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Meniere’s disease


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Meniere’s disease

  1. 1. Meniere’s Disease Silence is golden…unless it’s forever! Table 4
  2. 2.  Causes severe dizziness (vertigo) Ringing of the ear (tinnitus) Hearing loss or eventual deafness Feeling of fullness or congestion of the earWhat Does it Do?
  3. 3.  There is a buildup of fluid in the labyrinth of the inner ear The balance is in the semicircular canals which are affected Normal balance of endomolph fluid is thrown offWhy Me?
  4. 4.  NOBODY KNOWS!!! Some researchers believe it is caused by a restriction of blood vessels (also associated with migraines) Your parents fault (bad genes) - causes abnormalities in volume and regulation of endomolph fluidWhy Does My Ear Not Like Me?
  5. 5.  Does not target a specific age race or sex Usually only effects one earThis Disease is Nonspecific
  6. 6.  You go to your local otolaryngologist (ear nose and throat Doctor) and they diagnose the symptoms: Two or more episodes of vertigo lasting at least 20 minutes each Tinnitus Temporary hearing loss A feeling of fullness in the earDiagnosis
  7. 7.  Doctors cannot cure the disease but they fight symptoms by: Prescribing drugs to relieve dizziness and shorten attacks Recommend cutting salt from the diet and prescribe water pills to lower the fluid volume and pressure in the ear Injections of antibiotic gentamicin into the inner ear to reduce dizziness-may cause deafness (sorry )How Do Doctors Fix This?
  8. 8.  Surgery to cut vestibular nerve Alternative medicine is also used tai-chi, acupuncture etc.Other Treatments
  9. 9.  Scientists are working to develop a microfluid pump to deliver vertigo relieving drugs to the inner ear Doctors seek to study the normal ear to contrast with a Meniere ear in the amount of fluid in the endolymphResearch
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