Harry Coumnas Enjoys Bowling On Weekends


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Harry Coumnas is full of life and enjoys playing games and participating in competitive sports that provides him adrenaline rush. He is an extreme sports fan and loves sports.

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Harry Coumnas Enjoys Bowling On Weekends

  1. 1. Harry Coumnas EnjoysBowling On Weekends
  2. 2. Harry Coumnas is a renowned columnist,speaker and author of some best-sellingbooks in the market. He belongs to welleducated family who believes in simple living.The books written by him are highlymotivating that throw light on numeroussociety issues.
  3. 3. During his school days, he was an activeparticipant in co-curricular activities andenjoyed writing articles, poems etc. He ispracticing yoga for many years and has beenfocusing on his workout to stay fit andhealthy.
  4. 4. Harry Coumnas is full of life and enjoysplaying games and participating incompetitive sports that provides himadrenaline rush. He is an extreme sports fanand loves sports such as biking, camping,para-gliding, bungee jumping, hiking, waterskiing and lot more.
  5. 5. Along with these adventurous activities, helikes involving himself in bowling onweekends along with his friends. Bowling is avery interesting game which has been widelyplayed by a multitude of people. Bowling isattracting individuals from all over the world.
  6. 6. Bowling consists of a ball, 10 pins and a lane.All a person has to do is to roll the ball downthe lane and strike all the 10 pins. Bowling isa relaxing activity which helps to eliminatestress and gives a chance to spend qualitytime with near and dear ones.
  7. 7. For Harry Coumnas, Bowling is a hobby thathelps him to stay relaxed and in shape .Bowling helps in improving muscle power.Harry has a vast knowledge about the gameand enjoys playing with players of all levels,from beginners to professionals. For achange, he likes playing poker bowling too.