Wii in China, MIC Project


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Wii in China, MIC Project

  1. 1. Wii in China How should the Wii penetrate the Chinese Market?
  2. 2. “ Demand will shift to shorter content for convenience and entertainment, and longer content for substance and satisfaction. But the arbitrary middle will not hold” – Chris Anderson, The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More
  3. 4. Convenient and Entertaining?
  4. 5. Goals 1 - establish the Nintendo brand 2 - establish Software distribution 3 - position the Nintendo Wii as an everyday short form entertainment
  5. 6. Goals 1 - establish the Nintendo brand Currently iQue is the distributor for the Nintendo DS under a partnership.
  6. 7. Goals 2 – establish software distribution Piracy has always been an issue. Pursue digital distribution and stay away from physical copies.
  7. 8. Goals 3 – position the Nintendo Wii as an everyday short form entertainment Currently the online gaming market in China is mainly comprised of MMORPGs and casual games. The Nintendo Wii is drastically different as an online capability entity.
  8. 9. What do we bring to the table?
  9. 11. Value for the government - aid the government in reducing internet addiction
  10. 12. Value for consumers - next quick shot of entertainment for the working people - a fresh sense of fun, the original - Wii promotes physical fun and collaboration unavailable on a computer
  11. 13. Who are they? Working People - those who can’t afford to buy the console - Average internet café visitor is 18-30, 90% male, a large untapped market - Migrant workers number over 150 million
  12. 14. How Micropayment from Consumers - average income cannot afford the console - recharged through a partnership with The9, after losing World of Warcraft need a new partnership Distribution - target areas where people cluster - Factories, shopping malls
  13. 15. Where will they find us? - we will lease to establishments such as internet cafés, factories, shopping centers. How will they find out? - rely on social networks of people, build a systemic structure that grows collaboration based on convenient entertainment - KFC promotion, wet napkins, clean your hands before you play the Wii
  14. 16. Implementation Phase 1 Outreach to potential leasing partners and vendors over three months Establish partnership with The9
  15. 17. Implementation Phase 2 Establish widespread awareness by using media campaigns Kentucky Fried Chicken campaign, “wipe your hands before you Wii”