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2013-06 Do Your Channels Work Together


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Channel Threading is the intentional connection of multiple Channels with the understanding of how they will be used to complete an outcome for your Customer.

Doing it well creates distribution channels that are linked together in a meaningful way and enables healthcare companies to create personalized products and messaging.

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2013-06 Do Your Channels Work Together

  1. 1. Do Your Channels Work Together?a presentation by Kevin Rileyfor the AHIP InstituteWednesday June 12, 4:30 – 5:45 PMThis content is property of Kevin Riley & Associates – All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. SynopsisSession:What Are Your Retail Health Channels and Do They Work TogetherUltimately, the winners in retail health will not focus on helping consumersnavigate through the maze of health options available, but will work to removethe maze altogether. As the maze is different for every individual, the mostsuccessful health plans will know who their customers are ahead of time andwill understand their preferences. This session will explore how to create retailchannels that are linked together in a meaningful way to enable healthinsurance plans to personalize their products and messaging for eachindividual – and still drive down their overall costs.Session Objectives:• Evaluate the types and preferences for various retail health channels.• Understand the critical “do’s and don’ts when implementing your retail healthstrategy.• Learn how to build a channel threading strategy for healthcare consumers.
  3. 3. About the AuthorPrincipal at Kevin Riley & Associates | Health Model Innovation• former chief innovation officer of Florida Blue (Blue Cross Blue Shield ofFlorida) and founder and former president/CEO of GuideWell• founder of, an open-sourced platform for designing healthcarebusiness models.What is Health Model Innovation (modelH)? Thesystematic development of profitable and sustainablehealthcare business models by creating and/or realigningthe activity systems that improve member experience,boost provider performance, and enable payer costcontrol.follow me on @kevineriley, linkedin, slideshare
  4. 4. Channel Threading is theintentional connection of multipleChannels with the understandingof how they will be used tocomplete an outcome for yourCustomer.
  5. 5. We are talking about Channel Threading
  6. 6. Doing it well creates distributionchannels that are linked togetherin a meaningful way and enableshealthcare companies to createpersonalized products andmessaging.
  7. 7. Source: Business Model Canvas by Alex OsterwalderThis is a standard business model canvas
  8. 8. Your Channel(communication, distribution, or service)is where where yourValue Proposition is deliveredto your Customer.
  9. 9. Source: Business Model Canvas by Alex OsterwalderYour Channel is a key Building Block
  10. 10. Customers often use multipleChannels to decide upon andpurchase (or consume) a givenValue Propositions.
  11. 11. Consumerswant a choiceof retailchannels48.0%33.5%18.5%Useful, Not Crucial Very Important Doesnt MatterSource: Econsultancy Multichannel Retail Survey
  12. 12. Consumersresearch on theweb beforebuying in astore29.9%62.7%7.4%Always Sometimes NeverSource: Econsultancy Multichannel Retail Survey
  13. 13. Source: Vibes Mobile Consumer Survey August 2012Consumers use their phone toshop
  14. 14. Source: Vibes Mobile Consumer Survey August 2012Consumers “shop” you in your store
  15. 15. Consumers(adult) with asmartphonein the U.S.47.0%53.0%Smartphone Other/NoneSource: Yankee Group
  16. 16. “Retailers that fail to put in placeeffective multichannel capabilitieswill lose out on 15% to 30% ofrevenue in their category by2015, and struggle to competeeffectively for digitally influencedrevenues in retail.”Source: Booz & Company The Mandate for Multichannel Retail Evaluating Supply Chain Models
  17. 17. Channel Threading starts withunderstanding the CustomersPurchase Journey.
  18. 18. RecognizeProblem(JTBD)Seek outInformationEvaluateAlternativesMake aPurchaseDecisionPost-PurchaseBehaviorStandard Consumer Purchase Journey
  19. 19. A Purchase Journey is the steps acustomer takes in deciding to buyand use a given Value Proposition(product). It involves the Channelsin which the steps take place aswell as the affect that KeyInfluencers and Intermediariesmay have upon the outcome.
  20. 20. In healthcare it is very complex
  21. 21. Some example purchase journeys acrossvarious product categoriesSource: PWC 2012 Global multichannel consumer survey
  22. 22. There are two parts to the Journey- the Purchase and the UsageBoth of these matter equally inhealthcare, but they do not getequal treatment.
  23. 23. What makes customers mad in ahealthcare purchase journey?
  24. 24. RecognizeProblem(JTBD)Seek outInformationEvaluateAlternativesMake aPurchaseDecisionPost-PurchaseBehaviorPain Points in a Healthcare Purchase JourneyUnexpected costsarise when usingthe productCustomer doesnot understandhow to use theproductproperlyCustomer enrollsbut they are not“enrolled”Product selectionconfusing & pricinginconsistent acrosschannelsResearch does notadd clarity to thebuying process
  25. 25. So how do you threadmultiple retail channels?
  26. 26. First pick which CustomerSegments matter most to you.
  27. 27. Then build what Channel(s) mattermost to them, in order of priority totheir need only to what is perceivedas Value.
  28. 28. Craft an orchestrated Experienceacross them.
  29. 29. Then add what adds Value (bothknown and unknown).
  30. 30. But build with the end in mind.
  31. 31. What happens when you ChannelThread without regards to goodExperience design?
  32. 32. Watch this video!
  33. 33. Link:
  34. 34. Link -
  35. 35. Questions?Kevin Riley & Associates | Health Model