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Business Process Management Presentation - AIIM


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Business Process Management Presentation - BPM and Compliance case study Presented by Ron Rubino – eRecords Solutions

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Business Process Management Presentation - AIIM

  1. 1. AIIM LA Chapter May 13, 2010 Business Process Management City of Inglewood Enterprise Services Presented By Ron Rubino, Webiplex
  2. 2. Case Study Introduction • City of Inglewood provides citation processing services to other government agencies (ICMS) • Services are provided to 70 government agencies and processes 2.5 million parking citations per year • In 2006 a decision was made to replace in-house developed mainframe system with hosted service
  3. 3. Contract Services • Shifted from in-house staff to contract services for imaging of manual citations and data entry • Mainframe system application was replaced by hosted service provided by contractor in Milwaukee WI • Customer Services (CS) added in Milwaukee and Irvine • Delinquent account collections service required adding CS staff in New York and Inglewood
  4. 4. Challenges • System configuration, data conversion and training for all 70 client agencies • Goal was to complete implementation in 6 months • Small management staff at Inglewood had to support customer service and coordinate work of contract service providers (200 + end users) • Primary communications was with telephone and e-mail with attachments
  5. 5. Problems Developed • Existing EDMS System only available to ICMS • Document management and collaboration was needed between clients, contractors and ICMS staff • Customers’ calls for technical support were not consistently assigned and resolved in timely manner • Email became the primary communications means and lacked management control and oversight • Customers started to complain about lack of follow up • Backlog of service requests developed
  6. 6. Decision to Implement BPM System • Task tracking using email and excel worksheets was not adequate • Selected DocuPeak applications platform to provide help desk and document management • Web browser SaaS with rapidly app development • Did not require capital outlay • Service request application was top priority • Vision was to use DocuPeak to improve processes and communications
  7. 7. Client Services Management (CSM) • Goal #1- Provide an automated process to improve communications between client agencies and the ICMS service providers • Goal #2 - Provide a means for client agencies to submit a request for service and be able to monitor the status of the request • Goal #3 - Provide a shared document repository to store images of citations and documents needed to efficiently complete the citation management business processes
  8. 8. Project Team • CSM was a joint project Inglewood Enterprise Services, Duncan Solutions, Law Enforcement Systems, Webiplex and eRecords • Experience of Inglewood CS staff used to define categories and data requirements • Management decisions with service providers to define assignment routes and timeframes • Key client end users were consulted
  9. 9. DocuPeak BPM Features • Web Form Service Requests • Drop down list to describe request • Automated assignment of tasks • Ability to add supporting documents to requests • Ability to send text messages and show history • Dashboard view of service requests • Notification of request and changes in status via system generated e-mails • Target days for completion based for each task category • Search engine and reports
  10. 10. Implementation Strategy • ICMS designated an Application Administrator • Contractor and Customer staff participated in design • Phased application development • Train the Trainer methodology utilized • Deployed Service Request app in weekly groups • Used remote go-to-meeting sessions • Follow-up by Account Managers • App refinements of categories and reports • Provided ongoing training for new staff
  11. 11. Data View
  12. 12. Add a Request New Service Request
  13. 13. Web Form
  14. 14. Search & Report Filters & Saved Searches
  15. 15. DocuPeak Technology • Service Oriented Architecture • 100% .NET • Web Browser User Interface • Web Portal Front End • EDMS capture, index, retrieve, control • Microsoft SQL Database • Microsoft Workflow Foundation • Crystal Reports • TWAIN Scanning Interface • Rapid App Development
  16. 16. Questions? Call Ron Rubino at (949) 683-6130 or e-mail