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kc works

a short north night.
a short north night…blue.
.a Night Cap South.
twenty-three skedee
a Short North High
.North Shorty.
Shortest North Night
Golden Goody Boy
Jerry’s Drive Inn (nightscape)
kevin collander
kevin collander
kevin collander
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kcWorks nightscapes


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watercolor paintings by kevin collander

Published in: Technology, Education
  • Very nice! I like the cool multi colored street scape where the light hits the windows.
    Also the sepia toned one was a rich jolt & surprise.
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kcWorks nightscapes

  1. 1. kc works nightscapes
  2. 2. a short north night.
  3. 3. a short north night…blue.
  4. 4. .a Night Cap South.
  5. 5. twenty-three skedee
  6. 6. a Short North High
  7. 7. .North Shorty.
  8. 8. Shortest North Night
  9. 9. Golden Goody Boy
  10. 10. Jerry’s Drive Inn (nightscape)
  11. 11. kevin collander
  12. 12. kevin collander 614-499-0012
  13. 13. kevin collander 614-499-0012