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Devcon cebu 2010 wiifm and mediocrity how the flat world changes everything final


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Devcon cebu 2010 wiifm and mediocrity how the flat world changes everything final

  1. 1. WIIFM & Mediocrity How The Flat World Changes Everything @kevinleversee
  2. 2. Our Goal = Inspire 50 new startups And five of them team up with us to innovate, empower and grow @kevinleversee
  3. 3. WIIFM = W.hat’s I.n I.t F.or M.e? IT IS NOT ABOUT ME.
  4. 4. People (Do) (Build) (Innovate) Buy for their own reasons…
  5. 5. WIIF(them)
  6. 6. Desire ….is the foundation to everything
  7. 7. WIIF(them) Focus on OTHERS, what can you do for them?
  8. 8. OK back to YOU W.I.I.F.M. And MEDIOCRITY
  9. 9. You do not want a good job… You want what that job gives you.
  10. 10. You do not want technology… You want what that technology gives you.
  11. 11. Are you into technology for your passion Or, for what the job gives you?
  12. 12. Mediocrity What are you Passionate about?
  13. 13. You better know… Because the world has changed, the cheese has moved.
  14. 14. Flat World Experience Service Good Commodity
  15. 15. Services Become Commodities Web 1: Control = Patents & License Web 2: Open Source, companies compete over service Now: Commodity = Everyone starts to compete over the price
  16. 16. Lowest Cost Vs. Talent & Passion What will win?
  17. 17. VERSUS
  18. 18. Talent is Not Small teams Innovation commodity
  19. 19. What it is it for them? Business wants to: Sell More, to More People, More Often for More Money What is in it for you? Do what you love, follow your bliss and passion, innovate, grow. Kevin Leversee @KevinLeversee
  20. 20. Sources • Ten Forces that flattened the world from The World Is Flat by Thomas Friedman adn • The Shift Index- Deloitte Center for the Edge John Hagel III, John Seely Brown, and Lang Davison • • Mark Granovetter Network Theory Revisited The strength of Ties • Wave McannErickson (Slideshare) – (Full Report) • Pew Report (Social Media and Young Adults) • Danah Boyd (Trust and Intimacy) – (Glocalization) – (Streams of Content) – (sociality is learning) • John Seely Brown (push pull) • John Hagel • Five things to know before elance • Cluetrain (The Cluetrain Manifesto) • Metcalf (pro) – (counter)