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Steve mendonca


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Steve mendonca

  1. 1. art director
  2. 2. Resume cellular 908.347.9706 7 Ashland Terrace, Chester, NJ 07930 art director e-mail current address sc hoo l Syracuse University MAJOR Creative Advertising | S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications MINOR Marketing | Whitman School of Management DA T E OF GRADUATION May 2010 G PA 3.53 Study Abroad Fall 2008 | Syracuse University Center -- Madrid, Spain • Dedicated 6 hours a week to being an assistant English teacher at local elementary school (grades 4 and 6) • Accomplished t w o classes a 3.7 completely G PA while in Spanish taking 18 credits with • Lived with authentic non-english speaking Spanish family • Obtained in-depth understanding of Spanish culture, communications, and society skills • F luent in Portuguese and Spanish • Proficient with Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, and InDesign; Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel; MRI+, Simmons, and LexisNexis Databases • Skilled in operating both digital SLR and film manual cameras activities&i n te rests • Member of Ta u Kappa Epsilon (TKE) Fraternity Iota Zeta chapter at Syracuse University • Captain of intramural indoor/outdoor soccer teams at Syracuse University • Photographer for Student Voice, fall o f 2006 (Syracuse University weekly publication) experience TNH Advertising Agency | Syracuse, NY | Fall 2009 & Spring 2010 Art Director and Photographer | State Farm National AAF Student Advertising Competition • Created comprehensive campaign consisting of executions for print, out-of-home, T V, radio, online, digital, interactive, and partnerships (with MLB, X-Games, and XBox360) • Collaborated with Creative Director to develop look and feel of campaign • Successfully photographed and directed models for majority of ads Art Director | General Motors college student promotion (GM+U) National Competition • Competed with 76 other schools in creating a complete online campaign • directors Successfully within completed the allotted all creative 2 week work period with 6 other copywriters and art • Our team presented in Detroit with the two other finalists and won first place Paul Kiesche Design | Long Valley, NJ Graphic Design Intern | Winter 2009 • Assisted in finalizing and editing of new Marketing Plan • Concepted and designed wedding stationery • Trusted to aid CEO in new business pitches and client lunches THE WEEK Magazine | New York City Advertising Sales Intern | Summer 2009 • Quickly learned how process of advertising sales for print functioned • Rather a r t director dull nature on of the ad agency sales side further solidified desire to become an • not Personal ideal but confirmation was an of interesting fact that a experience 2 hour in commute itself each way is Freelance Graphic Designer | Summer 2008 to Present • Designed menu for Solar do Minho restaurant in Roselle Park, NJ; business card for Cortico Landscaping; and logo for, a student start-up business from Penn State • Finish assignments on time and provide excellent customer service Professional Photographer • Grill Organized Restaurant exhibition in Summit, of 55 New original Jersey photos at The Broadway • Negotiated and partnered with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Society - Nor th Jersey Chapter, selling 25 photos and collecting $1000 in donations • Featured photographer in LeReve Gallery in Chester, NJ freshly popped Questions or Comments, call Mon. - Sun. from 8:00am to 10:30pm (EST) (except national and catholic holidays)
  3. 3. State Farm Challenge Research and understand why Young Adults (18-25) do not understand insurance and its benefits despite it being a legal necessity. Our answer is to own the agent model. Executions must be delivered in an authentic, relatable, and assuring tone, with the agent being the solution to the problem.
  4. 4. State Farm . . Print
  5. 5. State Farm . . Print I SWEAR I PUT IT IN REVERSE. FROM ON EDGE TO AT EASE, STATE FARM IS THERE. Find the agent that can help you at s
  6. 6. State Farm . . Print PLEASE TELL ME I DID NOT JUST DO THAT. FROM FREAKED OUT TO FIGURED OUT, STATE FARM IS THERE. Find the agent that can help you at AMABA A ESE CARRO DE ARRUINADO A TRANQUILO STATE FARM ESTA AHÍ. Conoce a un agente con el que puedes contar en State Farm
  7. 7. State Farm . . Microsite A new microsite linked to the main page will bring the campaign full circle. RealMoments will connect State Farm to Young Adults. What you do need to know: Insurance may be complicated, but it’s crucial to know at least the basics. On this page, consumers will get a brief overview of what needs to be understood. What you don’t need to know: In an effort to prove State Farm understands the target’s attitude toward insurance, this page cleverly conveys all the complexities of insurance that an agent handles. Excuses: Sometimes there’s a place excuses go to die. Our agents have heard them all and know which ones need to retire and which ones are still fresh.
  8. 8. State Farm . . Microsite Auto Quote: This application makes getting an auto quote engaging. The user enters his or her information while building their car through the game. Throughout the process, the user also learns more about the factors that influence how a quote is determined. Crashing Cars Extra: In order to attract this tech-savvy target, websites need to be more than informational. When this screen pops up, users are prompted to shrink the screen. The smaller the screen, the closer the cars get, until they crash into each other and reveal a State Farm message. This interactive extra is engaging and fun. Agent Rap Sheets: Agents are integral to the State Farm model so it’s only logical to dedicate a portion of the microsite to them. On this page, the target can search for an agent based on both location and personal characteristics.
  9. 9. State Farm . . Microsite Renters: Everyone has stuff, but not everyone realizes that they need to protect it. A simple flow chart can clear that right up. Live Feed: This pre-recorded web video will be presented as a live feed from an undisclosed State Farm office. Seeing insurance agents in a different light will create an opportunity for State Farm to build trust within the target and reinforce the human connection that State Farm agents offer.
  10. 10. State Farm . . Banner Ads Banner Ads There are many ways besides banner ads to disseminate a message and engage Young Adults. This age group is more likely to click through webpage links and sponsored websites from search results. Pre-roll ads during online video presentations and streaming spots on Pandora represent alternative ways of reaching Young Adults. Like the print ads, the banners embody how Young Adults react to what seems like the end of the world. { FROM FREAKED OUT TO FIGURED OUT, HOLY S FROM OH SH*T TO OK, STATE FARM IS THERE. Find the agent that can help you at STATE FARM IS THERE. Find the agent that can help you at
  11. 11. State Farm . . X Games and MLB Partnerships The X Games Partnership Young Adults show a particular affinity for extreme sports and, in particular, ESPN’s X Games. Although State Farm has had a presence here, we weren’t ready to forfeit the idea. Insurance Runs: MLB partnership According to MRI Plus, Young Adults are 29% more likely than the average American to attend a Major League Baseball game at least once a month, making ballparks a prime spot for State Farm to further engage with the target. State Farm will offer $5 discounts at Wednesday night home games during June for up to 1,000 attendees between the ages of 18-25. Teams with two or more home games on Wednesdays during this month will serve as host ballparks. Fans will receive a State Farm-branded kit, similar to those distributed at the X Games. We’ll extend brand impressions through commercial break lead-ins on local television game coverage and branded Jumbo-tron spots following home team “insurance runs.” The partnership results in 31 home games across 15 stadiums. { State Farm branded booths will be set up at the event for fans to play video games, watch events, and learn about State Farm’s services and mobile applications. The giveaway includes a Calm Kit with a branded stress ball, a box of tissues, and a bottle of water – comforting items for the anxious Young Adult. Ready-made excuse signs will be provided for fans to exonerate their favorite athletes if they’ve performed poorly. It’s cold in Aspen in January, so a few ski hats will be thrown in to keep fans warm during the event.
  12. 12. State Farm . . Social & Mobile This age group responds positively to straightforward and realistic messages, and we’ve enmeshed State Farm into the fabric of the Young Adult community. The Facebook application and Tweets are consistent with the interests and goals of Young Adults. FACEBOOK The “Freak-Out Face” application gives users the option of tagging their friends in photos where they are freaking out. Not only will this be a fun way to call out friends on their freak outs, but the photos tagged and the captions that go with them will also be entered into a contest to become a new print ad for Real Moments. TWITTER Users can interact with the campaign by following the daily excuses on Twitter and posting their own. Great accident-related excuses may also appear in the campaign. Young Adults are 25% more likely than the average American consumer to own a Smartphone and 50% more likely to use an iPhone. We’ve created a State Farm app that uses scope technology to show the driver the locations of the closest State Farm approved auto body shops. When users scan their surroundings with their iPhone camera, the application identifies the nearest mechanics in that location. 4UBUF'BSN OE$BMM DBMMJOH 1. QR (Quick Response) code, a barcode-like image widely used to send messages and retrieve information, is an easy and cost-efficient way to link State Farm with younger consumers. The code you see above will be printed on key-chains, decals, and other promotional giveaways that are likely to } populate a Young Adult’s car. State Farm app users can take a picture of the barcode and immediately reach State Farm’s 24/7 Good Neighbor Support Team.
  13. 13. State Farm . . Outdoor Here’s where we’ll aggressively go after the Renters market. We see it as an opportunity to exercise our ingenuity and develop an innovative out-of-home strategy. Outdoor and guerrilla advertising serves Renters insurance well because most renters are concentrated in heavily populated cities. These cities are home to buses, bus shelters, buildings, and pavement: State Farm’s new cement-laden canvas. We were able to pinpoint areas in which there is a high concentration of available rental units, which narrowed our selection to the most robust Renters markets. The goal is to hit Young Adults with State Farm’s messaging while they search for their own place. The outdoor campaign includes a month’s worth of bus wraps, bus shelters, wild postings, sidewalk art, wallscapes and billboards. Bus Shelter The bus shelter will house posters with the Renters Flowchart, telling Young Adults why they need Renters insurance. It also provides them some entertainment while waiting for their ride. Bus Wrap A damaged bus in transit will grab attention. An emotional headline will complement the visual to perpetuate Real Moments. Wild Postings Wild Postings add an interactive twist to the existing print executions. A QR code, accompanied by a line indicating its purpose, will be added to each poster. An iPhone snapshot of the graphic will drive consumers straight to the website. Billboards What better time to reach Young Adults about car insurance than while they’re driving? The print ads illustrate a message that resonates with this audience. Another way to get the message across: make it bigger.
  14. 14. SanDisk . . Outdoor save with condence.
  15. 15. Jack Daniel’s Mustard . . Print MUSTARD
  16. 16. Jack Daniel’s Mustard . . Print MUSTARD MUSTARD
  17. 17. The West would have been won faster. UHAUL . . Print realize your dream For life’s bold moves.
  18. 18. For life’s bold moves. 1492 would have been 1482. UHAUL . . Print
  19. 19. UHAUL . . Print The gold would have dried up sooner. Turn Around For life’s bold moves.
  20. 20. Ford Fiesta . . Print muy caliente The new Ford Fiesta uses EcoBoost gasoline turbo charged, direct injection technology to reduce fuel economy by 20% and reduce CO2 emissions by 15%. Who knew being green could look so hot?
  21. 21. When you can’t stand your own skin. Solarcaine . . Print
  22. 22. When you can’t stand your own skin. Solarcaine . . Print
  23. 23. Solarcaine . . Print When you can’t stand your own skin.
  24. 24. Challenge College kids are cheap, it’s a known fact. So of course they would be interested in a program that saves them money, especially with the real world around the corner. Problem is, they don’t know about GM+U, the program that exists to help them out when they need a new car. General Motors . . GM+U
  25. 25. General Motors . . Web Banners The copy and images illustrate petty ways college students attempt to save money and point out that GM is here to help by saving them more with a discount on a car for their future. GM understands the target’s financial woes, and in turn, the target will appreciate GM’s humorous approach to the serious situation. With small tips on ways to save, the real world is made easier. These ads will be embedded on popular websites, like, YouTube, and Moviefone as well as appear on hte bottom of the website.
  26. 26. General Motors . . Website Redesign The story told on the homepage relates to the sometimes scary transition the target is going through. Key words link to words in the navigation bar and light up when scrolled over (exacmple: “what-the- F*%” = “F.A.Q.”) The banner ads will appear on the bottom of the page and change with every visit. The sticker in the upper right hand corner of the website links to the microsite, www.GMgetsU. com where students can find fun extras.
  27. 27. General Motors . . Microsite, Contest Email The “That Stingy Guy Contest” gets students involved in the campaign. Students submit proof of outrageously stingy behavior they see on campus to the microsite. The proof can be a picture of video message of any cheap activities they witness, whether it’s snagging coings out of a fountain or studying by candlelight to save on electricity. Others can vote on what they think is the cheapest act of penny-pinching, and whoever has the stingiest friend will receive a gas card for the next year. GM makes the real world easier for students who want to let their parents know about the discount by providing an email template on
  28. 28. General Motors . . Pix Messaging and Application Tuition is high, book prices are ridiculous, season tickets don’t grow on trees and a bad night at the bar could set students back a few months in rent. With a variety of different witty messages to choose from, students can send their friends condolences about that parking ticket they have to pay or for the credit card bill they just received from all that online shopping they did. Students want the best deal but they don’t always know where to fidn it. With the GM+U smartphone application, students say what they want and GM can tell them where it’s cheapest The cheapest result Closest GM dealers to get the best savings Link to website
  29. 29. General Motors . . Facebook Twitter Students can post or tweet to GM gets U to ask for money saving tips or to share their Stingy Friend stories. Allows for more interaction with the brand as GM can directly respond to the student. These outlets also act as a way to stay up to date with GM+U promotions.
  30. 30. obrigado . . thank you