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Types of sentences according to structure


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A Powerpoint presentation on types of sentences according to structure.

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Types of sentences according to structure

  1. 1. Types of SentencesAccording to Structure English I
  2. 2. Before we continue…Concepts that we need to review first: Clauses Independent Dependent Conjunctions Coordinating Subordinating
  3. 3. Clauses• A dependent clause has a subject and predicate but do not express a complete thought.Examples: during the Japanese occupation while she was crying
  4. 4. Clauses• An independent clause consists of a subject and a predicate and has a complete thought. A sentence is an independent clause.Examples: My favorite dish is adobo with rice. The festival lasted for months.
  5. 5. Conjunctions• Coordinating conjunction (called coordinators) joins words, phrases (which are similar in importance and grammatical structure) or independent clauses.Examples: and, but, or, nor, for, so, yet
  6. 6. Conjunctions• Subordinating conjunctions (called subordinators) join subordinate clause (dependent clause) to main clause (independent clause).Examples: although, because, if, before, how, once, since, until, when, where, whether, while, after, as soon as, even if
  7. 7. Sentences According to Structure Simple Sentence• consists of only one independent clause• contains a subject(s) and a predicate(s)• expresses complete thought.• No presence of dependent clause.
  8. 8. Sentences According to Structure Examples:1. Ernie and Bert finished their project two days ago.2. I eat adobo and sinigang during the town fiesta.3. The singer and her father performs and graces the competition yesterday.
  9. 9. Sentences According to Structure Compound Sentence• consists of at least two independent clauses joined by coordinating conjunctions.• No presence of dependent clause in compound sentence.
  10. 10. Sentences According to Structure Examples:1. Wilma wants to dance, but Fred chooses to sing for tomorrow’s talent competition.2. Cats are deemed to be a good companion by many, yet dogs are still considered to be man’s best friend.
  11. 11. Sentences According to Structure Complex Sentence• A complex sentence consists of:  independent clause; and  at least one dependent clause, joined by subordinating conjunction or relative pronoun
  12. 12. Sentences According to Structure Examples:1. Ted prepares dinner while Chuck watches the television.2. The trees are regaining their leaves because the season of spring is fast approaching.3. My friends left my house when the clock strikes 9 in the evening. *Independent Clause Dependent Clause
  13. 13. Sentences According to Structure Compound-Complex Sentence• consists of: – at least two independents; and – one or more dependent clauses
  14. 14. Sentences According to Structure Examples:1. I like Mathematics but my brother likes Biology because he wants to be a doctor.2. The doctor attends to the sick infant while a nurse helps him and an attendant waits for his instruction. *Independent Clause Dependent Clause Coordinators Subordinators
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