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Fighting Mr. Parkinson with Data: Round Two


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An update on my fight against Parkinson's Disease (PD), covering "Round Two" which I presented at a Quantified Self (QS) meetup in San Francisco on July 28th, 2014... The original presentation was prepared for a QS meetup held in January, 2014 to discuss my efforts to monitor and assess my progress fighting PD with tech, data, peer networks, nutrition, sleep, and positive visualization...

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Fighting Mr. Parkinson with Data: Round Two

  1. 1. Fighting Parkinson Disease with Data 2nd Round Winner: Kevin Kevin Krejci July 28, 2014 Quantified Self Show and Tell #34
  2. 2. In This Corner…In This Corner… image: (cc) emdot @kevinkrejciKevin Krejci
  3. 3. In Opposite CornerIn Opposite Corner image: (cc) emdot @kevinkrejciKevin Krejci
  4. 4. My Long Term Goals • Win the Fight (within 12 rounds) • Optimize productivity and quality of life • Keep symptoms at bay • Slow or reverse PD progression • Help find the cause and cure…
  5. 5. 2nd Round Goals* • Control of Symptoms • Maximize productivity • Reduce stress • Quantified Self (QS) Routines • Find efficient ways to measure/track my condition • Establish solid baselines • Try experiments and learn from them *(short term) stated at 1/2014 QS Show and Tell
  6. 6. 2nd Round Outcomes • Control of Symptoms • Doubled typing speed • Subjective ratings improved (feeling my best in a decade) • Sleep is still a challenge • QS Routines • Got organized • Collected lots of data from many tools • Still can’t connect the dots well (analytics challenge)
  7. 7. How? (1How? (1stst Round)Round) image: (cc) emdot @kevinkrejciKevin Krejci
  8. 8. How? (2How? (2ndnd Round)Round) image: (cc) emdot @kevinkrejciKevin Krejci
  9. 9. Keys to Success…Keys to Success… image: (cc) emdot @kevinkrejciKevin Krejci
  10. 10. Tracking Many SymptomsTracking Many Symptoms image: (cc) emdot @kevinkrejciKevin Krejci
  11. 11. With Many Tools*With Many Tools* image: (cc) emdot @kevinkrejciKevin Krejci *partial list
  12. 12. Is not easy…Is not easy… image: (cc) emdot @kevinkrejciKevin Krejci
  13. 13. Starting Simple and SubjectiveStarting Simple and Subjective image: (cc) emdot @kevinkrejciKevin Krejci
  14. 14. What Seems to be Helping • Exercise • Rock Steady Boxing, Crunch Gym, yoga, sports with my kids, etc. • Therapies • Physical therapy, acupuncture, meditation, massage, naps, LSVT (speech therapy) • Nutrition • Real food… • Medication • Carbidopa/Levadopa (Sinamet)
  15. 15. What Seems to be Hurting • Exercise • Not doing it… • Therapies • Not doing them… • Nutrition • Eating processed foods, excessive carbs, high fructose corn syrup, airplane food… • Medication • Ropinerole
  16. 16. 1/2014 Video on Flickr
  17. 17. 7/2014 Video on Flickr
  18. 18. Won the 2nd RoundWon the 2nd Round image: (cc) emdot @kevinkrejciKevin Krejci Rock Steady Boxing SF
  19. 19. Lessons LearnedLessons Learned (In 2(In 2ndnd Round)Round) • Leverage organizational skills of spouse • Get active and engaged • Experiment with therapies and routines
  20. 20. 3rd Round Goals • Keep trying new gadgets • Beddit, Sensoria (smart socks), etc. • Optimize routines • QS management, exercise, therapies, nutrition • Improve sleep results • Find natural alternatives to meds
  21. 21. Other Updates • Appointed as an Ambassador to the World Parkinson Congress 2016 • QS Parkinson’s Disease Meetup was founded by Sara Riggare • Planning a big QS experiment and fundraiser • Parkies (people w/ PD) sail for Hawaii
  22. 22. Behind every boxer… There are a lot of people to thank…
  23. 23. Wife and kids (Esther, Kai and Alani) Mom and Dad Brother and Sister Extended Family and Relatives Friends and Followers Colleagues and Management at Fujitsu, @Nifty, and RocketSpace
  24. 24. World Parkinson Coalition Rock Steady Boxing SF The Parkinsons Institute Physical Therapy Select SoulWorks PatientsLikeMe UCSF Neurology Department The Working Stiffs Support Group Ambulatory Parkinson’s Disease Monitoring (APDM)
  25. 25. Michael J. Fox Foundation Davis Phinney Foundation National Parkinson Foundation Parkinson Disease Foundation Parkinson’s Action Network The App and Platform Developers The Gadget Makers And last but not least…
  26. 26. YOU and the rest of the Quantified Self community! THANK YOU!!!
  27. 27. Get Engaged!
  28. 28. QS PD Meetup
  29. 29. WPC