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Kevin leversee crowdsourcing the 2012 manila floods ver5


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Published in: Technology
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Kevin leversee crowdsourcing the 2012 manila floods ver5

  1. 1. CrowdSourcing the 2012 Manila Floods: Human Experience & How Social Technology shapes Disaster ResponseKevin
  2. 2. • We are Social Beings the need to communicate and connect are almost genetic to our makeup.
  3. 3. Technology ENABLES Natural HumanBehavior.
  4. 4. The IndividualDesire & Desire LineConversations Within Spheres of InfluenceMyth (Stories of Human Experience)Tools and Technology
  5. 5. The Science Behind it
  6. 6. DESIRE: Go from Point A to Point B
  7. 7. Solve The Problem
  8. 8. The focus should be on Solving theIssue (point a to point b) not the toolsand technology at hand.
  9. 9. Tell the STORY: Meme’s Tell aStory in a Picture
  10. 10. Technology is the LAST LAYER Anything that enables Human Action and Can Communicate Human Experience will be used by individuals.
  11. 11. Premise: Using Technology Requirements to Limit User Base• Adoption: Cambridge Technologies built a game, that required high bandwidth, why? By default it would limit those who where not technologically proficient.• By requiring Technology minimums you narrow the User Base and availability.
  12. 12. Premise: Government and Education Must Use What is Widely Available• Emergency and Disaster Services.• Adoption Curve and Mobile• SMS with GPRS Older Technologies with Facebook/ Twitter Integration Enables Communication (Stop Gap)• Information• Itropa
  13. 13. About Kevin Leversee: Called the ‘Apostle of Hustle’ Kevin has been building Mobile Social and Web Business for over 15 years in 5 countries. Once voted Australia’s Top 60 Startups, Kevin now focuses on helping others get ideas toTechnology is the enabler ofbusiness not its purpose. market. He speaks and teaches at leading technology and innovation events.@kevinleversee American Expat adopted by both and Philippines. Is a Excited Father family man He loves: #Mexican Food #Music #Innovation #Ocean #Beer in no particular order.
  14. 14. Sources• flooding.html•