B2B Social Media Strategy - The Caterpillar Journey @kevingespinosa


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This was a presentation given at the Corporate Image & Branding Conference. Answers the question why they are in social media, what has social changed, how have they operationalized their efforts, and what surprised them in their journey.

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B2B Social Media Strategy - The Caterpillar Journey @kevingespinosa

  1. 1. Caterpillar - What’s New in Social Mediaand How to Use it for Branding @KevinGEspinosa | January 30, 2013
  2. 2. Kevin Espinosa•Social Media Manager•25 years at Caterpillar•Responsible for developingCaterpillar’s public facing socialmedia strategy, implementation,processes, platforms, andorganization @kevingespinosa Caterpillar: Confidential Yellow
  3. 3. About Caterpillar Inc.A global leader in size, scope, reach and character, Caterpillar Inc. is agenuine enabler of sustainable world progress and opportunity, defined by thebrand attributes of global leadership, innovation, and sustainability.• 125,000+ Employees• Sales & Revenue +$60 Billion• 191 Cat Dealers Around the Globe @kevingespinosa
  4. 4. Caterpillar’s Customer Segments @kevingespinosa
  5. 5. @kevingespinosa
  6. 6. What Has Changed becauseof Social Media? @kevingespinosa Caterpillar: Confidential Yellow
  7. 7. @kevingespinosaCaterpillar: Confidential Yellow
  8. 8. Leveraging Social Media to Meet Business NeedsProduct Development Marketing Online Presence•Feedback loop •Lead generation •Ratings/reviews•Early warning •Reach •Communities•Product innovation/VOC •Customer storiesExpert Advice Customer Support Corporate•Forums •Inquiry resolution •Reach•Blogs •Listening •Reputation •Customer insight •Press Release •Security @kevingespinosa Caterpillar: Confidential Yellow
  9. 9. @kevingespinosa
  10. 10. Social Media Strategy: Capabilities toBuild Customer Relationship Social Promotion Thought Customer Listening Leadership Support @kevingespinosa Caterpillar: Confidential Yellow
  11. 11. Giving the Always there for Customer what Providing SolutionsUnderstanding the the Customer they need when to our CustomersCustomer’s needs they need it Social Promotion Thought Customer Listening Leadership Support @kevingespinosa Caterpillar: Confidential Yellow
  12. 12. Enterprise Impact of Social Listening> Deeper insight into what is being said about us, including: > Who is talking about us > What they are talking about > What our competitors are doing > Key influencers (individuals and sites) Social > Tone of conversations: positive, neutral or negative Listening Includes social and business networking sites, content sharing sites, blogs, Wikis, discussion forums and many more digital communication channels. 1 Forum @kevingespinosa
  13. 13. Real Time Historical @kevingespinosa
  14. 14. @kevingespinosa
  15. 15. Caterpillar > Date: 10/5/2012 ~ 1/3/2013 > Web data collection by Radian6 & Sysomos > Over 76,000 posts > Observation > News articles make up a large portion of social media volume > Twitter, Forums, and Blogs are nearly equivalent [ Media Distribution ] > What topics drive volume from each media type? @kevingespinosa
  16. 16. Sentiment> Forums, Blogs, and News are generally consistent with ~60% positive sentiment, while Twitter remains highly neutral @kevingespinosa
  17. 17. Operationalize: integratethe new with the old @kevingespinosa Caterpillar: Confidential Yellow
  18. 18. Social Media is Often the First Point of Contact and Last Line of Defense Thought Leadership PromotionCustomer Support Social Listening @kevingespinosa
  19. 19. @kevingespinosaCaterpillar: Confidential Yellow
  20. 20. Post With Purpose Centralized editorial calendar Content distribution to business units and dealers Robust metrics reporting % @kevingespinosa
  21. 21. New ways of doing things @kevingespinosa Caterpillar: Confidential Yellow
  22. 22. @kevingespinosa
  23. 23. @kevingespinosaCaterpillar: Confidential Yellow
  24. 24. What Does success looklike? @kevingespinosa Caterpillar: Confidential Yellow
  25. 25. @kevingespinosa
  26. 26. Customer Support> 33% – Seeking Opinion> 39% – Information Request> 25% – Mechanical Problem @kevingespinosa
  27. 27. Things to consider in yoursocial media journey @kevingespinosa Caterpillar: Confidential Yellow
  28. 28. @kevingespinosaCaterpillar: Confidential Yellow
  29. 29. Integrate – Integrate - Integrate @kevingespinosa Caterpillar: Confidential Yellow
  30. 30. Be Prepared @kevingespinosa Caterpillar: Confidential Yellow
  31. 31. The Power is IN the PEOPLE @kevingespinosa