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Yang Yang Planning Book


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Yang Yang Planning Book

  1. 1. YANG YANG
  2. 2. ...and works of strategic creativity this book is about a strategic planner
  3. 3. EXPERIENCE STRATEGIC PLANNING INTERN | Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide @ New York June 2010 – August 2010 • Created inaugural issue of Pulse newsletter containing insights into current social web trends for Olay • Conducted surveys, focus groups, and interviews for 3 Olay consumer studies, presented findings on consumption and self-schema changes in identify life-cycle • Spearheaded research and strategy development for winning intern team project on how to market Lucky Charms cereal to Gen Y consumers • Drafted brief and proposal for initiative to re-energize True Blue sustainability movement • Conducted digital ethnography research and originality scans for Red Lobster pitch DIRECTOR OF STRATEGY | The NewHouse Agency @ Syracuse University Fall 2010 – Ongoing • Representing school in AAF's National Student Advertising Competition 2011 • Overseeing project directors on the development of market and consumer research methodologies, campaign strategies, and creative briefs for 10 local and national clients • Member of winning team on national Honda CR-Z Media Challenge 2010 PUBLIC RELATIONS & SOCIAL MEDIA INTERN | American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Jan 2011 – May 2011 • Work with team on writing assignments, analysis of media coverage and event marketing for the launch of the Honda Civic and Honda CR-Z • Assistant to PR and marketing teams at the 2012 Honda Civic National Press Introduction ACCOUNT PLANNER | The NewHouse Agency @ Syracuse University Fall 2008 – Fall 2010 • Developed campaign for Syracuse Conventions and Visitors Bureau to persuade college graduates to stay in the city • Wrote discussion guides and questions for qualitative research • Devised, pitched, and implemented participatory campaigns to engage SU undergraduates in learning more about downtown Syracuse GUEST SERVICES | The Ritz-Carlton, Millennia Summer 2008 • Trained to apply the Ritz Carlton Gold Standards in role as guest services staff • Worked with Guest Relations Officers to coordinate the distribution of amenities to guests Research using advertising and marketing databases: MRI+, Simmons, Mintel, VMS AdSight Adobe CS5 Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop Final Cut Express video editing DSLR photography Speaks and writes in Mandarin, Chinese dialects, and French SKILLS
  4. 4. I am a Third Culture Kid an early adopter, and very curious I read books, code, and facial expressions I see patterns, big picture, and a lot of hope in this world I dig pop culture, street art, then dig deeper for insights Hello and thank you for taking an interest in my work. ...
  5. 5. Fooz Kids is a free kid-safe online discovery engine that provides kids with a secure and entertaining Internet environment. Fooz Kids is the world’s first kid-safe Internet browser built by moms. Fooz Kids delivers pre-screened Internet content in a safe, fun and kid-friendly way, giving children the means to discover new websites, games, videos and crafts as well as the ability to create their own avatars and personalize virtual rooms with toys and furniture (
  6. 6. We began working the same week we got the brief. In order to immerse ourselves in the world of Fooz Kids, we conducted quantitative and qualitative research to learn about you and your consumers. RESEARCHStatements% Connected with family and friends on social networks80Use social media for product reviews44Look for parenting advice online40Monitor kids computer activity52StatementsIndexWilling to invest in electronic educational program109Purchaser of educational toys109Purchaser of educational softwares110Purchase decision influenced by children143QUANTITATIVE CONSUMER STUDIES1. Psychographic TrendsBy running studies on Simmons Choices III, reading Mintel Reports, and conducting surveys, we were able to learn of general psychographic trends amongst your target audience. We also consulted Nielsen @Plan and ComScore analytics to understand their digital media consumption habits. StatementsIndexNickelodeon Family & Parents283Disney Online165FamilyEducation.com210ModernMom.com242Parenting235iVillage.com117CafeMom Network142Kids entertainmentEducationCommunities2. Digital Media Usage
  7. 7. We were not satisfied with seeing the target as just statistics and numbers, we wanted to flesh out your target audience through qualitative research. This extensive effort includes 16 in-depth interviews, 2 home visits, and ongoing digital ethnographies. Here are some sound bites, and on the next page you will get to meet three mothers who embody some of the most commonly voiced sentiments amongst their peersDigital EthnographyThis is a daily tracking of the conversation in the digital sphere surrounding the following topics: ● Parenting tips for the digital age ● Early education ● Internet usage at homeWe tracked relevant keywords on the following search engines and social listening tools and trawled the comments and blog entries for sentiment indicators: ● Google Realtime, Blog and Discussion searches ● ● ● ● Technorati.comQUALITATIVE CONSUMER STUDIES“I have always thought about [internet safety] but as my daughter is just 1 years old it isn’t an issue right now.” “I let my kids on the computer as soon as they show interest. Guiding them in the right direction early is key to me. But I also want them to spend more time socializing and being outside with real people rather than the virtual space.” “The worldwide web is a powerful tool and is essential to the future success of our children. However, there is a ton of crap on the web that needs to be avoided.” “We know our kids aren’t totally safe online but we try to supervise as much as we can. Eventually, we’ll have to make some sort of change to let them use it by themselves.” “Just as we limit sweets in our children's diets, we also need to set healthy limits for computer and internet usage. “ GINAHello! I work at home as a freelance graphic designer. I have two naughty boys: Matt (3) and Nate (10). Their father is a tech geek so we have a lot of the latest gadgets at home. My kids are fast learners, they picked up the computer, Internet, video games, and smart-phones at a very young age. I’d like to think I am a democratic mom. I let them pick the activities they like and I often join in the fun with them. Although my focus is on my children, I am always connected and always multitasking. My iPhone is my “lifestyle phone” and I use a company sponsored Blackberry for work. I participate in online conversations at It’s a resourceful community, with a lot of parenting tips. Many of my Facebook friends are mothers who I’ve met at my kids’ schools. We always talk about our kids’ education, and give each other tips for planning family activities. We also plan play dates for our children. I want my boys to make more friends because networking is a very important skill to have in life. JOANI am currently a professor at Onondaga Community College. During the week, my 3 year old son goes to a private preschool. He is a good boy but his curiosity is a lot to handle sometimes. I am not a Tiger mom, and we are not overly protective parents. However, I think early education is necessary to help Jonathan get a head start in school. I always try my best to balance playtime and learning time, so a program that makes learning fun and interactive is ideal. We have computers and Internet access in our house. John hasn’t learned the difference between computers and TV’s yet. However, he has asked to play with them, particularly when he finds us working on our computers. We will eventually allow John to use the computer at most 30 minutes per day, and only under our supervision. We want him to learn how the computer works and at the same time protect him from any inappropriate content. ABBYI work part time at a real estate agency. I love spending my free time playing with my two pumpkins, Katie, who’s 6 and Natalie, who’s 8. Every birthday is bittersweet. Sometimes I wish I could preserve their innocence and make them stay cute and young forever. Don’t get me wrong, we can’t wait to see our children grow up, but we also miss the good ol' days. I just feel that kids today grow up way too fast. They are more independent than we were and are bombarded with mass amounts of information everyday, most of which is not kid-friendly. Most of my close friends are also moms and we discuss this issue a lot. We all think it is becoming more and more difficult to control the kids’ TV and Internet usage. We want them to experience everything other kids are experiencing but we know protecting them from age- inappropriate content is still necessary for a healthy childhood. MEET THE MOTHERS
  8. 8. What we learned is best encapsulated by the Chinese proverb, “,” which literally translates into “all parents under the sky have the same heart.” They were attracted to the same media and were driven by the same needs. These needs coupled with insights derived from our observations gave us an idea of how we could make the strategic message more 3-Dimensional. STRATEGY1. REPOSITIONINGWhen we ran your current tagline, “For Kids, By Moms,” by our interviewees, they all responded that it implied a strong sense of parental control. It highlighted the main benefit of your product but these mothers also told us that it wasn’t about wanting to establish control. They simply want to be good mothers! As long as it is in their children’s best interest, these mothers would not hesitate to buy whatever products their kids desire. Furthermore, Fooz Kids competitors generally use the same marketing language as the current Fooz Kids slogan. Competitors are focused on how their products can help parents control what kids do on the web. The clutter or repetitive messages in this landscape means that your target audience has less chance of noticing your product, learning about it, and finally realizing that it is the perfect solution to all their problems. Fooz Kids has the opportunity to reposition itself as something kids want. In fact, it already has much of the content that kids love. What we propose then is a blue ocean strategy. We will create demand for your product in a new, uncontested market space that Fooz Kids can rightfully own: children-centric internet safety. Hence allow us to introduce a new campaign tagline, “Fooz Kids: Approved by kids. For kids.” 2. SOCIAL MOVEMENTWelcome to a new generation of parenting. Like how everything has had to evolve and adapt to the emergence of the social web, parenting is very different now. We have termed this “Parenting 2.0.” Children are exposed to technology from the day they were born, and are living in a world pervaded by screens: television, smart-phones, computers, laptops and tablets. Every screen is an opportunity to learn about the world, but every screen is also a risk. Parents are aware of these risks but are also helpless without a guide as to how to maneuver through the digital sphere. Herein lies a huge opportunity for Fooz Kids to initiate a movement around this issue on the social web. The 3 key insights we derived from our research are as follows: 1.Children are the best agents of persuasion2.It isn’t about protection from harmful material on the internet, it’s about protection of their children’s childhood and innocence3.Mothers are desperate for advice on how to be good parents to digital nativesAs a result, we propose that Fooz Kids undergoes repositioning and initiate a social movement on the internet.
  9. 9. CAMPAIGNConcurrently, we will draw attention to the video using flash ads on the sites that mothers frequent. Viral videos featuring children have garnered quite a bit of success in the past. Shows like Kids Say the Darndest Things have shown just how charming children can be. Our video storyboard involves an unscripted discussion between kids wearing business formal clothing sitting around a conference table. They will discuss the perils of the Internet and what they wish parents could do to eliminate these risks. As the camera zooms out, we learn that these discussions are happening in an event called, “The Parenting 2.0 Conference.” In a bizarre, but funny turn of events, these kids are portrayed as advisors on the board of a new but very relevant movement. As with most successful viral content, it will not be blatantly branded by Fooz Kids. However there will be a call to action following the video encouraging parents to become part of a new movement: The PARENTING 2.0 Conference. Through interactive buttons on the Youtube videos, parents would be driven to a forum established on the Fooz Kids website A VIRALBEGINNING
  10. 10. Upon evaluating women-oriented blogging networks and resource communities, we find them to be very effective platforms for engaging your target audience, spurring further conversation, and recruiting more participants. To alert the audience to the Parenting 2.0 movement, take- overs and banner ads will be implemented on the sites. Carefully selected contributors to the communities and celebrity mommy bloggers will be specifically invited to kick-start the recruiting effort. They will start comment threads and write blog entries on various aspects of Parenting 2.0, bringing this movement to the attention of their inherently large followings and engaging them in dialogue. Readers are encouraged to share their views via response videos, blog entries, or even simply comments in the same platform or in Fooz Kids’ forum. ENGAGING RECRUITING THE AUDIENCEFacebook becomes another platform on which mothers will get to spread the message amongst themselves. That’s why we propose designing a tab to be dedicated to this cause. It will announce updates to the forum, encourage people to become a part of the movement, and provide them with the tools to become advocates. Celebrity Bloggers to Recruit as Ambassadors for the Parenting 2.0 MovementModern Mom Brooke Burke Kristin Anderson The Sugar Mommas Mom without Makeup Drama Mama Casey Berna Deanna Verbouwens Erica Diamond Blythe Sasha Christine Coppa Kathryn Thompson Shawn Carolyn Robertson Lindsay Weiss Denise Emily Abbate Jill Baughman Amy Boshnack Maressa Melinda RobertsHeather B. Armstrong (writes independent blog but just got a contract to make a show on HGTV)
  11. 11. the newest technologies always connected social media passion for life passion for the environment style and performance journey destination in control Gen Y psychographics More Human Truths: Everyone remembers buying their first car. It’s an emotional experience, and marketing language can be overwhelming.
  12. 12. “two seater” “sport hybrid” “driver-centric control” “expansive cargo area” FEATURES intimacy innovation always in control road trip EMOTIONAL BENEFITS
  13. 13. humor social media reality shows speed dating INSPIRATION: GEN Y’S INTERESTS You Me driver passenger driver CR-Z driver social media
  15. 15. viral earned media coverage fan page updates photo competitions
  16. 16. Success on Twitter: 5,000 total Twimpressions; Twimpressions consist of retweets and mentions of our Twitter handle (@youmecrz) Success on Facebook: 14,000 total impressions; Gen Y form 85% of our impressions -- Facebook Insights Success on YouTube: 6,300 total views to date; Impressions equally split between males females; Gen Y is the bulk of our viewers; 1 in 4 watched multiple videos at one go. -- YouTube Insights
  17. 17. OBJECTIVE Place Lucky Charms in Gen Y’s consideration set when purchasing cereal to gain greater total market share. ISSUE Advertising for Lucky Charms has always targeted kids. Since neither the tone nor message is relevant to what Gen Y stands for, they are not motivated to make purchases. INSIGHT Gen Y cannot relate to the whimsical magic of Lucky Charms but they do believe in luck. STRATEGIC IDEA Lucky Charms can bring luck to Gen Y in their day-to-day lives. ORGANIZING IDEA Get Lucky.
  18. 18. Client Hamburger Helper Target Audience Busy moms Message When you’re overwhelmed with work, Hamburger Helper reminds you of the simplest fact of life: you only need two ingredients to make a wholesome dinner for the family. Yes, all it takes is a packet of Hamburger Helper and a pound of beef.
  19. 19. Client Hallmark Cards Target Audience Families of soldiers stationed overseas Message Everytime you send someone a Hallmark card, you’re also sending them a piece of home. These little cards filled with love and encouragement can warm their heart and temporarily provide security and shelter from
  20. 20. Strategic Message Using Cheer detergent to wash your clothes not only brightens them up, you are also be supporting a cause that brightens up the future of the world around you. In laundromats where there are Cheer detergent dispensers, a holographic decal will be pasted over the washing machines to promote the “Cheer for a brighter world” message. To make an emphatic point about how Cheer will transform our world into a brighter, cheerier one, this “weather interactive” street-art like piece will be painted on prominent buildings. With each rain, more and more of the paint will be washed away to review Cheer’s message.
  21. 21. The public is encouraged to nominate buildings in the neighbourhood for re-design and painting by famed artists. They will be able to upload pictures of these buildings to a microsite, or submit picture messages using their mobile phones. This initiative focuses on inner-city neighbourhoods so that Cheer will be associated with a worthy and meanigful cause. The community will then vote for their favourite building on the microsite. Other means of voting include checking into the buildings on Foursquare with “Cheer for a brighter world” mentioned in their shout-outs, scanning QR codes on the sites with their smart phones, and texting the number codes of the sites to CHEER (24337). Famed artists are commissioned to redesign the winning building and Cheer will provide the means for the renovation. Cheer sets up collection stations all across a metropolitan city to collect unwanted clothing. The clothes are washed in Cheer branded washing machines with Cheer detergent, then pressed and packaged by volunteers. These clothes are then distributed to under-privileged communities and disaster-struck areas.