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Michael kremer


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Michael kremer

  1. 1. 518.527.4646
  2. 2. 4 The leaf represents a successful advertising idea. Fresh and verdent, it stands out and has an impact on those who see it. When the rest of the foliage is swept away with the Autumn wind, this leaf endures all seasons. Radiating life, brimming with potential, this idea has a resounding ability to connect with our deepest human sensibilities. The leaf embodies the kind of advertising that I strive to create. WHY THE GREEN LEAF?
  4. 4. TIDE >
  5. 5. 6 TIDE DETERGENT BEYOND DETERGENT To personify Tide’s commitment to clean, I created a Research & Development center, headed by the fictional Doc Washington. He believes detergent is archaic and is doing his best to create new stain-removal products as a substitute for detergent. TIDE YOU OVER Unfortunately, these innovations take a lot of time to perfect. So, to “Tide You Over” until they are released, Doc suggests Tide Detergent, which is still the most technologically advanced stain remover to date.
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA People can either leave comments on the Tide You Over Facebook page or tweet at Doc Washington to ask him what innovations he is developing for specific types of stains. The Doc will post individual video responses to the YouTube brand page explaining the whacky developments. GRASS STAINS, HUH? “Don’t you worry, Soccer Mom, I’m working on a grass eliminating spray. Simply spray it on grass and voila, it disappears. No more grass stains!”
  7. 7. 8 GREEN GRAFFITI Using large stencils and a power washer, Tide will literally “clean” an ambient ad onto dirty surfaces. The ads will be for Doc Washington’s innovations.
  9. 9. CHEVROLET VOLT PRODUCT Chevrolet Volt REAL TARGET Parents ages 35-64 INFLUENCER TARGET Children of real target, whom by now are young adults INSIGHT The primary incentive to purchase an eco-friendly vehicle is to make a statement and be seen differently by others. The Target: Parents of college age kids. Who do they have the most contact and deepest relationships with? Their children, of course. 10
  10. 10. From Vietnam to Woodstock, your parents know a bit about fueling revolutions and turning heads. And although they may think the days of revolution have long since passed, we know another has just begun. Only this time, they don’t need to provide the fuel. So remind them what it was like to “take charge” and inspire them to do it once again. We’ve made it easy for you by providing relevant talking points, customizable messages, and even a scholarship. So tell your folks (although you may not want to mention the psych textbook). IDEA COLLEGE CONCERT SERIES World-renowned DJ Avicii is crossing the country in a Chevrolet Volt, all for under the cost of a psych textbook (which was probably never opened). Touring from college to college, he will literally “take charge” from those kind enough to lend an outlet along the way. Fueled entirely by altruism and electricity, the Volt is pioneering a revolution in driving - and turning heads while doing it.
  11. 11. 12 From the Buckeyes to the OrangemenSATURDAY MARCH 10The Beatles Took ChargeSATURDAY MARCH 10 Streaming Live From The Volt Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze (Benny Benassi Remix) Avicii Seek Bromance Tiesto Kaleidoscope The Beatles Day Tripper Deadmau5 Strobe Axwell Nothing But Love For You BLOG Updated daily, the blog will contain stories from the road, tales from each college. Also, posts will encourage students to think of their parent in a different light, inspiring them to once again take charge. PODCAST On the website, visitors will be able to listen to music that is currently playing in the Chevrolet Volt. Thus far, we’ve traveled a bit over one thousand miles. The Beatles traveled hundreds of thousands of miles. Believe it or not, your parents know something about being revolutionaries. Like the Volt, they were truly catalysts for change. They might think the revolution is over, but there’s another one starting with you. Tell them about the Chevy Volt and remind them what it was like to take charge. Ohio State Killed it. Really took charge last night. Cuse in a couple days, start tweetin’ people. Who’s got my next outlet? Hit the friends up. Hit the fam up.
  12. 12. TWEETS FOR SEATS By integrating Twitter and Google Maps, students are given the opportunity to find free tickets hidden on their campus. For every tweet including the hashtag #takecharge, the map zooms closer towards the location of the tickets.
  13. 13. 14 TALKING POINTS The Volt is a high-involvement purchase. Many parents are going to want detailed information about the vehicle. We’ve provided all the necessary tools and made them easy to share. SHARE WITH THE FOLKS SCHOLARSHIP Students who convince their parents to buy a Chevrolet Volt will receive a scholarship in their name. GEAR Children can get humorous and playful memorabilia sent to their parents. The gear may serve as a conversation starter. Take Charge T-Shirt Computer Mouse Bumper Sticker
  14. 14. MOTHER’S DAY/FATHER’S DAY VIDEOS Copy: “From Vietnam to Woodstock, your generation provided the fuel for many a revolution. You wanted to make love, not war. In fact, you did - and everything changed. The vibrant bus became a minivan and rolling in the mud at Woodstock turned into cleaning mud stains. Although it may seem like the days of revolution have long since passed, I know another has just begun. But this time your generation doesn’t need to provide the fuel. It’s time to Take Charge once again. Happy Mother’s Day, Love, _________.”
  15. 15. 16 ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVALS Images of Woodstock will remind young adults that their parents used to stand out from the crowd. Suggesting they were part of a generation of revolutionaries and head turners, the Volt would be an ideal fit. LIBRARIES College students often have trouble finding outlets in the library. The charging stations in the library will evoke images of on- campus protests in the 1960’s. CHARGING STATIONS
  16. 16. LAZBOY >
  17. 17. 4 ORGANIZING IDEA “Love Your Seat” AUGMENTED REALITY With the addition of a video camera and a digital screen to replace the original advertisement, the target can see himself sitting on a La-Z-Boy couch at the bus stop. QR CODE Enables consumers to view the La-Z-Boy webpage and browse their online catalogue. TOUCH SCREEN & SOCIAL MEDIA While sitting at the bus stop, the digital screen allows users to scroll through a selection of couches. Consumers can post pictures and video to social media sites or send them as email attachments. INSIGHT People desire a comfortable seat the most when they’re uncomfortable. LAZBOY 18
  18. 18. SUBWAY TAKEOVER La-Z-Boy will replace benches with couches in a select number of subway cars. A video camera will live stream footage to a microsite. On the microsite, users will be able to watch people’s reactions as they enter the car and see there are couches to sit on. STADIUM SEATING What could be better about watching sports at home? Well, you could be at a live game. What could be better about being at a live game? You could have a more comfortable seat. Catch a home run sitting in one of La-Z-Boy’s outfield recliners and La-Z-Boy will provide you with a comfy new living room set. THE CAMPAIGN TAKES FLIGHT La-Z-Boy will partner with an airline and replace a row of coach seats with recliners. I imagine these lucky travelers will be able to fall asleep a bit easier now. Let’s just hope the crying baby in row 12 quiets down. LOVE YOUR SEAT CAMPAIGN
  19. 19. 20 HAMBURGER HELPER PROBLEM Only Moms use Hamburger Helper. But the convenience of the product serves to benefit college students and young adults the most.
  20. 20. SOLUTION Speak to the fundamental truths that accompany being a college-age male. Cooking is one of the last things he thinks of and if there’s a lot of preparation involved, forget about it. This campaign seeks to identify these situations, all of which can be ameliorated by Hamburger Helper.
  21. 21. 21 NYS SMOKERS QUITLINE IDEA This concept has the ability to draw bypassers’ attention by interrupting the typical environment. Shockingly forthright, the billboard will have greater resonance with the target.
  22. 22. JACK DANIEL’S MUSTARD NO JACK LOVER LEFT BEHIND Jack Daniel’s Whiskey maintains a large demographic of loyal, repeat customers. This ad aims to level with these people and relay their love of JD Whiskey into another Jack Daniel’s product - mustard, with all the kick of their favorite alcohol.