SAP Business One for Logistics Management


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SAP Business One for Logistics Management offers an unparalleled combination of functionality for companies with complex warehousing or large numbers of stock movements. Larger warehouses and distribution centers have long enjoyed the benefits of logistics management systems, but improving the efficiency of warehouses used to mean a large investment.

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SAP Business One for Logistics Management

  1. 1. BrochureSAPBusinessOneforLogisticsManagement Software for warehousing and distribution
  2. 2. SAP Business One for Logistics Management offers an unparalleled combination of functionality for companies with complex warehousing or large numbers of stock movements. Larger warehouses and distribution centers have long enjoyed the benefits of logistics management systems, but improving the efficiency of warehouses used to mean a large investment. Not anymore: now, small and medium sized companies can benefit from smart technology and streamlined processes that increase productivity, reduce costs and shorten fulfilment times. SAP Business One for Logistics Management makes the difference. It offers standard technology, easy installation, guided configuration and a robust platform to help control costs. SAP Business One for Logistics Management With SAP Business One for Logistics Management, storage locations can be easily defined for each warehouse. A location within a warehouse is identified with up-to four coordinates, to identify for example, zone, aisle, bay and shelf. The quantity of any item can be distributed to multiple storage locations in the warehouse, with predefined put- away preferences for each product. Where put- away is not immediate (e.g. to accommodate receipt to dock, or quality inspection processes) the system keeps track of the ‘unlocated’ line items and the bin locations may be defined during the put- away process by appropriate warehouse personnel. When a stock transaction is performed SAP Business One for Logistics Management allows the user to define source and target locations for the items in the transaction, with multiple source and target locations for any line item of a document as required. Since stock counting is significantly different for warehouses with bin locations, a sophisticated multi-phase physical stock counting module is included in the software. Default locations for incoming and simple source-detection logic for outgoing transactions make stock and location management simple. Every location event is auditable with a sophisticated journaling subsystem delivering full traceability and complete integration through to the Pick-and-Pack and delivery processes. Every transaction can be executed using mobile hand held barcode terminals for greater accuracy and efficiency. Key Benefits  Storage locations within warehouses  Consignment handling  Up-to four coordinates per location  Multi-phase source and target locations per line item  Two stage bin location definition logic  Tracking of ‘unlocated’ document lines SAP Business One for Logistics Management is ideal for companies with:  Complex warehousing  Large numbers of stock movement
  3. 3. Functionality Multi dimensional storage locations Every warehouse can have different area codes and for each area code you can have 3 additional location dimensions (X, Y, Z) for complete warehouse mapping. Storage locations Every storage location is a separate entity with its own properties, including: Location Type (pick or reserve), Location Class Code (for location capacity management), Single item/batch control, Accessibility (A, B, C), and Partner Code (locations for business partners). This enables picking efficiencies for fast/slow moving stock, storage control based on volumes, and auditable control of mixed or separate batches depending on the user determined preferences. Storage location capacity Storage location capacity is managed through location classes. Capacity management is optional and can be enabled separately for any storage location to match stock item volumes to available location capacities. Storage location stocks Storage location stocks are fully integrated with stock management in SAP Business One. This allows stock in a location to be reserved when a sales order is placed for instance, or against any planned inventory move transaction. Available To Promise figures are maintained to show stock reservations, delivering a full and accurate real time picture of your stock. Picking process The picking process is fully integrated, and picking should be performed on storage location level. Transactions can be recorded with computer terminals or mobile devices on hand held terminals, truck mounted terminals, or mobile tablets. Storage recommendations Storage recommendations are calculated in the background by the system, according to customer specific rules. Three kinds of recommendations are supported: incoming, refill and picking. All recommendations are planned movements that must be validated before being processed, enabling automation efficiencies while retaining management control.
  4. 4. SAP Business One for Logistics Management... Step 1 Warehouse storage location setup For each warehouse you can define the different locations. This can be done manually or with a wizard, making set-up simple. Per warehouse you can have several area codes and for each area code you can define different locations with multiple dimensions (X,Y,Z) down to shelf and bin level. Step 2 Storage location stocks After the stock locations are defined you can allocate existing stock. Per warehouse you can have an overview of the different stocks. Per item you can see the various locations and if applicable the serial and batch numbers for full traceability. Step 3 Location classes Storage location capacity is managed through location classes. Capacity management is optional and can be enabled separately for each storage location. The maximum capacity of a validated storage location must be defined for all items. Step 4 Incoming goods locations You can either allocate the incoming goods directly on receipt or later. If you allocate the items later the system provides visibility and tools to easily manage unallocated items. With the SAP Business One for Logistics Management scenarios you can automate this process, with the system defining preferred put-away locations.
  5. 5. 8 steps Step 5 Storage location journal For each item and warehouse you have a complete insight into all stock transactions, stock movements and associated documents. You can also see what stock is not yet located. All journals are processed in real-time at every relevant transaction. Step 6 Allocation and overview Every storage location is a separate entity with its own properties. The main properties are - Location Type (pick or reserve) - Location Class Code (location capacity management) - Single item and/or single batch - Accessibility (for A, B or C class items) - Partner Code, you can have specific storage locations for business partners. Step 7 Stock reservation Extending standard SAP Business One functionality, SAP Business One for Logistics Management enables sales order line stock reservations against quantities, batches and serial numbered items. These reservations are blocked for all other transactions except for this sales order. Step 8 Pick list stock selection The picking process is integrated, and picking should be performed on storage location level. With the scenario’s tool the system can define where the goods must come from. Transactions can be recorded with computer terminals or mobile devices.
  6. 6. Why SAP Business One? Frontline Consultancy is pleased to be able to offer SAP Business One for Logistics Management. As SAP Business One Gold Partners, we can help you get the very best from this outstanding software. SAP Business One is an affordable, easy-to-use, easy-to-implement business management solution. Built from the ground up to meet the needs of small and midsize businesses, SAP Business One enables you to manage your entire business across financials, sales, service, customers and operations. A single powerful software system, SAP Business One automates business processes, streamlines end-to -end operations and delivers a true and unified picture of your business information. With instant access to highly accurate business-critical information you gain control. That control enables you to respond faster to market needs and to focus on your company growth and profitability. Information becomes a secured strategic asset; everyone authorised within your organisation, managers and employees alike can access and process information more effectively, and make sound business decisions based upon it. Functionality Overview SAP Business One is a comprehensive and versatile business management solution equipped with an easy to use interface and serves as the primary ERP application. The solution provides all the administrative functions that let you customise and back-up data, define currency exchange rates, configure permissions and alerts and access information from non-SAP software. In addition, it comprises generic areas of functionality that help extend its capabilities far beyond its primary administrative function and enable it to streamline your entire business processes.  Finance Handles all your financial transactions including general ledger, account set up and maintenance, journal entries, foreign currency adjustments and budgets.  Bank transactions Takes care of all your financial processing such as cash receipts, cheque writing, deposits, advance payments, credit-card payments and bank reconciliation.  Controlling Lets you define profit centres and distribution rules to distribute the costs to these profit centres. You can also generate profit-and-loss reports for each centre.  Sales Helps you create price quotes, enter customer orders, set up deliveries, update stock balances and manage all invoices and accounts receivables.  Purchasing Manages and maintains supplier transactions such as issuing purchase orders, updating stock numbers, calculating the value of imported items, handling returns and credits, and processing payments.  Integral Customer Relationship Management Controls all the information on your customers, resellers and suppliers including profiles, contact summaries, account balances and sales pipeline analysis.  Stock control Handles stock levels, item management, price lists, special price agreements, transfers between warehouses and stock transactions.
  7. 7.  Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) SAP Business One offers a simple yet powerful planning system that helps production planners or buyers schedule and manage items for production or purchasing based on a variety of criteria.  Reporting Creates powerful reports for nearly every aspect of your business including customer and supplier debt, sales, cash flow, customer contact summaries, book-keeping, warehouse stock, financial statements, pricing, customer activity and more (via pre-defined reports or define-it-yourself queries).  Service cycle management Optimises the potential of your service departments, providing support for service operations, service contract management, service planning, tracking of customer interaction activities, customer support and management of sales opportunities.  Employee profiles Provides staff management capabilities including employee details, contact information and absence reports.  Multicurrency transactions Business transactions can be conducted and reported in multiple currencies. Support for multi-lingual capability includes 27 languages and 40 countries.  Integrate SAP Business One with Microsoft Office SAP Business One is fully integrated with Microsoft Office products, including Microsoft Outlook, enabling seamless communication that can span your organisation and business functions. Departments can share contacts, appointments and tasks. Financials Sales Service Purchasing Inventory Production -Chart of accounts -Journal entries -Posting templates -Recurring postings -Exchange rates in multiple currencies -Financial reports -Budget mgmt -Cost accounting -Multiple posting periods -Incoming payments -Outgoing payments -Payment run -Bank statement processing -Cheques -Credits -Deferred payments -Account reconciliation -DATEV/ELSTER -Fixed Assets -SEPA -Opportunity and pipeline mgmt -Contact mgmt -Activities mgmt -Calendar -Campaign mgmt -Blanket agreements -Quotations -Purchase orders -Deliveries -Returns -Invoices -Dunning -Price lists in multiple currencies -Special prices -Period and volume discounts -Customer mgmt -Gross profit calculation -Microsoft Office integration -Service mgmt -Service planning -Tracking across multiple customer interactions -Equipment card handling -Service dashboards -Service contracts -Mobile interaction -Recurring transactions -Human resource integration -Knowledge database -Service calendar -Service call processing -Purchase request -Purchase quotations -Web enabled RFQ -Purchase orders -Goods receipt POs -Goods returns -A/P invoice -A/R reserve invoice -Down payment invoice/request -Cancel marketing documents -A/P credit memos -Landed costs -Intrastat -Import process -Workflow -Item mgmt -Item lists -Price lists -Goods receipts -Goods issues -Inventory transactions -Transfers -Serial number mgmt -Batch number mgmt -Pick and pack -Recurring transactions -Inventory tracking -Bin location -Multiple measurements -Bills of material -Item sets -Production orders -Goods issues Goods receipts -Production dashboards -GL account determination -Life cycle mgmt -Item cost calculation -Forecasts -MRP -Drop ship -Make to order -Order recommendations
  8. 8. About Frontline…. Frontline Consultancy, Frontline House, Epsom Avenue, Brooke Park Estate, Wilmslow, Cheshire Tel: 0161 486 4400 Fax: 0870 606 7300 Frontline Consultancy has the depth of knowledge and breadth of skills to deliver a complete and highly successful implementation of SAP Business One.  Fully accredited SAP Business One Gold Partner.  Established in 1991, we have decades of experience in implementing software solutions across multiple sectors.  We understand your challenges and processes.  In-depth knowledge of the key issues in today's marketplace.  Extensive project management experience backed up by a proven implementation methodology.  Successful track record of implementations through our breadth of skills.  Excellent training available at the customer's site or at our offices.  Full, responsive support capabilities - from using the software in a business context through to maintaining the infrastructure it sits on.  A complete service - ensuring low total cost of ownership and providing a single point of contact. We cover everything including:  Hardware  Networking and remote / multi-site use  Software implementation and training  Business change  Support, upgrades and software changes  System integration (e.g. EDI & bank reconciliation)  Hosting As an accredited Gold Partner for SAP Business One, Frontline Consultancy have proven expertise in all aspects of the software and we have met stringent SAP requirements for training, certification and business standards and practices. Our aim is to implement the solution best suiting your needs and deliver exceptional service at a competitive rate. Frontline Consultancy can offer SAP Business One as a fully managed hosted solution. This means that you can focus on your business while Frontline Consultancy manages the delivery of SAP Business One to your desktop and mobile devices 24/7, 365 days each year.