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The Art of Listening To Women


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Real Dating Advice For Men by Real Women

Hosted by Eric Eros

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The Art of Listening To Women

  1. 1. “Do You Want A Behind The Scenes, Crash Course In "Understanding A Woman And Creating Attraction"…
  2. 2. COMBINED With Simple Steps For Overcoming Your Fear Of Talking To Women, Getting Phone Numbers, Planning Unforgettable Dates, And“Getting Intimate” With A Woman…”
  3. 3. This Message Is For Every Time YouEver Hesitated Talking To A Gorgeous Woman…
  4. 4. If You’re Ready To Start Hooking Up And Dating More Women RIGHT NOW, This Is The Most Important Message You’ll Ever Hear.
  5. 5. Most Men Don’t Listen, So You Keep Making The Same Mistakes…
  6. 6. Mistake #1 Anticipate Failure All the research I have studied andexperienced my whole life, especially over the last 2 years while working on this project has proven thatexpecting negative results will get you exactly that 96% of the time!
  7. 7. Mistake #2 Trying to Buy Her Approval Trying to buy her love or even worse, “getting in her pants” will not work!You waste all of your money, time and bottom line women can not stand it!
  8. 8. Mistake #3 Being Overly Nice To Avoid RejectionThe sweet, sensitive, thoughtful… “I will walk to the end of the earth for love”mindset is a clear signal for a woman that you’re screaming for “Like Me” acceptance. Easy ticket to the friend zone!
  9. 9. Mistake #4 Bombing the First Approach The usual 2 impressions women have after a guy makes his move is “he justwants to get in my pants”, or “He has no balls in his pants “…..
  10. 10. Either way there is nochance for a datebecause the “I want toknow more” feeling wasnot triggered… Vane , one of our BPL Girls…
  11. 11. You Can Avoid These Mistakes Forever! I’m going to share a simple, 2-step system to date more women. If youfollow these 2 steps, you WILL never bethe “party of 1″ guy again, guaranteed.
  12. 12. 1) Establish the “YOU” in YourselfThe real game changer in mastering the dating game is to create a Magnetic Alpha Male Energy around you by establishing your core values.
  13. 13. By discovering the power of “You” thingsbegin to happen in your dating life that have never happen before…
  14. 14. Women notice when you walk in to the room, you trigger attraction before approaching her, and by the time youopen your mouth she is already hoping for your approval.
  15. 15. In the videos we made for you the Ladiesshare simple steps you can do to inspireand attract a woman, causing her to sit athome waiting for you to call to go outagain so she can feel that infectiousmagnetic energy when you are together.
  16. 16. 2) Get the answers directly from the SOURCE!You can’t imagine how much time Iwasted blowing my chances withamazing women using “moves” I learnedfrom dating gurus, pickup artist and socalled players I came across in my life.
  17. 17. When the whole time the master key todating and all the right moves were right in front of me.
  18. 18. My breakthrough was Listening andLearning from the ACTUAL WOMEN…I was dying to date.
  19. 19. Ever hear the quote “Keep Your FriendsClose and Your Enemies Closer”, with all the rejection I was getting women started to feel like the enemy to me….
  20. 20. That is until I started to Listen!Then the enemy became my council and board of advisers in this dating war.
  21. 21. Then just like magic all the answers fellin to place. It even got to the point where girls started calling me to go out…
  22. 22. And let’s face it, I am not Brad Pitt nor do I have his MONEY! But my fantasiesbecame reality by developing the simple skill of …
  24. 24. You absolutely have to stop and listen to as many women as youcan, to learn and understand what goes on in their minds. Men andWomen think differently 97.9% of the time!
  25. 25. OK, I know what yourthinking….sitting with 10, 20, 30 different women with differentbackgrounds and perspectives is easier said than done…
  26. 26. And getting them to spill the beanson all their intimate desires and find out exactly what they want, is a bigger FANTASY than getting them to go out on a date.
  27. 27. But I repeat this is the KEY to “Dating Heaven”
  28. 28. After sitting down with all the womenwe interviewed for these videos...TrustMe, I Will Never Be The Same After This Experience!
  29. 29. I went straight for the good stuff… and asked the questions all 127 men we surveyed, were dying to hear…
  30. 30. Best Part is the Ladies Loved Giving UpEvery Single One of Their Secret Desires and Techniques for Getting a Man to Drive Them Crazy.
  31. 31. The Amazing Part of it all is how simplethe steps and tips these girls sharereally are… just ONE of these answerswill be the exact thing you need tofinally get that Hottie you keep staringat everyday hoping for her phonenumber.
  32. 32. This has never been done before andnow we are letting you have access to it.
  33. 33. Not just 1 or 2 girls sharing all theknowledge you will ever need about women….Nope!
  34. 34. We have over 23 women already interviewed and more on their way! If you want to quickly know whatWomen Want and how they think about Dating Men, you have to watch these videos ASAP.
  35. 35. “I Feel Like I Am Dating All These Girls NowLOL, Plus I Finally Got The Cutie From WorkTo Go To Happy Hour Next Week. I WillEmail You Guys What Happens, Can’t WaitFor The Live Event!” Oscar, BPL Client
  36. 36. Now you can go out there and try to dothis all by yourself and take over 2years researching like I did if you wanttoo, but don’t forget about all thedinners, drinks, and coffees you have tobuy for each girl who is nice enough tosit and answer your questions…
  37. 37. Or you can save time and money, by taking advantage of the goldenopportunity that I am making available for you right now!
  38. 38. OK so now for the details on the mostincredible education program you have ever seen on the planet!
  39. 39. Yes, that is how important learning“The Art Of Listening To Women” really is.
  40. 40. This Video Interview Series (HD) containsour BPL women sharing all their ideas,concepts, tips, desires, techniques, andsecrets on the 25 most wanted datingtopics and questions.
  41. 41. We got in to their heads so to speak… Now you can also, in private withoutever leaving your computer or having toapproach a woman to ask her personal intimate questions.
  42. 42. Here is the list of video topics theseLadies had a great time talking about: • A Big No-NO… On A First Date • First Thing Women Look For In A Man • Horrible Dating Stories • Secrets To A Successful Date • How To Make A Woman Comfortable When She Is Naked
  43. 43. More video topics:• Biggest Turn Off Men Don’t Have A Clue About• When No Means YES• Tips On Making Out In Public• Getting A Woman To Call A Man Instead• Smooth Moves To End The Date At Your Place
  44. 44. Yes, We Have More…• Sexy Steps To The Bedroom• Dating Text Message Rules• Reading Body Language Signals• Best Pick Up Lines…Of Course• Eye Contact, The Unspoken Language
  45. 45. And More…• First Kiss Rules• Moves To Approach Women• Stages Of The Honeymoon Period• Women’s Pet Peeves• Sex On The First Night
  46. 46. Why This Program…You Might Be Thinking?Anyone can Google “pickup lines”, if that was the answer to dating women wewould all have super models dying for us to call them.
  47. 47. Even though I have to admit the girls doshare some pretty good pick up lines…..
  48. 48. But the lines are NOT THE ANSWER. You can have the best approach withwomen… but if you can’t back it up onceyour foot is in the door, chances are you won’t get a second chance.
  49. 49. “Most Men Blow It AfterThe First 5 Minutes…” Cynthia @
  50. 50. Once you understand the REAL secret behind a great first impression…It almost doesn’t matter WHAT words you choose. .
  51. 51. At that point pretty much anything gets you in the door…Don’t take it from me, listen to our GIRLS say it over and over again.
  52. 52. Drop Dead Gorgeous Women are sosurprised to finally meet a Man who iscentered and who understands them,they go home dying to see you again… no approval or game needed.
  53. 53. “The Art Of Listening TO A Woman” is different because it shows you the “Real Thing”…The thing that is VITAL, compared to the actual pick up line…
  54. 54. “Yes, I Want Access Now!”You receive instant access to:
  55. 55. “The Art Of Listening To Women” VideoSeries (25 Full Length HD Videos On Our Secure Video Platform To Start Watching Now!)
  56. 56. BONUS VIDEO’s…• Buttons To Push That Drive Women Crazy• Getting Out Of The Friend Zone• Recovering From A Dating Disaster• Not Interested Signals• Subjects That Keep Women Talking
  57. 57. *Access to Live 30 min Q&A’s with one of Our Ladies*
  58. 58. Step by Step Action Plan on Developing The Skills The Ladies Give You…and Fast!
  59. 59. VIP In All Future Best Pick Up Lines Events & Programs…
  60. 60. “Program sounds amazing, how much?”
  61. 61. At first we discussed releasing the program this Valentines Day for $197(I still think after the first 3,000 members join we will) But….
  62. 62. I decided to give you the ValentinesSpecial before we close our doors andget ready for the big “Grand Opening”
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  66. 66. “I Never Had A Problem Getting DatesBut I Bought This Program AnywayBecause I Was Curious To See WhatThe Girls Had To Say. I Used One OfThe Eye Contact Tips On My Date LastNight And Now The Girl Hasn’tStopped Texting Me…I Have To Admit,Nice Job Ladies! ” Luis, BPL Client
  67. 67. It means a lot to me that you took the time to watch our videos.
  68. 68. I am sure you agree that even just the first 3 short video previews, has givenyou enough value to walk away knowingyou are one step closer to understanding what a woman wants.
  69. 69. You can now approach her with a funnyline, make her laugh, call her to talk the very next day after having a great time,and finally when things get intimate you make her feel comfortable by taking itslow and letting her know how beautiful she is….
  70. 70. PRICELESS information in just a quickpreview of the value you get from this program!
  71. 71. The only thing that matters in life is RIGHT NOW! Not yesterday or tomorrow….
  72. 72. Learn to Listen and Understand WhatWomen Really Want, and this is FastestMost Effective Method available to help you do it right away.
  73. 73. “Every Guy I Know Needs ToWatch This And Finally Get AClue, See You Inside!” Cara...One of our BPL Ladies
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  75. 75. P.S. This art does not require any special skills or dating experience.You can use what you learn RIGHT AWAY and begin seeing success with women immediately. Guaranteed!