LIVE travel research with YOU as the subject


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The industry continues to find itself in the throes of an exciting period of change, with new ideas from startups and fresh thinking from established brands playing out every single day.

Set against the rise of the massively empowered pro-sumer and a myriad of new devices, and the industry could well be experiencing a golden age in travel technology.

But what do you think? Here is your chance to debate and share your opinions as part of a unique event where attendees become a dynamic and live research panel.

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  • TBA!
  • LIVE travel research with YOU as the subject

    1. 1. Live Research: YOU Are the Subject Webinar September 6, 2012
    2. 2. Kevin May Gene QuinnTnooz TnoozEditor & Co-moderator CEO & Producer
    3. 3. September 6, 2012 A Tnooz-PhoCusWright Webinar Live Research: You Are the Subject Stephen Joyce Douglas Quinby Lorraine Sileo CEO, Senior Director, Vice President, Rezgo Research, PhoCusWri Research, ght Inc. PhoCusWright Inc.
    4. 4. Question #1: How’s It Going?What is your company’s outlook for 2012? Do youexpect total sales (revenues) will bea. Down a lot (down more than 5% from 2011)b. Down a little (down 1-5%)c. Flatd. Up a little (1-5% growth)e. Up a lot (more than 5% increase over 2011)
    5. 5. Still Searching…
    6. 6. Question #2: Still Searching…What is your take on Google Flights?a. We all made a mountain out of a molehillb. Watch out: the molehill will soon become a mountainc. Uncertain: Google has its work cut out for itself
    7. 7. (Anti)Social
    8. 8. Question #3: Are You Social or Anti-Social? What is your company’s primary objective in social media? a. Driving sales b. Branding and engagement c. Customer service d. Not sure – still figuring it out e. None of the above
    9. 9. Question #4: Social SuccessHow would you rate your success? a. Very successful b. Somewhat successful c. Not successful d. Not sure – can’t measure / still figuring it out e. Don’t do social
    10. 10. M is forMobile Mayhem Money Meta Moxie M…
    11. 11. Question #5: M is for MobileWhat percentage of your traffic today is coming frommobile devices? (Including phones and tablets.)a. Most of it (50% or more)b. A lot (at least 25%)c. 10-25%d. Less than 10%e. Don’t know/does not apply
    12. 12. You Can Take This Price(and Shove It)
    13. 13. Question #6: Suppliers vs. OTAs What will be the impact of the lawsuits and investigations into hotel-OTA price parity terms? a. They are frivolous: no impact b. They are not frivolous, but still no impact c. They will significantly alter hotel pricing terms with OTAs d. Not sure
    14. 14. Question #7: Suppliers vs. OTAs How will OTA-supplier dynamics evolve over the next 24 months?a. Significantly in favor of OTAsb. Slightly in favor of OTAsc. Balancedd. Slightly in favor of supplierse. Significantly in favor of suppliers
    15. 15. Big Ideas
    16. 16. Question #8: Big IdeasWhich of the following trends or technologies will havethe greatest impact on travel over the next 24 months(besides mobile)? a. Semantic search b. Social commerce c. Big data d. Cloud computing e. Voice recognition / personal assistant applications
    17. 17. Questions?Stephen Joyce Douglas Quinby Lorraine Sileo CEO, Senior Director, Vice President, Rezgo Research, PhoCusWri Research, ght Inc. PhoCusWright Inc.
    18. 18. Sponsored by: The PhoCusWright Subscriptions • Global Edition • Innovation Edition • European Edition • APAC Edition • Money Edition For more
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    20. 20. Thank you! Send questions to Kevin May, kevin@tnooz.comWebinar replay and slide presentation available at www.tnooz.comSubscribe to Tnooz’s email newsletter at