Small Caterer, Large Persona - Catersource 2013


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Small Caterer, Large Persona - Catersource 2013

  2. 2. The Speakers Jack MilanCEO & President, International Affairs Different Tastes Kevin Lacassin President, Global Operations Good Food Creations, LLC
  3. 3. How Big is Your Company?
  4. 4. The “Real” Speakers Jack Milan Owner/Chef
  5. 5. About Jack Different Tastes – Boston, MA Started company in 1981 Began specifically creating nouvelle French fare, branched to all types of cuisine Known for cutting-edge, ‘twisted’ foods Relied totally on referral only from word of mouth Limited business to high-end private and corporate events First exclusive venue was in 1986 – 8 year verbal, 10 year written 9 time CATIE recipient (22-time finalist) 3 time ‘Caterer of the Year (International Spotlight award, 2-time Catering magazine ‘National Caterer of the Year’) ICA Board member for 10 years, Honorary Board member for 3 years, Advisory Board Member, ICAEF Board Member and President’s Council Member John Mossman award for Contribution and Dedication to the Catering Industry Small Caterer with a Large Persona Now, besides being a caterer, we’ve branched out into food manufacturing
  6. 6. The “Real” Speakers Kevin Lacassin Owner / Chef
  7. 7. About Kevin Good Food Catering Company– Tampa, FL Started Company from scratch in 2008 Quickly became known as an upscale caterer Rapid growth was due to grass-roots sales & marketing techniques Focused on events, weddings and parties Started as a small caterer doing small parties Now we are a small caterer doing large events
  8. 8. Why Are We Here Today? Definition of a small caterer Do you want to “have” a small company but “work” and “look” like a large one? Keys and characteristics of a “large” persona Find out what it takes to compete with the “big guys” How to win the big jobs!
  9. 9. Why be a small caterer?  Quality of life  Control  “Boutique” or “Niche” Catering  “It’s not what you gross, it’s what you take home”  Because you can still compete at a high level!
  10. 10. how to look BIG It’s All About Marketing & Self Promotion & Perception!
  11. 11. Elements That Contribute To That Perception  Consistent Brand & Logo  The Professional Web Site  Professional Photography  Media Exposure  Consistent and Professional Email Signature  Consistency In Proposals  Ability To Compete With The ‘Big Guys’  Social Media  Networking  Become an Expert in Your Field!
  12. 12. The Primary Marketing Tools The Name The Mission Statement…What is the Image You Want to Project? *** First Impressions Count! ***
  13. 13. Marketing – Your Logo Your Logo – Your Image! Spend the Money Hire a graphic designerLook Successful (don’t look “new”) Doesn’t have to be expensive It should reflect your business
  14. 14. Marketing – Your Logo Recognize These?
  15. 15. Marketing – Your Website Pay to get it done professionally! *** First Impressions Count! ***
  16. 16. Marketing – Your Website How large is this company?
  17. 17. Marketing – Do it Like The Big Guys Case Study: Red Bull
  18. 18. Marketing – Do it Like The Big Guys Case Study: Red Bull Red Bull’s Marketing Budget is estimated to approach $2 Billion this yearHow Much is In Your Marketing Budget?
  19. 19. Marketing – Do it Like The Big Guys Case Study: Red Bull
  20. 20. Marketing – Do it Like the Big Guys
  21. 21. Photos are Important!Pictures – “Worth a Thousand Words”
  22. 22. Photos are Important!Pictures – “Worth a Thousand Words”  Use professional photos to look professional You want to get paid for catering? Then pay for photography!  But here’s a way to get pro photos – for free! *** First Impressions Count! ***
  23. 23. Creative Marketing & Press (Almost) Free! - Do a photo shoot Planners and Photographers LOVE doing photo shoots They utilize these shoots for marketing They may want to integrate the food, or just be fed!Make it clear to the organizers what you want to get out of the shoot Get free press and free professional photography
  24. 24. Photography & PressRemember that photo?
  25. 25. Photography & Press“Day of the Dead” Shoot
  26. 26. Photography & PressValentine’s Day Shoot
  27. 27. Photography & Press Starlit Supper Shoot
  28. 28. Photography & Press: Get Published! Wedding Blogs BizBash Style Me Pretty Catersource Show it off!
  29. 29. Your image from the outside…Want to LOOK like a large company?then you need to ACT like a large company…
  30. 30. Your Image – Professional, EstablishedAll Seasons Catering – Marin County, CA
  31. 31. Your Image – Professional, Established All Seasons Catering – Marin County, CA “We are definitely a small cateringcompany, run mainly by my wife and I and4 other full-time employees. We have had our company for 28 years” -Stan Vail
  32. 32. Your Image – To Clients and Guests
  33. 33. Your Image – To Clients and Guests
  34. 34. Consistency Scripts for EVERYTHING  Answering the phone  Speaking with clients Exercise: call 5 chain restaurants and listen to how they answer the phone. (hint: they have a script) Successful businesses do it for a reason
  35. 35. Consistency – E-MailE-Mail is the new standard for communication Get your own domain name What if you got an email from  Develop a company wide email signature
  36. 36. Winning the Large Events. How? Experience Counts Use awards and industry recognition to your advantage Sometimes you have to “do a favor” and cater a large job at cost (for experience) (industry event, non-profit event, etc.) Level the playing field by using your “large persona”
  37. 37. Large Events – Small Company All Seasons Catering – Big Jobs
  38. 38. “Presenting to Win” (the big jobs) Put together a portfolio with photos Use an org chart to show depth of your company Prove that you are not a one person show Wow them, but be careful not to over- promise Dont act desperate, but tell them you want the job Tailor proposal to fit the job - spend time and do it right If necessary, “bring in the big dogs” a.k.a. industry friends
  39. 39. Show Your (Perceived) Size!An org chart is a great way to show your size, big or small.
  40. 40. Show your expertise Powerpoint presentations Photo GalleriesBlogs (of other professionals) Badges of Awards
  41. 41. Can you handle the job? Our motto: Under-Promise And Over-Deliver
  42. 42. How To Execute Trust Me…Small Companies CAN Execute
  43. 43. How To ExecuteRNC – Good Food Catering Company 26 Events Daily (onsite) 2 to 5 Events Daily (offsite) 2600+ guests daily3 Full Time Staff, 3 Regular PT Staff
  44. 44. Show Your Capability, not your size!
  45. 45. How To Execute DNC – Different Tastes 9 Large EventsAverage guest count 2500 per party 4 day period
  46. 46. How To Execute Build Your Core Team Start with the top managers Move down from there Fill in the gaps Friends of FriendsFind talent that you didn’t know existed!
  47. 47. How To Execute Organize Catering software Excel Spreadsheets Checklists Daily Meetings
  48. 48. How To Execute Divide and ConquerTask List – updated daily for 2 weeks Hold accountable Give Tasks and *Deadlines*
  49. 49. How To Execute
  50. 50. How To Execute Bring in Help! Yes, it costs money Build relationships Never know who will be calling you Never know who you will need Look at the person sitting next to youFind the talent you need & Fill the gaps Other “just” out of town companies
  51. 51. Professional Memberships ICA –  International Caterers Association  NACE – National Association of Catering & Events  ISES – International Special Event Society MPI – Meeting Planners International
  52. 52. Professional Memberships  NRA or State RA –National Restaurant Association Convention and Visitor’s Bureau  Networking Groups (BNI, BWG) ABC –  American Bridal Consultants
  53. 53. Questions? Jack Milan – Different Tastes Boston, MA jack@differenttastes.comKevin Lacassin – Good Food Catering Company Tampa, FL