Starting A New Catering Company- Catersource 2013


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Starting A New Catering Company- Catersource 2013

  2. 2. Who is this guy? Kevin Lacassin Owner / Chef
  3. 3. About Kevin Good Food Catering Company– Tampa, FL Background in finance, sales and hospitality Started Company from scratch in 2008 Quickly became known as an upscale caterer Rapid growth was due to grass-roots sales & marketing techniques Focused on events, weddings and parties Started as a small caterer doing small parties Now we are a small caterer doing large events
  4. 4. Why Are We Here Today? The “right way” to start a company from scratch How to quickly establish your company as a market leader Keys to starting and surviving Keys that are going to make you successful in your business
  5. 5. Rules of Catering Number 1 Rule of Catering… anyone know it?
  6. 6. Rules of Catering Number 2 Rule of Catering… Always Have a Plan!
  7. 7. Your Plan You have a plan, right?
  8. 8. Your PlanMake Some Plans Business PlanMarketing Plan Sales Plan
  9. 9. Business Planning Your VisionWhat kind of company do you want to be? How large / small do you want to be? What is your specialty or niche?
  10. 10. Business Planning Your Vision If you want to BE successful,then you need to EMULATE the successful
  11. 11. Business Planning Establish Your Identity Make it Unique- Differentiate Yourself – Service, Food, Style, Presentation - You will not compete successfully on Price! - Offer a VALUE - What is your value proposition?
  12. 12. Business Planning
  13. 13. Business Planning-Identity Our Unique Value Proposition  Upscale Bistro Style Food  Innovative Presentation  Top Notch Service* Note: there is no mention of lowest price
  14. 14. Business Planning - Identity The Name The Mission Statement…What is the Image You Want to Project?
  15. 15. Business Planning - Identity Put Yourself In a BoxEvery decision you make should fit into that box!
  16. 16. Business Planning-Financial Financial Planning Make Sure you Have Money in the Bank Renting vs. Buying Cash Flow Management Credit (more important than you think)
  17. 17. Planning- Marketing What is Marketing? Marketing makes the phone ring and brings prospects to you.
  18. 18. Planning- Marketing Sales vs. Marketing Marketing makes the phone ring and brings prospects to you. Sales helps them make a decision to buy (from you!)
  19. 19. Planning- Marketing Create a Marketing Plan
  20. 20. Traditional Marketing Cons -Expensive - Time Consuming - - Tough to measure the ROI
  21. 21. “Creative” Marketing Pros Inxpensive - One-on-One (it’s personal) - VERY targeted Cons It takes effort! (if it were easy, everyone would do it)
  22. 22. Primary Marketing Tools  Consistent Brand & Logo Professional Web Site – Get it done right!  Professional Photography  Media Exposure  Social Media (FB, Twitter, Instagram)  Networking (NACE, ABC, etc.)
  23. 23. Marketing – Your Website Pay to get it done professionally! *** First Impressions Count! ***
  24. 24. Marketing – Your Logo Your Logo – Your Image! Spend the Money Hire a graphic designerLook Successful (don’t look “new”) Doesn’t have to be expensive It should reflect your business
  25. 25. Marketing – Your Logo Recognize These?
  26. 26. Marketing – Your Logo Components of our Logo  Chef  Wine Glass  Colors  Fonts
  27. 27. Creative MarketingIdeas for Creative Marketing Blogging Facebook Instagram Networking Pound The Pavement
  28. 28. Marketing – Do it Like the Big Guys
  29. 29. Marketing: Get Published! Wedding Blogs BizBash Style Me Pretty Catersource Show it off!
  30. 30. Marketing: Establish Credibility Do a photo shoot Planners and Photographers LOVE doing photo shoots They utilize these shoots for marketing They may want to integrate the food, or just be fed!Make it clear to the organizers what you want to get out of the shoot Get free press and free professional photography
  31. 31. Marketing: Credibility“Day of the Dead” Shoot-from 2010
  32. 32. SalesSales will be the lifeblood of your business. Make it a priority. As Mike Roman says, “if you don’t sell it, you can’t cook it”
  33. 33. SalesMarketing: The machine that brings them in the door.Sales: Gets your client to write the check!
  34. 34. Planning- Sales Create a Sales Plan
  35. 35. Sales – The Meat and Potatoes Keys to Sales Success Script Practice Persistence Smart (targeted) Prospecting
  36. 36. Food for Fun!Make it Top Notch!
  37. 37. Rules of Catering Always Have a Plan!
  38. 38. Kevin’s 7 – Keys To Success 1. Make a plan and stick to it (but be prepared to adapt and overcome) 2. Decide who you want to be and spend your time being it – you can’t be everything to everyone3. Focus your time on sales, relationship management and getting future business (or you will be OUT of business)4. Don’t give anything away for free unless you will benefit (unless you plan to be a non-profit) 5. Make prudent financial decisions 6. Do what you do best, and hire the rest 7. If it were easy, everyone would do it!
  39. 39. Make the Most of Your Time Today Before you leave today – jot down your favorite idea On The Plane Ride Home – Revamp Your Plan
  40. 40. Questions?Kevin Lacassin – Good Food Catering Company Tampa, FL Contact me – Now Go Make Some Money!