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Sean ellman


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Sean ellman

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  7. 7. NUDE ISBEAUTIFUL PayDay Print
  8. 8. Nude isBeautiful
  9. 9. Outdoor
  10. 10. Purex 3-in-1 Print It takes care of everything
  11. 11. All it needs now is a way to tell me if I left my wallet in my pants. All it needs now is a GPS sock locator.
  12. 12. The most versatile products in the kitchen. The most versatile products in the kitchen. OXO Print “Handy”
  13. 13. The most versatile products in the kitchen. The most versatile products in the kitchen. “Perfect”
  14. 14. The most versatile products in the kitchen. The most versatile products in the kitchen. “Better”
  15. 15. finishing nails aisle 14 hammer aisle 12 first aid kit aisle 6 it’s all here Home Depot Print
  16. 16. binoculars aisle 14 lounge chair deck wood aisle 2 aisle 24 it’s all here ear plugs aisle 13 blackout curtains aisle 6 child saftey window aisle 22 it’s all here
  17. 17. -Decals with items and their aisle will be placed on popular store fronts in a major city. -All decals will have the same aesthetic as the ads. -Home Depot Logo will appear, and tag line will be changed to “It’s all there.” Home Depot Ambient
  18. 18. jsjsjsj Mindshare Advertising AgencySept 09-Present___ Copywriter InternThe Concept Farm Dec 08-Jan 09___ Copywriter InternNYLON MagazineJan 08-June 08___ Advertising/PromotionsSyracuse UniversitySI Newhouse School of Public CommunicationsSenior Creative Advertising Major/Psychology MinorNassau Community College____ GPA 3.9Useful* Condensed VersionLess UsefulSomewhat UselessEllman.Sean@gmail.com516.225.7445Staple remover for $10/hourPutter Caddy at local golf courseDressing room stock boy for Vince Neil of Motley CrueLead singer in an admittedly terrible 80s cover band called PowerdriveKombert CaterersSept 03- June 07____Head Bartender/ ManagerCamp Wah-NeeJune 06-Aug 09____Sleep away camp group leaderOtherAlpha Epsilon Pi FraternityThe NewHouse Student Run Ad AgencySyracuse After Hours Sketch Comedy Show*things i’ve doneSEANELLMANCOPYWRITER