your visitor say, “I would have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else than [insert your company name here]!”
  • The next “Must Have” is does your site meet the Google Heatmap Triangle? There have been hundreds of tests done to evaluate where visitors eyes actually go when they visit a website.

    As you can see by the red, orange and yellow triangle this is where the visitor’s eyes go to first. If your site does not have the most important information, the information they are looking for, within the area of this triangle you are losing potential customers.
    It’s scientifically proven that if you place your critical success elements within this triangle you will convert more visitors to customers.
  • Frankly, this section is arguably the most important. Why? Because “The money IS in the list!”
    Imagine for a second having a list of current customers as well as prospective customers and being able to market to every single one of them at the same time, in a moments notice, for free! And setting it up so it works on autopilot!!!
    How much would you save on expensive marketing methods that you’re currently using? If you’re like most companies the figure is in the thousands of dollars.
    Here’s the best part. This step is easy to do. Every business should have a lead capture mechanism on their website.
  • One of the biggest challenges small businesses have is they assume just by having a website that revenues will automatically increase. Reality proves otherwise.
    Not only do you have to have a quality designed website you also need to understand how to structure it so you can rank on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
    When you rank high in the search engines for the specific terms that your customers and prospects are searching for you will gain a tremendous amount of FREE website traffic. This traffic will then be converted into customers by having a well designed and useful website as well as utilizing your lead capture mechanism.
    Do you see how this is all starting to come together?

    There are several key elements to this process. However, they are too involved to get into on this short video.
  • The primary reason why you need to use conversion tools in your business is because not everyone is ready to buy at the exact moment you’re selling. Every prospect buys based on their own “Buying Line”.
    What is a Buying Line?
    Look at this Buying Line. You will see a 1 at the far left and 100 at the far right. The 1 means that the person is not even in the market for what you have to offer. The 100 means they need it, want it and are ready to buy now! This represents every customer’s Buying Line.

    Only 10% or less of people in your target market fall into the 90-100 range. These are done deals. Simply get in front of these people and they will likely buy from you. On the other end, there is another 10% of your target market that fall into the 1-10 range. These people for whatever reason will never buy from you even if your product or service was free. They have a relative in the business; don’t feel they need it, etc.
    That leaves about 80% of your target market that is somewhere on the Buying Scale. They could be at 20, 50 or 88. The bottom line is they need additional information to convince them that you are the right provider for them. Once they receive this information they will become a customer.
  • When we talk about converting prospects into customers using your website there are many variables that come into play. They are:
    General website conversion methods like:
    Quality copy including powerful headlines, bullets, etc. Not the normal boring stuff that everyone else is using.
    Testimonials. Video testimonials from real customers are the absolute best!
    A Guarantee. If you can provide your customers with a solid, risk-reversal guarantee it will increase conversions overnight.
    Irresistible offer. Give your prospects something they can’t say no to and they won’t!
    Conversion Tools. Hard copy or soft copy information that will help prospects solve their problems in a low-risk, high-reward way. Things like:
    Free report(s)
    Audio Infomercial covering a specific solution to a problem
    Videos. Online or on DVD that can be sent to your customers.
    Checklists on steps they can take to solve or prevent a problem.
    People buy from people they know, like and trust. To do that effectively your company must build a relationship with its prospects and continue to grow the relationship with its current customers.

    This video is a great example of one of our own conversion tools.
  • That’s it! This is the exact process you need to follow if you want to turn your website from an expense into a money making profit center.

    What I suggest we do next is the exact same step that most of our clients do. It’s very low risk and low investment…
  • What we recommend is to contact us today so we can start on your very own customized “Online Profitability Blueprint” specifically made for your business. You will receive EXACT strategies and recommendations for your business and not some cookie-cutter solutions. And the best part is you can take this report and give it to your current webmaster to implement. Its delivered in a step-by-step format so anyone can take it and apply the steps immediately.

    While we would love for you to hire us to implement the blueprint we understand that you may now want to ruffle the feathers or hurt the feelings of your current webmaster. By giving them this blueprint you avoid all that and at the same time end up with a site that will dominate your competition and generate a new, powerful profit center for your business.

    Our time is limited so please contact us today so we can put you at the front of the line.
  • Thank you for watching and we look forward to serving you.

    Take care!
  • Online Profitability Blueprint Presentation Updated

    1. 1. • Lead Generation 2.0 • Online Profitability Blueprint • “The Money is in the LIST”
    2. 2. Kevin Conway Experience • Over 13 years e-commerce & progressive online marketing experience Highlights • Creator of over 20 online businesses • Founder of, one of the top ranked collectible sites in the world, featured in several national publications and boasts a host of exclusive clients including well known celebrities • Authored several articles, blogs and press releases on web marketing • Developed the LeadGen 2.0 Sales Lead generation System
    3. 3. “How to Turn Your Website from an Expense into a Money Machine!”
    4. 4. Most business owners are frustrated with the performance of their website Are you one of them?
    5. 5. Who created your website? Professional?
    6. 6. The Problem Not Marketer$! Not bad people they are just…
    7. 7. The Solution A few simple but powerful changes to your website… from someone you can trust… and who is an Expert Marketer!
    8. 8. Benefits you can expect  Increase sales  Attract more NEW customers  Lower and in some cases completely eliminate your advertising costs  Obtain more repeat business from your current and past customers  Increase your conversion rates And do it all on AUTOPILOT!!!
    9. 9. Online Marketing Diamond Website Design: Does it pass the ‘Eye’ test and meet the minimum requirements? Lead Capture: Does your website capture leads and follow up with them automatically? Google Spotlight: Does your website rank at the top of Google for local search terms? Do you use long-tail keywords properly? Conversion tool: Does your website have a “Can’t say no” conversion tool?
    10. 10. Website Design • Eye Test – General acceptance; colors, flow, focus • Minimum Requirements – USP – Google Heatmap
    11. 11. Unique Selling Proposition • If you don’t have and use a USP then WHY would anyone do business with you? • When you have a USP its obvious why someone would do business with you!
    12. 12. Google Heatmap
    13. 13. Lead Capture and Follow Up “The Money is in the List!” Question: How Are You Maintaining Your Relationship With Your Customers and Prospects? Your Database of “Leads” and “Customers” is Your Most Valuable Asset! Set it up on your website and build a strong relationship on AUTOPILOT!!!
    14. 14. Google Spotlight! • Its easy to rank at the top of Google when you use the right local, targeted keywords in the right way. • That means a TON of FREE, targeted visitors to your website!
    15. 15. Convert more visitors to customers
    16. 16. Convert more visitors to customers Conversion tools:  Free report  Audio infomercial  Videos  Checklist  Proven/ Repeatable Sales Message  Etc. Build trust and rapport by providing visitors with valuable information they are looking for…and they will become customers!
    17. 17. Online Marketing Diamond Website Design: Does it pass the ‘Eye’ test and meet the minimum requirements? Lead Capture: Does your website capture leads and follow up with them automatically? Google Spotlight: Does your website rank at the top of Google for local search terms? Do you use long-tail keywords properly? Conversion tool: Does your website have a “Can’t say no” conversion tool?
    18. 18. Next Step… • Low Risk Offer – Provide you a complete “Online Profitability Blueprint” – 49 page report showing you the exact step-by-step process to turn your website into a profit center – The 20-point checklist: the hot spots that must be corrected before any web site has a chance of success – Supporting videos to explain details even further. – You can give this report to your current webmaster to implement or we will use it as a guide if you choose to use our services.
    19. 19. Thank you! Would you like to see the Free “Online Profitability Blueprint” Video with more details?
    20. 20. Contact Us Today Kevin Conway Cutting Edge eMarketing