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Hope consulting


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hope consulting presentation at socap10

Published in: Investor Relations
  • everybody in the market at the intersection of money and meaning has a vested stake in the success of hope consulting, which sized the market on the demand side.
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Hope consulting

  1. 1. 4 Topics, 8 Minutes <br />Interest and Demand for Impact Investments among Individuals <br />What Individual Investors Want in Impact Investments <br />What is Holding Investors Back from Getting into Impact Investing <br />Where We Go from Here <br />
  2. 2. 1. Most individuals are open to impact investing, and are willing to invest ~$120B<br />Most Individuals Open<br />$120B of Demand; Half <$25k<br />Not <br />interested:<br />13%<br />Interested:<br />48%<br />Not Yet Sure:<br />40%<br />
  3. 3. 2. People aren’t homogenous; we found 3 major segments of investors with different motivations <br />Safety First<br />Socially Focused<br />Quality Organization<br />Top Five Drivers of Interest<br />Guarantees Principal Back<br />Addresses Cause I Care About<br />Track Record of Success<br />Solid Business Model/Business Plan<br />Well Known & Reputable Company<br />
  4. 4. 3. Top 5 barriers for investors relate to the newness of the sector, and are consistent across segments<br />
  5. 5. 4. What we need to move forward<br /><ul><li>Information and Infrastructure
  6. 6. Low awareness among individuals (and among advisors)
  7. 7. Need information on track record; need to be able to find and access
  8. 8. Basic needs consistent across all types of investors
  9. 9. The financial advisor
  10. 10. Most important channel for individuals
  11. 11. Have barriers related to information, awareness, product, infrastructure
  12. 12. Need to understand (and address) the barriers and challenges FAs face
  13. 13. Product
  14. 14. Lack of products that fit key investor needs
  15. 15. Available for individuals and advisors
  16. 16. Tailored by investor segment </li>