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  1. 1. CTR: CHOOSE THE RIGHT By: Deryck Payan & Kevin Romero
  2. 2. WHAT IS CHOOSING THE RIGHT? • Choosing the right is following the rules and being a good citizen • Not being mean to any one • Not doing drugs • To not lie to any one • Hanging out with the right people
  3. 3. HOW TO DO THE RIGHT THING? • If some one needs help with homework and you know what to do you can help • Umm if your in a sport and a teammate gets injured you can help him out • Playing fair would be the right thing to do • Not telling a lie would be the right thing to do
  4. 4. INSPIRE OTHERS TO TRY THEIR BEST • You can inspire others by choosing the right thing to do like saving some ones life for example would inspire some one to save life's too. It all depends on what you do and how you do it that will inspire people In the right way. You can help lots of people for people can look up to you and make you feel happy. People will love your personality and if you just keep moving to the right path that will help and make your career that you want. CTR
  5. 5. CARING FOR OTHERS • I think that caring for others would also be the right thing to do because it’s just nice. So if one of your friends or a person in your family would be sad or sick you can be there for them and care for them even just sending small letters saying how much you care about them can spark up a smile on there face.
  6. 6. BEING A GOOD CITIZEN • Being a good citizen would be good. You can clean up parts of the beach. Help clean up graffiti. Just offering to help others is nice and doing good things for the city makes you a better person. You also can be a good citizen by helping out the community for people can see how good you are and for they can join you to help out the city as well. Some communities are dirty and people should help out for lots of cities can look beautiful and feel proud of them self for doing something good.
  7. 7. GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP • Good Sportsmanship makes you a fair person and for others to respect you. You have to play fair, follow the rules of the game for people will like you. Respect others and the judgment of the referee if there is one. You have to handle a victory or defeat with honor. You just have to show respect for your self, not only for yourself but to the people around you. If you show good sportsmanship good will come to you and others will treat you with respect as well. You will be paid with honor.
  8. 8. CHOOSING THE WRONG IS BAD FOR YOU!!! • Choosing the wrong is bad for you and affects you in your life • You CTW karma will get to you one day • It leads you the wrong way !!! • Choosing the wrong will affect your life and it WILL become a habbit • Just simply CTR, make a change in yourself!!!!
  9. 9. STEPS IN CHOOSING THE RIGHT!!! 1) Believe in yourself 2) Make a change to yourself 3) Have faith in yourself 4) Commit in doing the right 5) Don’t be afraid 6) Be a leader, not a follower
  10. 10. CTR WILL LEAD THE RIGHT WAY There's two roads in life. There’s the wrong way and there’s the right way. Of course taking the right road will be longer and will be a struggle but it’s worth the time because taking the wrong way is way to easy to think you will make it in life. You have to live your life up to the fullest but in order to that you have to know what’s rite for you. Do the right thing for you can be successful and be a good person. Follow the the right way and on your way be the leader to the ones following the right way as well. Be a role model. 24/7 MOTTO, CHOOSE THE RIGHT!!! 24/7 MOTTO, CHOOSE THE RIGHT!!!
  11. 11. IF EVERYONE CHOOSES THE RIGHT The world would be a better place if everyone chose the right. It would be a wonderful ,beautiful, and fantastic place if people would help each other out and help out the community. Imagen if our world was beautiful with no violence and people just helping out each other it would be so awesome.
  12. 12. CTR VIDEO