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Dnp flyer 2013 2014

  1. 1. The Doctor of Nursing Practice is a dynamic and energeticprogram that prepares nurses for leadership positions inmultiple domains of health care. Students gain knowledge ofvarious disciplines including nursing, medicine, economics,informatics, education and health policy with a goal ofimpacting health outcomes and transforming health caredelivery. The DNP is the terminal degree that prepares nursesin the application of research to clinical nursing practice at thehighest individual, population and systems levels.The JU DNP program has two cognates. The AdvancedPractice cognate is designed for nurses in advanced practicespecialties and has a clinical focus on individuals andpopulations. The Leadership cognate has an emphasis onnursing within systems and organizations.All Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students arerequired to complete the following coursework. Fulland part-time enrollment available:DNP CoreCode Course Title CreditsNUR 610 Information Systems and Technology ofAdvanced Practice3NUR 630 Epidemiology and Biostatistics 3NUR 650 Theory Application in AdvancedPractice Nursing3NUR 660 Ethics in Clinical Practice 3NUR 670 Leadership and Health Policy 3NUR 680 Nursing Theory and Research III 3NUR 710 Clinical Practice Project I 3NUR 711 Clinical Residency I 1-4 (varies)NUR 720 Clinical Practice Project II 3NUR 721 Clinical Residency II 1-4 (varies)NUR 730 Clinical Practice Project III 3NUR 731 Clinical Residency III 1-4 (varies)Subtotal30-39*Options available for additional certifications in Family NursePractitioner, Emergency Nurse Practitioner, and Acute CareNurse Practitioner for qualified DNP students.APPLICATION FOR ADMISSIONAdmission is open to qualified men and women of anyrace, color, religion, and national or ethnic origin.Graduate admission is processed through the School ofNursing. Admission to the graduate nursing program islimited. The admission process is competitive basedon the following criteria:1. A $50.00 nonrefundable application fee2. Application3. Copy of current driver’s license4. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities.5. MSN degree from a Commission on CollegiateNursing Education or National League of NursesAccreditation Commission accredited program.6. Licensed or eligible for licensure as an AdvancedRegistered Nurse Practitioner in the United States7. Three letters of reference - two clinical and oneprofessional/academic8. Curriculum Vitae9. MSN GPA of 3.3 or higher10. Graded essay*Students admitted to the program may not startresidency hours until verification of unencumberedbackground check and verification of supervised clinicalpractice hours in graduate program specialty area.
  2. 2. In addition, all DNP students must complete one3-course, 9-credit hour cognate chosen fromAdvanced Practice or Leadership:DNP Advanced Practice CognateCode Course Title CreditsNUR 600 Organizational Theory, Health CareManagement, and Finance3NUR 620 Advanced Diagnostic Reasoning andTreatment II3NUR 640 Clinical Manifestations of DiseaseProcess and Emerging Therapies3Subtotal9DNP Leadership CognateCode Course Title CreditsNUR 602 Business of Healthcare 3NUR 622 Quality Management to ImproveHealth Outcomes3NUR 642 Executive Leadership and Innovation 3Subtotal9Total hours including core and specialty cognate 39-48For more information contact:JU SCHOOL OF NURSINGDr. Hilary Morgan2800 University Boulevard NorthJacksonville, FL 32211-3394E-mail: hmorgan@ju.eduSELECTION PROCESSAdmission to the DNP degree program is selective andlimited to those students who demonstrate a potential forsuccessfully completing the program. The decision is basedupon evaluation of the applicant’s undergraduate andgraduate coursework, clinical and work experience,recommendations, and personal interview.BACKGROUND CHECKSBackground checks are required on all students thatparticipate in clinical practice. A clear background checkmust be provided to the School of Nursing before studentsmay enroll in their first clinical course. Information on thebackground check may need to be release to agencies forpermission to participate at the clinical site. If clinicalplacement is denied by the agency, and an alternative sitecannot be obtained, the student will not complete theprogram.PROGRAM COMPLETIONStudents must successfully complete all course work nolater than five (5) years after the completion of the first postgraduate-level course.ACADEMIC STANDARDSDNP candidates must maintain an academic grade pointaverage (GPA) of at least 3.0 (B) during their enrollment inthe program. In order to graduate, students must have atleast a 3.0 (B) GPA.ACADEMIC STANDINGDNP students will be placed on academic probation if theircumulative GPA drops below 3.0 (B). Those who do notachieve a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (B) within two semesters ofbeing placed on academic probation will be dismissed fromthe program. A student who receives one ‘C+’ will be placedon academic probation but may progress with coursework.A subsequent grade of a ‘C+’ or lower will dismiss themfrom the program regardless of GPA. A course in whichstudents receive a grade of ‘C’ must be successfullyrepeated before they can continue in higher levelcoursework. A student who receives an ‘F’ will be dismissedfrom the program. Students dismissed from the MSNprogram may appeal the action to the School of NursingAdmissions Committee.