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Survey of Education Technology - Module 2 Intro


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This presentation is part of the Survey of Education Technology faculty professional development course offered at Bristol Community College in Fall River, MA. It is only for demonstration purposes. The narrated PowerPoint is available on the course space. Please email author for more information.

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Survey of Education Technology - Module 2 Intro

  1. 1. SET: Module 2How we have been usingtechnology?How to use technology toextend learning beyond theclassroom?
  2. 2. TPACK Follow up• Note of “transparent” technologies we use• Learning by design:– Bridging research and practice– Becoming practitioners that can create well-designed coures– Teaching our students to be practitioners as well
  3. 3. The Flipped ClassroomOlder than you think!Compare with blended and hybridized learning
  4. 4. Technology• Elearning is implied here (and not covered)BeforeClassDuringClassAfterClass• Discussions, lecture capture, guided reading• Classroom response: questions to ask students
  5. 5. Technologies to blend or "flip" yourcourse: Lecture Capture andClassroom Response Systems