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Ricardo marti


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Ricardo marti

  1. 1. copywriter d RicardoMartí
  2. 2. Head&Shoulders d Target Women 18-34 Concept The objective is to associate H&S with clearing your head from stress while maintaining a healthy scalp. The visuals expose the stream of consciousness of our target, and offer them to take a shower, relax, and clear their heads.
  3. 3. Head&Shoulders d
  4. 4. Head&Shoulders d Focus on Latinas
  5. 5. The purpose of the hashtag #clearyourhead is so that the consumer can tweet what’s on their heads (e.g. Am I ever going to get that promotion; I can’t stop looking at my split ends). In response, Head & Shoulders will tweet back encouraging words and/or suggestions creating engagement with the target. The hashtag enables Head & Shoulders to help deal with their constant stream of consciousness and how to have a clear and healthy scalp. This interactive sign will feature the same design as the print ads, yet the ad’s hair “lines” will be continuously refreshed with updated #clearyourhead hashtags. At the bottom, there is a touch keyboard where people can add their own #clearmyhead thoughts, comments, and complaints and see what they typed on the screen. Head&Shoulders d
  6. 6. Cuisinart d Target Men 30-45 Concept Break through society’s gender roles by mocking existing stereotypes and introducing them into the cuisine world. Your new powertool. there’s nogender fora blender. Placement Hardware stores; powertools aisles.
  7. 7. Cuisinart d Fixdinner. Your new powertool.
  8. 8. Cuisinart d Your new powertool. Build anappetite.
  9. 9. Cuisinart d SPARE PARTSworkshop Tap powertool to build.
  10. 10. Cuisinart d Bring Home the Bacon Shake10g of Protein, 10% Calcium, 10% Antioxidants, 10g... Download App! SPARE PARTSworkshop Grease MonkeyFist PumpThe WingmanGymnutsTangineerBusiness Man-goOne-night BlendFuel ShakesBananaApplePineapplePeachesKiwiStrawberrySpare PartsOrange JuiceMilkSoyPeanut ButterBlueberriesPistachiosBuildMACHO TENSave toFavoritesBack toBuildFuel ShakesFavoritesBuild with Spare PartsTap powertool to build. 1 cup Milk1 cup Sliced bananas1/2 cup Strawberries1/2 cup Kiwi1 cup IceFilled with 30g Protein, 40% Iron, 35% Calcium milksliced bananaspeanut butterchocolate syrupice1 cup1 cup2 tbsp2 tsp2 cup*add boosters as desired10g of Protein, 10% Calcium, 10% Antioxidants, 10g of IronFavoritesMacho TenDumbell HeadBring Home the BaconBring homEthe baconBack toFavoritesShare with Friends1 cup Diced apples2 tbsp Maple Syrup1 cup Carrot Juice1/2 cup Pineapple1 cup Ice10g of Protein, 10% Calcium, 10% Antioxidants, 10g of IronShare withFriendsBack toFavoritesShare with FriendsShare with friendsSpare Parts Workshop
  11. 11. SugarDaddy d Concept Mocking all-American snacks that have caramel, and stating that the only reason we eat them is just for the caramel.
  12. 12. SugarDaddy d
  13. 13. SugarDaddy d
  14. 14. SugarDaddy d
  15. 15. SugarDaddy d
  16. 16. Samsonite d Concept Everybody packs differently. There are the over-packers, the last-minute packers, the rollers, the shoppers, the neat-freak, and so on. However you do it reflects who you are, because it is YOUR way of doing it. Samsonite embraces this through this campaign.
  17. 17. Samsonite d
  18. 18. Banana Boat d - a message from the makers of banana boat - we admire your patience. VibrantColor Protect from the unexpected burn. reachingmust have taken hoursthat Concept This humorous campaign approaches its consumer through the embarrassing truths and stories of sunburn. “The unexpected burn” uses scenarios such as walking the dog, or cooking a bar-b-que to show that you can get sunburn anytime you are exposed to the sun. By unexpectedly making fun of our consumers’ mistake of not protecting themselves, they are being “burned” by Banana Boat.
  19. 19. Banana Boat d - a message from the makers of banana boat - yourforeheadlooks we commend you, grill master Tender Crisp.yetProtect from the unexpected burn.
  20. 20. Banana Boat d - a message from the makers of banana boat - did youwhack weedsout of the you got great color mowing the Fifth RingInferno??of theProtect from the unexpected burn. lawn. But how
  21. 21. Banana Boat d Tag Banana Boat in your friend’s pictures where they are or look like they might get sunburned, and Banana Boat will make a humorous insult. You get to “burn” your friends while the other learns to protect from the sun next time so that they’re not tagged and embarassed again. The person tagged by their friends and burned by Banana Boat, will automatically recieve a digital coupon through facebook for a 40% discount on their next purchase of Banana Boat Sunscreen. Coupon says: Protect from the embarassment, protect from the unexpected burn.
  22. 22. Banana Boat d
  23. 23. Banana Boat d
  24. 24. don’t let it show. Just For Men d Concept Our consumer goes through so much stress in their lives it is caus-ing them to grow grays. When people look at their hair they can tell everything that is going on in their lives. the baby, the rent, the nagging wife, car insurance; the list goes on and on. These men can choose to use Just for Men and not let it show.
  25. 25. Just For Men d
  26. 26. don’t let it show. Just For Men d
  27. 27. Just For Men d Interactive boards will be placed around the city, where the consumer can doodle stressful images around a man’s head. This ties back to the print ads, and how stress is exposed through the color of your hair.
  28. 28. Glidden d Target DIY Women Concept There is a swatch for each moment of our lives, a perfect colorful memory you can revisit through paint.
  29. 29. As I prepare for my business meeting on the plane, I look to the side and remember a little boy sitting next to his dad. It was his first time flying, tightly holding his father’s hands as the plane takes off. His dad teaches him how to pop his ears while chewing gum and explains why his stomach feels fuzzy. Sometimes going back and forth for so many years can make one take for granted how beautiful flying can be. But every time I look at the blues out the window, I can still hear the little boy saying: "Daddy, I can see everything from up here!" the swatches of life Glidden d
  30. 30. Smart Start d Concept Targeted towards ‘Moms’, the cereal offers relevant truths to the everyday family. So CRUNCHY, you can take your time. So HEALTHY, you don’t need the milk.
  31. 31. Smart Start d
  32. 32. Creative Logos d
  33. 33. Logos OSTV d
  34. 34. Jewel Crafter d For an aesthetics product to sell, such as high-end jewels, the online store must be equally appealing. This re-design of the website radiates prestige and sophistication in a minimalistic manner. The navigation bar are the actual products which contain hyperlinks to the corresponding items. For example, when you click on the necklace, a page pops up showcasing all the necklaces along with their prices.
  35. 35. Crave Résumé d Crave Résumé was born after looking at many of my friends résumés and noticing that they all sucked. While most online résumé services are templates (boriiiing), but I believed that these represent individuals and should be customized according to personalities. I built a brand, a website, and social media accounts to reach the people that need help with unique designs for their résumés that are relevant to the job they are after. Meeting with them via Skype gave me a better knowledge of who I am creating the design for.
  36. 36. d Ricardo A. MeléndeExperience Education SkillsStarbucks CoeeOctober 2010 – Present Bayamón, PRCertied BaristaDr. Jorge Varela Rivera Dental OceSummer 2007Hato Rey, PR Responsible to convert hard copy medical records into digital records. University of Puerto RicoBayamón, PRB.A. Graphic DesignExpected date: 2014Colegio Marista Guaynabo, PRClass 2010ExtracurricularMember of Colegio Marista Soccer TeamCategories Mini, Youth, Junior Varsity and SeniorMember of Track Field TeamFormed part of the following organizations: “Marista en Marcha” “REMAR” “Conciencia Verde” Marista Technology ClubKnowledgeable to MAC and PC operating systemsAbove average experience with Microsoft Windows: Excel, Word, Powerpointand Internet ExplorerDesign ProgramsAdobe PhotoshopIllustratorLanguages Fluent in Spanishand EnglishPersonal InfoWilling to diversify work (multitasking) and exible to changes. Considered as fast learner, team player, responsible, reliable, hard worker andcommitted to the organization. Interest include: music, computers, sports, physical tness, andmarine sports. Certicate of NO PENAL RECORD from Police of Puerto Rico(May 2010) Home(787) 786-2374 Mobile(939) 389-3800 Emailrickin@onelinkpr.netAddressParque La SalleEE-8, Parque StreetBayamón, PR, 00961Contact Info Résumé Samples
  37. 37. Résumé Samples d
  38. 38. Résumé d