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Internet Marketing Advantages


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Internet Marketing Advantages

  1. 1. ==== ====Get your very own complete professional marketing system, and watch your leads EXPLODE ====There has been a new breed of Internet Network Marketing Business Opportunities that havesprung up in recent years that relies and leverages on Internet technologies.One distinct difference between these and the traditional network marketing businessopportunities is that their products are 100% virtual -- information. Because information could bedelivered online via videos, audio, text and images, customer fulfillment is instantaneous uponpurchase. Instant gratification raises customer satisfaction.Top 4 Advantages of Internet Network MarketingDistributors for these Internet Network Marketing Businesses have significant advantages overtheir traditional network marketing business opportunities counter parts.Here are 4 top reasons internet network marketing triumph over traditional network marketingbusiness opportunities:1) No need to stock up inventories of expensive physical products (that means cash that wouldotherwise be spent could be channeled to advertising the network marketing business)2) No shipping cost involved, either by the network marketing company or its distributors.3) High compensation payout to the distributors due to the extremely high profit margin for thevirtual products.4) 100% money back guarantee is often offered to prospective customers. It costs the networkmarketing company no more for a customer to try out the products then later return them; than ifthey like the products and continue using them. This reduces the risk for the customers who arentsure if the products are for them. This leads to a high customer confidence and satisfaction.Harnessing The Power of The InternetSince the advent of the Internet as a new and powerful marketing medium, a whole new industrywas created that is Internet Marketing. It has increasingly been adopted by advertiser whotraditionally dealt with TV, radio and print advertising.Due to the nature of the products -- virtual, internet marketers who join them as distributorsconsistently top the chart of the top recruiters in the companies.Why Is Downline Attrition Rate So High
  2. 2. Unfortunately, proportionally to the high recruitment rate, attrition rate is also at an all-time high.Why?Simply because they are Internet Marketers. Not Network Marketers. The programs they promotedvia the various internet marketing techniques are still Network Marketing Business Opportunitiesafter all.A sponsor-downline relationship needs to exist and maintained in any network marketingbusiness.But first, lets examine whats "wrong" with the network marketing business opportunities.Through my observation there seems to be a certain "taboo" whenever "network marketing","MLM" are uttered.Why Are People Negative About Network MarketingOne of the reasons, is that many people have bad encounters with network marketers, particularlywith their friends or relatives who are involved in network marketing.They have been "pestered" so much by them to buy their products which they arent interestedthey simply shut themselves out when anyone approaches them with any "network marketingproducts".The other reason is that they have heard from those same network marketing friends many failurestories about people involved with network marketing businesses. Thereafter words such as"scam", "fraud" immediately come to mind for everything and anything network marketing related.All these happened before they even understood what network marketing business really is. Eventhose who were involved in network marketing did not know that! Many got involved believing theycould get rich with the business.And they were right. Network marketing is one of the best ways to create wealth, even for theaverage individual.What Is Network Marketing?It is a business in which a distributor network is needed to build the business. Since the networkmarketing companies do not engage in advertising themselves. The cost saving is then passeddown to reward the distributors in the form of commission whenever sales are made.Usually such businesses are also multi-level (MLM) in nature in that payouts also occur at morethan one level. This kind of compensation model greatly leverages each distributors effort.Why Did So Many People Fail
  3. 3. The answer is simple. Firstly, they recruit the wrong people who arent ready for networkmarketing business. Many of them are out only to "give it try". They are the ones whod be the firstto leave the business -- and your downline organization -- when they dont see immediate results.It is an irony that many people are aware of get-rich-quick scams, yet they want to see the moneyas soon as they join a program.As Robert Kiyosaki mentions in his book, CashFlow Quadrant, "Network Marketing is foreveryone. But not everyone is for Network Marketing."Network marketing, like any other businesses take time for the distributors to reap their return oninvestment.Secondly, they dont take the necessary actions to build their business.Sometimes, things will not go according to plan. That is ok. We all face challenges and failures onthe journey of building our business. You can always draw the line and make a new start in yourbusiness. Use the failures and challenges as a learning experience and as a stepping stonetoward your success.About The Author:A Work-At-Home Super Daddy and internet marketing specialist, Sherman Cheong helps otherdads and moms who desire to spend more time with their families to work from home, on theinternet. Empowering them to learn & earn at the same time. If youre making little or nomoney with your current network marketing business opportunities[], visit []Article Source: ====Get your very own complete professional marketing system, and watch your leads EXPLODE ====