The Doctrine of God 1


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This is a lesson in the Crossroads programme, a discipleship programme written by Dr Kevin Smith and offered by the South African Theological Seminary. This lesson is about the Greatness of God.

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The Doctrine of God 1

  1. 1. The Doctrine of God 1 - Greatness
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. Picture aComputer
  4. 4. Now imagine trying to describe it to Julius Caesar or Shaka Zulu!
  5. 5. Why Is This Difficult?• Why would it be so difficult to describe a computer to Caesar or Shaka? The computer is from another world. You would have to draw on things in their world, but they would get an imperfect idea of what a computer is.• God must have similar challenges in trying to reveal himself to us!
  6. 6. God’s AttributesWe can know God truly but not completely. Godis from another realm, another reality, anotherworld. Our best shot at describing what he is likeis to describe some of his attributes. We shallfocus on the attributes of his greatness in thisstudy.
  7. 7. Lesson Outline1. God is Spirit2. God is a Person3. God is Immutable4. God is Eternal5. God is Omnipresent6. God is Omniscient7. God is Omnipotent
  8. 8. God isSPIRIT
  9. 9. God is SpiritDefinition • God’s spirituality means that he is real, but has no physical properties. • “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24)
  10. 10. God is not a ghost.Do not imagine him as one.
  11. 11. 1 Timothy 1:17Now to the Kingeternal, immortal, invisible, theonly God, be honour and glory forever and ever. Amen.
  12. 12. God is SPIRITA. God is immaterialB. God is invisibleC. God is indivisibleD. God is immortal
  13. 13. God is aPERSON
  14. 14. God is a PersonDefinition • God’s personality means that he all the attributes a person has (although he does not have a body).
  15. 15. God is a PersonA. God is not an inanimate idol or an impersonal force 1. He is not an idol 2. He is not a force
  16. 16. God is a PersonB. Five qualities of a person: 1. The ability to think abstractly 2. The ability feel emotionally 3. The ability choose freely 4. The ability speak relationally 5. The ability act morally
  17. 17. God isIMMUTABLE
  18. 18. God is ImmutableDefinition • God’s immutability means that he is infinite in relation to perfection. • The word immutable means unchanging.
  19. 19. God is ImmutableMalachi 3:6 Hebrews 13:8I the Lord do not Jesus Christ is thechange. So you, O same yesterday anddescendants of today and forever.Jacob, are notdestroyed.
  20. 20. God is ImmutableA. His nature cannot change 1. He is too good to get better 2. He is too good to get worse
  21. 21. God is Immutable Why? Where?Imperfection Perfection
  22. 22. God is ImmutableB. His actions are consistent 1. He is stable, not static 2. He adapts to changes in the world so as to remain unchanging in himself
  23. 23. God is ImmutableSTATIC STABLE
  24. 24. God isETERNAL
  25. 25. God is EternalDefinition • God’s eternity means that he is infinite in relation to time.
  26. 26. God is ETERNAL SEPARATEBeginning Time Eternity
  27. 27. God is Eternal SEESBeginning Time Eternity
  28. 28. God isOMNIPRESENT
  29. 29. God is OmnipresentDefinition • God’s omnipresence means that he is infinite in relation to space. • The word omnipresent means everywhere present.
  30. 30. Psalm 139:7-10Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can Iflee from Your presence? If I ascend intoheaven, You are there; If I make my bed inhell, behold, You are there. If I take the wings ofthe morning and dwell in the uttermost parts ofthe sea, even there Your hand shall lead me andYour right hand shall hold me.
  31. 31. God is OmnipresentA. God does not fill spaces 1. He is not infinitely large 2. He is not a gaseous mass 3. He is not an energy field
  32. 32. God is OmnipresentB. God is present personally, not physically 1. He is always accessible 2. He is always attentive
  33. 33. God is OmnipresentC. God can manifest his presence 1. General presence: beyond our perception 2. Manifest presence: revealed to our senses
  34. 34. God isOMNISCIENT
  35. 35. God is OmniscientDefinition • God’s omniscience means that he is infinite in relation to knowledge. • The word omniscient means all-knowing.
  36. 36. God is OmniscientA. He knows all things past, present and futureB. He knows all things real and possibleC. He cannot experience emotions of surpriseD. He cannot experience problem solving
  37. 37. God is Omniscient Present REALITY
  38. 38. God is Omniscient Present REALITY POSSIBILITIES
  39. 39. God isOMNIPOTENT
  40. 40. God is OmnipotentDefinition • God’s omnipotence means that he is infinite in relation to power. • The word ‘omnipotent’ means all-powerful.
  41. 41. God is OmnipotentA. He has the power to do anything he willsB. His power is limited from within, but not from withoutC. He does not experience degrees of difficulty
  42. 42. Conclusion
  43. 43. Conclusion• Spirit: real, but has no physical properties• Person: all the attributes a person has• Immutable: infinite in relation to perfection• Eternal: infinite in relation to time• Omnipresent: infinite in relation to space• Omniscient: infinite in relation to knowledge• Omnipotent: infinite in relation to power