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Welcome To AAPC Presentation


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Now you can run your own Automated Calls for a fraction of the cost of outsourcing

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Welcome To AAPC Presentation

  1. 1. ELIMINATE Outsourcing Your Automated Calls Needs
  2. 2. We Believe In YOU Utilizing YOUR MoneyA message for all political organizations, campaign managers, andgrass roots organizations.Why should consultants and call centers profit on your efforts? We offersoftware to political organizations, campaign managers, and grassroots organizations to conduct their own in-house automated calls at acost NO third party can offer.NO MORE OUTSOURCING! The software requires no additional computerresources to use, no phone lines as it is web based. As easy to operate as clicking a mouse.
  3. 3. Use This In House Solution for Every Phase of Your Specific Objectives Both Calls and Mail The Use of Automated (Robo) calls.Send out your message to as few or as many people in as your budget can afford with a customized recorded message automatically to everyone on your call list. There is never a cost for unreached numbers, like busy signals and no-answers. Use this system for: Candidate Awareness * Campaign Fundraising * Endorsements Polling and Surveys * Event Notification * Press 1 Transfer Calls Answering Machine Only Calls * GOTV Calls Direct Mail Re-Enforcement
  4. 4. What Do All Political Concerns Have InCommon?All Have Limited Money To Spend On Your Objectives.All Would Like Decreased Costs.Automated Calls and Direct Mail are Still THE Most Effective ContactVehiclesSo most use BPO (Business Placement Outsourcing) for their needs.
  5. 5. Most Common Ways to Reach The Masses Call Centers Mailers Print – Newspaper Billboards Broadcast Media - Radio/TV Online – Internet
  6. 6. Call Centers/Brokers for CallsIn the Past, several have had to use Call Centers for Automated Calls orhire Brokers or Consultants that use Call Centers.Most are 2.5-6 cents/minute or more to run a campaign, many chargefor lists, set up fees, and have contracts.All have to operate at a Profit which YOU pay for.Reports Can Easily Be Altered. Less than 10% belong to the BBB.
  7. 7. MailersCost Averages $ 800 for 1,500 4x6 postcards (includes postage).Again, all have to operate at a Profit which YOU pay for.
  8. 8. Print - NewspaperNewspapersThe average ad costs $1,300 per week for 2” x 2” adDecline in subscription rate of approximately 9% annually.With the rise of Internet users who obtain their informationonline, some have predicted all but a few Newspapers will becomeobsolete in less than 10 years.
  9. 9. BillboardsOutdoor (billboard) - $3,000 to do artwork and install media onbillboard; rates depend on impress level, ranges from $5,000 to$500,000 (the higher the qualify of the artwork and the larger thedemographic group, the higher the price); minimum contract is 16weeks.
  10. 10. Broadcast Media - Radio/TVRadio$90 to $120 per week on a rotator (higher if time slots are selective)With CDs, MP3 players, Virtual Stations, and Satellite Radio, listenershiphas declined.When a commercial comes on, over 95% of listeners change the station.
  11. 11. Broadcast Media - Radio/TVTV - The average cost of producing a 30-second national TV spot is nearly$350,000. Many cannot afford $350,000 in a single commercial.A decent quality TV commercial produced can be $1,000. CAUTION. Localtelevision stations offer to produce a spot at a discount (or even free) if youagree to advertise on their station. The quality of these commercials is poorand actually has a negative effect. The second cost is the price to run yourcommercial. Most small business owners use local advertising. A 30-second spot can be purchased for as little as $5.00 per 1,000 viewers.With TIVO and like Radio most viewers don’t see or hear the commercials.So, total costs? $1500.00/100,000 viewers/small markets.
  12. 12. Online – Internet"Over a third of people in the United States do not access broadband athome, and nearly the same percentage "do not use the Internetanywhere," according to a new survey released by the Department ofCommerces National Telecommunications and InformationAdministration. Thats "not anywhere" as in not at home or work—noFacebook, no texting, no tweets, no e-mail, nothing. Its a six percentdrop from two years ago, but still a big chunk of America.."
  13. 13. So We’ve Talked About Getting Your Message Out to the Public and Swaying Voters What’s The Answer?American Automated Political Calls
  14. 14. THE solution your competitors don’t use…yet.For a cost of $397.00, the software we offer replaces:Outsourcing Calls – Now Use the Software and Pay As Little AS 1/3 of aCENT!Eliminates outsourcing Mail Campaigns, reducing the costs of BPO byThousands.By using our software, you will see a decrease in your spendingIMMEDIATELY.You just need to be shown how. Let Us Demonstrate It For You.
  15. 15. Are You Ready to Learn How Much You Can Save? Call Us! Toll Free 800-993-7996 M-F 9AM-5PM MST or