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Conversation 02b


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This is the second in our series of conversational Koine Greek sessions for Greek 1A.

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Conversation 02b

  1. 1. By Kevin G. Smith Διαλογος 2β Greek 1A
  2. 2. DO YOU KNOW GOD? English Conversation
  3. 3. You understand Greek Α: Do you understand Greek? Β: I understand a little Greek. Α: I love God. Β: I do not understand. Α: What? What do you not understand? B: I do not understand God.
  4. 4. You understand Greek Α: I know. Β: You know. Α: I know God. Β: Do you know God? Α: Yes, I know my God. B: What do you know?
  5. 5. You understand Greek Α: I know that I love Him. Α: And I know that He loves me. Β: Does He love you? Α: Yes, my God loves me. Α: And God loves you. B: God does not love me.
  6. 6. You understand Greek Α: My God loves you. Β: I do not understand you. Β: And I do not know your God. Α: But God knows you. Β: Does He know me? Α: He knows you and He loves you.
  7. 7. You understand Greek Α: I believe. Β: You believe. Α: Do you believe? Do you believe that my God loves you? Β: I believe, but I do not understand. Α: You believe and you understand and you love.
  8. 8. You understand Greek Β: I do not know your God. Α: You know Him, and He loves you. Β: Who is your God? Α: He is the Christ. Β: The Christ? Α: Yes, He is Jesus, the Christ.
  9. 9. You understand Greek Β: Who is Jesus? Α: He is the Christ. Β: I do not understand. Β: What is the Christ? Α: He is Jesus, my God. Α: And He loves me and you.
  10. 10. ΓΙΝΩΣΚΕΙΣ ΤΟΝ ΘΕΟΝ; Διαλογος Ἐλληνικος
  11. 11. You understand Greek Α: καταλαμβανεις ἐλληνικην; Β: καταλαμβανω ὀλιγην ἐλληνικην. Α: ἀγαπω τον θεον. Β: οὐ καταλαμβανω. Α: τι; τι οὐ καταλαμβανεις; B: οὐ καταλαμβανω τον θεον;
  12. 12. You understand Greek Α: γινωσκω. Β: γινωσκεις. Α: γινωσκω τον θεον. Β: γινωσκεις τον θεον; Α: ναι, γινωσκω τον θεον μοσ. B: τι γινωσκεις;
  13. 13. You understand Greek Α: γινωσκω ὁτι ἀγαπω αὐτον. Α: και γινωσω ὁτι ἀγαπᾳ με. Β: ἀγαπᾳ σε; Α: ναι, ὁ θεος μοσ ἀγαπᾳ με. Α: και, ὁ θεος ἀγαπᾳ σε. B: οὐκ ὁ θεος ἀγαπᾳ με.
  14. 14. You understand Greek Α: ὁ θεος μοσ ἀγαπᾳ σε. Β: ὀσ καταλαμβανω σε. Β: και οὐ γινωσκω τον θεον σοσ. Α: ἀλλ’ ὁ θεος γινωσκει σε. Β: γινωσκει με; Α: γινωσκει σε και ἀγαπᾳ σε.
  15. 15. You understand Greek Α: πιστεσω. Β: πιστεσεις. Α: πιστεσεις; πιστεσεις ὁτι ὁ θεος μοσ ἀγαπᾳ σε; Β: πιστεσω, ἀλλ’ οὐ καταλαμβανω. Α: πιστεσεις και καταλαμβανεις και ἀγαπᾳς.
  16. 16. You understand Greek Β: οὐ γινωσκω τον θεον σοσ. Α: γινωσκεις αὐτον, και ἀγαπᾳ σε. Β: τις εστιν ὁ θεος σοσ; Α: ἐστι τον Χριστον. Β: τον Χριστον; Α: ναι, ἐστιν Ἰησοσν τον Χριστον.
  17. 17. You understand Greek Β: τις ἐστιν Ἰησοσν; Α: ἐστι τον Χριστον. Β: οὐ καταλαμβανω. Β: τι ἐστι τον Χριστον; Α: ἐστιν Ἰησοσς, τον θεον μοσ. Α: και ἀγαπᾳ με και σε.