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My online biography.

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Online bio

  1. 1. Introducing: Kevin AufmanThis is the unconventional digitalbiography of an unconventional corporate accountant.
  2. 2. I’m an internal auditor. Sounds boring but…….
  3. 3. I build the future through an honest assessment of business structures, processes and controls.
  4. 4. I diagnose problems andhave a vision for continuous improvement.
  5. 5. When I said I liketo build the future, I wasn’t kidding! I build a lot of things.
  6. 6. A Dock…A Barrel Raft…
  7. 7. Old Trucks….Old Cars….
  8. 8. A Trebuchet…. NeatTools….
  9. 9. A Garage….
  10. 10. And a LOT of other stuff!
  11. 11. I come from a diverse professional and personal background. These experiences allow me to visualize anddiagnose problems and to recommend workable solutions.
  12. 12. A little about that diverse background:I started out as a mechanic working on Tractor Trailers and heavy machinery.
  13. 13. I mowed a lot of grass and fixed a lot of lawn equipment along the way.
  14. 14. I spent some time as a MechanicalEngineer at Kettering University in Flint, Michigan.
  15. 15. Due to my professional and personal background, I speak fluent Engineer – unique among most accountants.
  16. 16. I changed course, came home, and received a BS inBusiness Administration – specializing in Finance - from the University of Pittsburgh.
  17. 17. I minored in History. I have a lot of appreciation forunderstanding how we got where we are! I am a closet history geek, usually reading 2-3 history related books monthly. Understanding past cultural, economic andpolitical themes can help to predict how businesses will be impacted in the present.
  18. 18. Insurance Banking Heavy Manufacturing While at the University of Pittsburgh, I held three accounting related internships. These were unique interms of industry and professional roles and exposed me to a variety of experiences, problems, industries and systems.
  19. 19. For the past five years, I’ve worked for WestinghouseElectric Company, the largest provider of Nuclear Power Plant Services in the world.
  20. 20. I’ve held three very distinct roles within the business: Project Accounting Manufacturing Accounting Internal AuditingEach position has taught me a new set of skills to add to my personal toolbox. My ability to speak intelligently to Engineering, Supply Chain, Manufacturing Operations, Project Management and Quality is largely due to my wide range of responsibilities and unique personal background.
  21. 21. One of my core principles is to NEVER STOP LEARNING. I’m currently working on my Masters of BusinessAdministration through the University of Massachusetts. I’m also working to obtain my Certified Internal Audit (CIA) license.I’m an active member of the Institute of Internal Auditors.
  22. 22. Speaking of the NEVER STOP LEARNING mantra: I’m a father of a six month old son. I honestly have noidea how to raise a child, but I’m learning something new everyday through child-father training, advise from my family and the patient and knowing words of my lovely wife.
  23. 23. In order to keep myself and others informed of current events, I read, analyze, collect and share links and articles I find throughout the internet and traditionalpaperback world. This information helps to assess how current economic, political and cultural changes willimpact the business world, the energy industry and the accounting profession.
  24. 24. To follow along with my journey or to contact me, you can find me as “Kevin Aufman” at: Or send via email at: