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The grace of god hath appeared unto all men teaching us


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Grace of God

Published in: Spiritual
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The grace of god hath appeared unto all men teaching us

  1. 1. The Grace of God hath appeareduntoall menteachingus… 11 For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, 12 Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world; The grace of God isa TEACHER The lightdisregardforthe LAW of GOD reveals MORE to usthan we realize about OUR dispositionto HIS GRACE…. If You were to give you me a gift,andI saidwithmy mouththat I lovedit,butsomehow lateryoufound out that I reallyhatedit,youwouldbe veryhurtbythat. The Grace of God is a gift,andwe are savedby THIS GRACE through OUR Faith. If we lightlydisregardHISinstruction,afterWEHAVEreceived HISFREE GIFT.It revealsnotonlyour DISPOSTION toHIS instruction,BUTOUR TRUE dispositiontohisGIFT. Because if we have no respectforHIS INSTRUCTION,we have norespectforHIS GIFT, If we have noLOVE for HisGIFT, therefore we have noLOVEfor HIM. #2 GRACE will DOwhatthe LAW Couldneverdo – Motivate us withthe LASTINGDESIRE to DO RIGHT withoutthe fleetingmotivationof the FEARof DOINGWRONG #3 Difference betweenMERCYandGRACE #4 As muchas God’s GRACE revealstousthe UNDYINGLOVE of God, A True Understandingof God’sGRACE isimpossible withoutanUNDERSTANDINGof the COST of SIN – It’s WEIGHT! IT’S True APPEARANCEin the EYES of A HOLY GOD! A life of humble service toGodfor 100 yearscouldneveratone forevenONE minute of SIN. While God desiresthatwe live RIGHTEOUSLY,eventhe sinceresteffortof righteouslivingCAN NEVERearnthe GRACE or FAVORof GOD!!! Thisis because SIN isa debtthat can onlybe paidfor withthe deathof the transgressor. Whenwe understandwhat SIN reallyCOSTs –We can truly appreciate the RemedyforIT.
  2. 2. #5 You do realize thatSelf Righteousnesscomesinmanyforms.There is a flavorforeverypersuasion. If we see Self-RighteousnessandHYPOCRISYandforgettomeasure ourselvesbythe same STANDARD. We reveal ourownSELF-RIGHTEOUSNESSand Hypocrisy. How can anyone intheirrightmindrejecta FREE GIFT? That’s preciselyit,we rejectSALVATION because we are not IN A RightMind.Sin causesusto make foolishdecisions. The Place that the Lord is tryingto getus to iswhere were are so consumedbyHISLOVE , that we’d rather DIE WITH HIM, Than LIVE WITHOUT HIM