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Helping reclaim roi through sponsorship

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Helping reclaim roi through sponsorship

  1. 1. HelpingReclaim ROIThroughSponsorshipA Social Media MarketingStrategy
  2. 2. Leverage Sports Parents SocialContacts 1 Hockey Team 17 Players 34 Parents 20 Facebook Accounts 150 Contacts Avg. per Facebook Account Immediate access to 3000 People If each parent get’s 10 ‘Likes’, a sponsors ad would get viewed by 30 000 plus people.
  3. 3. SponsorITSports VS Flyer Flyer Program 3000 People  3000 Flyers Printed Reached and Delivered $25.00  $390.00  30000 Flyers Printed 30000 People and Delivered Referred  $3900.00 $250.00  How Many Were Read?
  4. 4. What Happens with PaperFlyers? Demographics are a guestimate. No ability to track conversion rate. Unable to communicate directly with customers. 90% of your flyers will be recycled.
  5. 5. Demographic Reports(Age, Gender, What time they visited your Ad). GOODWILL New Customers are Referred Customers. Ability to Communicate with your Customer. Ability to Begin your Social Marketing Campaign.
  6. 6. Why is Social AdvertisingBetter? SMB has the advantage over Large Enterprise Referred business by your existing customers or raving fans Create emotional attachment with new customers. Know your customers Personally Save advertising dollars
  7. 7. Stop Giving Away your Advertising Dollars for • Gain New Customers.NO MONETARY RETURN • Referral Base Customers. • Communicate specials, industry information, informative and entertaining content. • Become a known expert in your field. • Create an emotional connection with your Social network following.
  8. 8. Welcome To The Revolution Create an account for your business. Answer a few questions and do a little write up on your products and services. Pick a team, or individual in your area. Buy Sponsor IT credits. We will create an online profile for your business on our site for all visitors to see. An announcement page of your sponsorship will be posted on Facebook per team sponsored, and linked to our site. You will only pay for ‘Likes’ connected with your actual Facebook Announcement page. Your team will have a Campaign manager that you can communicate with once your page goes live.

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