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This presentation was used in connection with a presentation at ISTE 2010 on Engaging Learners with Google Literature Trips

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  • Google literature trips

    1. 1. Engaging Learners through Google Lit Trips
    2. 2. Look Closer
    3. 3. Look Closer
    4. 4. "If our students are not reading and composing with various electronic technologies, then they are illiterate. They are not just unprepared for the future, they are illiterate right now, in our current time and context. (David Bolter, 1991)
    5. 5. Overview Introduction Format Why Google Earth History of Google Lit Trips Survey of 5 Lit Trips / Features Google Maps Guided Creation Process Curriculum Connections
    6. 6. Format
    7. 7. Format
    8. 8. Format
    9. 9. Format
    10. 10. Format
    11. 11. Format
    12. 12. Purpose Learn how to develop integrated visual learning experiences using Google Earth to create Google Lit Trips. To provide a tool set for teachers to engage students in learning Google Earth's visual geography tool. Participants will have created a Google Literature Trip during the session.
    13. 13. Why Bother? Engagement builds Understanding - reading with purpose Engaging with Technology - 21st century tool - not possible just 4 years ago Integrating Cross Curricular Activities Literature, Geography, History, Science, Mathematics
    14. 14. Objectives Expose teachers to tools that will engage students in literature, introduce geography concepts, activate background knowledge, and provide your students access and exposure to the world around them. Create a Google Literature Trip and make cross- curricular connections. We will explore the basics of Google Earth such as navigation toolbar, measurement tools, featured content, placemarks, and layers of information. As a group, we will create a mini Lit Trip
    15. 15. Why Google Earth making connections activate prior knowledge make connections visual learners
    16. 16. Why Google Earth Transformation... making connections activate prior knowledge make connections visual learners
    17. 17. Google Lit
    18. 18. Your (students’) Involvement Observe Static Location Navigate and Explore a Lit Trip Enhanced Connections from Balloon Create / Present Story Tell
    19. 19.
    20. 20. Navigation Move, Fly, Tilt Observe Latitude, Longitude Arrows, Shift, Mouse, Grab Check out Hana’s Suitcase
    21. 21. itemID=15678
    22. 22. Underground to Canada Barbara Smucker
    23. 23. Underground Google Geography to Canada Earth Know Want to Know Interested
    24. 24. Assessment for Learning GE file could be quite easy if overlayed on your master. Allows for growth and change in a visual way or Self Assessment Non Linear - encourages us to not mark every aspect Identify misconceptions visually
    25. 25. Stone Heart Charlie Fletcher
    26. 26. Most Features; however, - limited number places per screen - limited navigation Google Maps Most Features; however, - WWW access - easy collaboration
    27. 27. White Jade Tiger Julie Lawson
    28. 28. Nisga’a Treaty
    29. 29. Making your own resource Next we will look at the creation process through the lens of No Moon, No Milk by Chris Babcock index.html Chris-Babcock/dp/0517885409
    30. 30. The Power
    31. 31. HTML Primer <a close all brackets> </a> <img src=" iste2010-logo.jpg"> <a href="">See Kevin's Website</a>
    32. 32. Place 1 & 2 1. Venice Beach - Can you find waves? 2. Crater Lake National Park in Oregon - How wide is the crater - What is the circumference - calculate / compare to measurement - How tall are the sides? - Do you have a story to tell (
    33. 33. As you create...
    34. 34. As you create...
    35. 35. Questioning Bernie Dodge - WebQuests • Consensus • Retelling building • Compilation • Persuasion • Mystery • Self-Knowledge • Journalistic • Analytical • Design Task • Judgment • Creative Product •Scientific
    36. 36. Place 3 & 4 3. Radio City Music Hall, NY 4. Central Park - What is special about Central Park - How far did Martha go from RCMH to Central Park - How fast was Martha likely traveling
    37. 37. SMOOT ?? He was used as a Fraternity Prank to measure the Harvard Brindge in Oct 1958. One Smoot is equal to Oliver Smoot's height at the time of the prank (five feet and seven inches ~1.70 m)
    38. 38. American Museum of Natural History
    39. 39. Your Choices for Literature
    40. 40. Extensions Check out – Sky, Mars, Moon Check out – Ocean Layer Return to Gallery – Volcanoes, Weather 3D Building Maker Street View View in Google Maps Save Place as KML and view as Text Make a Movie – Tools menu – Movie Maker Flight Simulator - Keyboard shortcuts -
    41. 41. Guided Practice Interuptions or ignor
    42. 42. Search or GE Gallery
    43. 43. Rulers 3dwarehouse/buildingmaker
    44. 44. Pause and Check What could not have happened without Google Earth?
    45. 45. Pause and Check What could not have happened without Google Earth? Transformation...
    46. 46. Thank you Please contact me Kevin Amboe Please contact me tweet me @ amboe_k