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Frontline 2.3


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on the funding of frontline sms, ken banks, isaac holeman

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Frontline 2.3

  1. 1. Frontline funding hey Kevin, thanks for the cool diagram! I'm a very visual person, so this kind of diagram really helps put my thoughts in order. FYI, FrontlineSMS:Medic's single largest source of funding at this point is the Compton Foundation in the form of my Compton Mentor Fellowship. isaacholeman
  2. 2. Isaac holeman • occupy myself with ribosome biogenesis, medicine, anthropology, informatics, and global health. I am a devout Christian. In June 2007 I was part of a Human Rights Delegation to Guatemala with Global Youth Connect. That Fall semester I studied in Cuba, and conducted an ethnographic study at a walk-in clinic in downtown Havana. In association with The Archimedes Movement I occasionally give lectures on the US health system for community groups or nursing students. When I graduate from Lewis & Clark College in May (biochemistry & molecular biology), I will work in East Africa as the R&D director for FrontlineSMS:Medic. Eventually I hope to attend medical school. I enjoy blogging, tweeting, and filling my pensieve with inklings of my dreams. •
  3. 3. Compton Fnd Fellows • • The Compton Mentor Fellowship Program is the Foundation’s newest fellowship program. Started in 2002, the program‘s purpose is to promote the creativity, commitment, and service of ten graduating seniors each year, who are nominated by ten selected colleges and universities in the United States, and chosen by an independent committee. The Mentor Fellowship Program is based on the belief that life-changing experiences can occur when formal learning is transformed by action. Each Mentor Fellow designs a project of social merit that focuses on the environment, peace and conflict resolution, reproductive health, and/or equal opportunity. More on next slide
  4. 4. Compton fellows 2 • A central component of the Mentor Fellowship is the relationship that develops between the fellow and his or her chosen mentor, who provides guidance, encouragement, and practical opportunities. The pragmatic, self-directed nature of this program is designed to deepen and enrich the fellows’ experience and lead them to understand themselves and the world in dramatic new ways.
  5. 5. More on compton fellowship • Isaac was awarded 36k that is tied to the budget he wrote for FrontlineSMS:Medic. 5K is awarded to the mentor of his choice. He’s working with Ken Banks, “ he's an awesome guy.” Compton's description of his fellowship project here: http://www. page=viewfellow& fellowid=83F5ECEF-3048-78A9-2FD5ACE43CA146 cheers Isaac ******
  6. 6. Ken Banks • Ken Banks, founder of, devotes himself to the application of mobile technology for positive social and environmental change in the developing world, and has spent the last 15 years working on projects in Africa. Recently, his research resulted in the development of FrontlineSMS, a field communication system designed to empower grassroots non- profit organisations. Ken graduated from Sussex University with honours in Social Anthropology with Development Studies, and was awarded a Stanford University Reuters Digital Vision Fellowship in 2006, and named a Pop!Tech Social Innovation Fellow in 2008. Ken's work has been supported by the MacArthur Foundation and Open Society Institute, and he is the recipient of a grant from the Hewlett Foundation •
  7. 7. Mentor fellowship staff • Susan Beaudry (Mentor Fellowship Consultant) for Compton Foundation • Susan Beaudry, Program Director • Compton Mentor Fellowship Program • PO Box 147 • Zanesfield, OH 43360 • Phone/Fax: 937.599.4277 • email:
  8. 8. More susan beaudry • Grantmakers Without Borders • • 1009 General Kennedy Ave., #2, San Francisco, CA 94129 • Susan Beaudry • Learning & Research Coordinator • • Phone 937.599.4277