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03 South African Higher Education Framework


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Theological Research Seminar: Presentation 3

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03 South African Higher Education Framework

  1. 1. By Kevin G. Smith South African Higher Education Framework Theological Research Seminar
  3. 3. PhD MTh BTh The European system
  4. 4. • The PhD is a three-year research degree. It may have seminars and workshops, but generally does not include coursework. PhD • The Masters degree is a two-year programme (unless following a BTh Honours). • The Masters typically includes both coursework and a thesis. MTh • The Bachelors degree is a 3-year programme. • Some countries have 4- year Bachelor Honours, and then a 1-year Masters.BTh The European system
  6. 6. PhD ThM MDiv BA The American system
  7. 7. • The PhD often requires 2 years of coursework, followed by a doctoral dissertation. PhD • This is a specialized research degree, either 1 year above an MDiv or 4 years without an MDivThM • This is a first ministerial qualification, 3 years of broad, general training (= BTh)MDiv • Usually a general BA, not specializing in theology or ministryBA The American system
  8. 8. The American system A few important notes on the American system: • Many Americans articulate via the following route: – Bachelor of Arts 4-years 128 credits – Master of Arts 1-year 36 credits – Doctor of Philosophy 3-years 96 credits • The American system includes “professional doctorates” (e.g. DMin; DMiss), which are not equivalent to a PhD.
  9. 9. PhD MTh BTh Hons BTh South African approach
  10. 10. • 2-year research specialization in theology • dissertation-based degree, no courseworkPhD • 1-year research specialization in theology • thesis-based degree • may be coursework + thesisMTh • 1-year specialization in theology • coursework + mini-thesisBTh Hons • 3-year degree in theology • coursework programme • specialization increasesBTh South African approach
  12. 12. European ECTS US Semester Hours SA Credit Hours Bachelors 180 96 360 Honours 60 32 120 Masters 90 48 180 Doctorate 180 96 360 Credit equivalencies