Harry Coumnas Has A Passion For Car Racing


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Among the world's most adventurous sports activities, there comes a name called car racing. The cheering crowds, the mounting excitement, and speed of cars make car racing one of the most popular sports and one of the most dangerous too because there are always risks involved.

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Harry Coumnas Has A Passion For Car Racing

  1. 1. Harry Coumnas Has APassion For Car Racing
  2. 2. Among the worlds most adventuroussports activities, there comes a namecalled car racing. The cheering crowds,the mounting excitement, and speed ofcars make car racing one of the mostpopular sports and one of the mostdangerous too because there are alwaysrisks involved. Car racing is a fascinatinghobby of many race car fans.
  3. 3. Many adults and even children enjoyboth on-road and off-road races. HarryCoumnas, a successful professional isvery passionate about cars and loves carracing. He has also taken specialcoaching for car racing. His favorite raceform is stock car race – the most populartype of car racing in America
  4. 4. The cars used in this race must beoriginal production-based cars unlikerace cars that are specifically designedfor the racing purposes. A stock car raceis usually organized on a track that isoval in design and can be made from dirtor asphalt. There is also a stock car raceform that is run on roadways, but it isvery rare.
  5. 5. Harry Coumnas loves the thrill of carracing and regularly takes part in variousstock car racing competitions. He hasalso met with various minor accidents inthese competitions. The mostbreathtaking was the one when two carscollided in front of him during the thirdlap of the competition.
  6. 6. This caused leaked fuel to ignite in aburst of flames. Trying to avoid theaccident, Harry lost his control andcrashed into the retaining wall of thefield. After this, he was taken out of thecar and rushed to the nearby hospitalwhere he remained for a few weeks andlater he was discharged.
  7. 7. He also suffered a back injury in thisaccident. His will power, presence of mindand the activeness saved his life that day.Harry Coumnas is a very fun loving personand lives his life to the fullest. He is alsofound of different cars.