Advanced Inventory Planning                              SAP Business One
Inventory Planning for SAP Business OneThe Inventory Planner is seamlessly integrated into SAP                For-Business...
Advanced Inventory Planning and ReplenishmentItem Master Demand History &ForecastingThe in-built algorithms include trend,...
Automated Forecasting-Optimisation-Replenishment                                                       Stock Investment An...
Automated Forecasting-Optimisation-Replenishment                                                       Purchasing Made Eas...
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Inventory planning for sap business one


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Inventory Planning for SAP Business One gives you instant visibility to all warehouses, field stock, customer locations, and everything in between. Optimisation provides exceptional value by reducing inventory, controlling new purchases and improving customer service.

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Inventory planning for sap business one

  1. 1. Advanced Inventory Planning SAP Business One
  2. 2. Inventory Planning for SAP Business OneThe Inventory Planner is seamlessly integrated into SAP For-Business One, providing automated forecasting,  Audioreplenishment, and optimisation at the tips of your  Automotivefingers.  Building materials  ConsumerInventory Planning for SAP Business One gives you  Constructioninstant visibility to all warehouses, field stock, customer  Electricallocations, and everything in between. Optimisation  Food & Beverageprovides exceptional value by reducing inventory,  HVACcontrolling new purchases and improving customer  Industrialservice.  Lawn & Garden  Medical & DentalEnhanced Planning Features  Plumbing  DistributionAutomated Forecasting and Replenishment Planning Enhanced forecasting for highly seasonal and slow- moving items Value You Gain Vendor planning for easy replenishment management The Inventory Planner solution New Items are easier and faster with the “proxy provides dramatic results that process” help improve positive cash flow Simultaneously generates new orders and stock transfers (may require additional module) SavingsSophisticated Item Management 20%-40% Inventory Reduction Enhanced details show lead time, service levels, vendor, and more 15%-30% Full visibility at all locations: virtual, real, and Reduction in Stock-outs customers (if required) Dynamically computes and reports on excess and 6%-15% obsolete inventory Reduction in Expedited Automatically sets shelf stock by item and location ShipmentsSeamless Integration Improvements Completely integrated in SAP Business One 15%-25% Main menu provides fast access to planning Increase in Sales & Revenues Replenishment planning is optimised for better asset and spend control 5%-12% Automatically creates either full or draft Purchase Productivity Gains Order“We used to spend all day, everyday creating orders by running multiple reports to avoid over andunder purchasing. Since implementing the Inventory Planner, we create our orders in less than threehours. We have increased our productivity by 30 hours a week and by only ordering what we need,we’ve significantly reduced our excess stock while at the same time, increasing service levels across allof our lines.”Maurice Riley, Camlab Ltd.
  3. 3. Advanced Inventory Planning and ReplenishmentItem Master Demand History &ForecastingThe in-built algorithms include trend,seasonal, and multiplicative models likeSeason-Trend or Trend-Season. Forecasting‘new’ items is simple and easy using ProxyHistory or Supersede History. This enables theuser to set a forecast by referencing thehistory of an existing item. The InventoryPlanner automatically sets optimal stockingquantities for each item at each location,creating dramatic costs savings whileimproving customer service levels.Forecasting is automatic, requiring little to nouser input to choosing which algorithm to use. Automated Replenishment Planning The Inventory Planner recommends optimal stocking levels for all items at every location. The system calculates the correct amount of stock needed to cover the expected demand for each item’s planning horizon. It then recommends purchase orders, transfer orders and production orders. This makes more efficient use of critical company assets. Automated replenishment planning eliminates guess work and manual effort, saving valuable time and money. The interactive replenishment reports allows you to plan for more items, order more frequently, reduce stock levels and free-up cash.Vendor PlanningThe Vendor Planning feature allows you toplan replenishments by Vendor to create themost efficient purchase order. It providesquick visibility of minimum Vendorrequirements includes value, volume, weightand quantity. You can meet Vendor Freightrequirements, Lot Sizes, Purchase Unit ofMeasures and much more. The systemautomatically calculates your shortage risk foreach item so you know the potential for stock-outs. Purchase orders are automaticallyprepared once approved.
  4. 4. Automated Forecasting-Optimisation-Replenishment Stock Investment Analysis Based on your target service levels, the Inventory Planner creates a forecast, sets optimal stocking levels and identifies your ideal inventory investment. It compares the recommended stock investment to your actual stock investment. The Inventory Planner makes it easy to identify and take action on obsolete, excess and inactive items. You can quickly filter, sort and drill down into item detail and make better decisions.Demand History AlertsThe Inventory Planner analyseshistorical demand for erratic behaviourand reports all items which exceed theuser-defined threshold. This reportenables the user to easily identifyunusual demand which may haveoccurred from a large one-time sale, theloss of a large customer, or otherunusual events. You can then modify thehistory for any items for planningpurposes to help ensure proper stockinglevels moving forward. Having access torelevant data can help you track yourperformance and guide you to reducecosts, improve service levels, andincrease productivity.Stock Transfers– Fast & EfficientThe Stock Transfer Module enables SAP Business One users with multiple physical locations tooptimise their inventory investment by managing the intra-company transfer of inventoryfrom one location to another. With the inventory transfer functionality, SAP Business Oneusers have the ability to approve transfer requests, print a pick list, define and print apackaging list and Bill of Lading, and receive the stock.
  5. 5. Automated Forecasting-Optimisation-Replenishment Purchasing Made Easy The approved Replenishment Plan automatically creates new Purchase Drafts or live Purchase Orders right in the SAP Business One Purchasing module. This eliminates the need to re-key data, avoids costly mistakes, and provides the user with all the control and approvals they require.Planning Control at your FingertipsSince every business is different,planning control is at your fingertips.These settings are simple to use andguide the system in running the planningprocesses. Defaults are preset to get youstarted. Once you start planning, you canrefine these settings to enhance yourprocesses and results.The Bottom LineWe know you work hard every day. You may think your inventory is under control, but canyou be sure? Each day you are not using the Inventory Planner solution, you are missing outon the opportunity to free up cash. For example, based on an inventory value of £1,000,000and an average inventory reduction and productivity gains of approximately 31%, you couldfree up as much as £310,000! It doesn’t get any easier or better than this.“Using the advanced inventory planner, we were able to reduce inventory by 10% yielding roughly$300,000 in cash that had been tied up. We were delighted with the results.”Rick Crowder, VP/GM, Industrial Commodities