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Secrets to Creating A "Wow-Worthy" Library Website


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Co-presentation with EBSCO about Stacks.

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Secrets to Creating A "Wow-Worthy" Library Website

  1. 1. Secrets to Creating a “Wow-Worthy” Library Website
  2. 2. I am Kevin Horek ◉ Author - Learning Zurb Foundation - responsive web framework (Packt Publishing) ◉ Columnist - TechZulu (UX/Design/Startups) ◉ Partner & Creative Director - Stacks Inc. ◉ Host - Building the Future Radio/TV series & @kevinhorek Hello!
  3. 3. Evolving the digital library The evolution of the smart phone/tablet makes it possible to access the internet from anywhere. !
  4. 4. Where does the Digital Library come in? ◉Do discovery from your devices & start accessing content instantly. ◉Read content right on you devices. ◉Reserve materials to be picked up at your local branch at a later date. Example: You are at the airport & you see a book, you can scan the barcode of that book from your library app & click read now, it loads locally to your iPad & you enjoy it on your flight. No in flight wifi needed.
  5. 5. Design Concepts Bring the attention of your most relevant content to the front and center.
  6. 6. You want search front & center.
  7. 7. You want search front & center.
  8. 8. How to design for the F-Shape on all screen sizes, thinking mobile first.
  9. 9. Here is the F-Shape
  10. 10. Your Content Needs to Work Across all Screens (Mobile First) Phone Desktop / Laptop Tablet
  11. 11. F-Shape on a small screen
  12. 12. Considerations The internet is everywhere, you should consider...
  13. 13. Learn to Balance Load Time Design / Content Mobile First
  14. 14. Design Considerations
  15. 15. Not everywhere has high speed internet or might be on a cell tower connection.
  16. 16. Where users are online? Many Screen Sizes / devices Game Consoles TV Appliances Constantly Changing Echo / Home Apps Voice Command
  17. 17. Mobile First Think of what your site will look like on a phone & then how your content will look as screen size gets bigger.
  18. 18. Tablet Think how your content will look on a tablet.
  19. 19. Desktop / Laptop How your content will look on a desktop/laptop.
  20. 20. Take aways, let’s review Your main action front & center In a libraries case, search needs to be front & center. Think mobile first How your content will look on a phone, tablet and desktop/laptop. Balance Design/content, load times & mobile first. Internet speeds Not everywhere has high speed internet, or what if you are on a cellphone tower connection. Where are your users? Many screen sizes, TV’s, game consoles, voice command devices, apps, etc. Design Design your content to be mobile first & consider how your site will be viewed on small to large screens.
  21. 21. Any questions ? You can find me at ◉ ◉ @kevinhorek Thanks!