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Cyber Security For Parents CFA Defender presentation


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Cyber Security For Parents WARNING: –PC / Mac and Mobile Device Users

All Mobile devices have been compromised! At anytime, your user names, passwords, account numbers and pins can be stolen, sold and your finances irreparably damaged. If you use your mobile device to do any banking or financial transactions, your information is up for sale. News events such as Target, Facebook, Twitter, and more recently Yahoo, have shown that hackers, known as keyloggers, are the #1 threat to our national security according to the FBI and Interpol. In fact, many in the North County of San Diego recently had their account numbers, debit cards and pins duplicated, due to key logging. To better understand how to protect yourself, you need to know how key loggers work. But we have the solution against keylogging to protect you and your family.


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Cyber Security For Parents CFA Defender presentation

  1. 1. Presentation THE NEW #1 THREAT IS INTERNET CRIME